Doctor Who: TV Movie

Published August 13, 2013 by joscasta

So, last night I sat down and watched this film not once but TWICE. I kid you not.


My reason for undergoing such horror twice was very simple. Netflix sent me a “special edition” DVD which included factoids that you could read whilst watching the film. The sad thing is that you couldn’t have the subtitles on the same time you had the factoids on.

Best lines of the Whole Film:

*Grace and the Doctor are on a motorcycle, and he drives over some railroad tracks*

Grace: Doctor, I have one life. Can you remember that?

Doctor: I’ll try.

*Doctor then makes the motorcycle go even faster*

Basically the whole thing was shot up in Canada, with a mutual agreement between Fox, Paramount and BBC to air and distribute it. The Brits got the short end of the stick by getting it aired there after it had already aired in Canada then the USA.

The story was horrible and there were tons of plot holes. The basic beginning of the story is that the Daleks ordered the Master to be Exterminated and the Master was on his last life, and requested that the Doctor take his remains back to Gallifrey. Lo, anything involving the Master will involve shenanigans.. which thus began the story of the Doctor crash landing in San Francisco. (Which is really Vancouver) I don’t recommend watching it unless you really feel like watching it.

The only real cool thing gleaned from the second re-watch is that a young writer/director followed Sylvester McCoy around whilst he was on set… that young guy’s name… Mark Gatiss! Also most of the movie was shot on the same sets that the X-Files used.. even thought this film cost 5 million to make, and over one million of that was spent on the Tardis interior alone.

Poor McGann.. the George Lazenby of the Whoverse.. I would loved to see more.. but alas, its not meant to be. Since Moffat is a pathological liar, there is always some slim tiny chance we’ll see him in the 50th.

Next Episode: Rose! Can’t wait to begin this countdown properly this evening!


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