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Just a countdown blog to the 50th Anniversary, only doing the episodes from 2005 to the most recent one.. pretty much everything from Rose to The Name of the Doctor, 102 episodes in total.  Just this chunk is known as NuWho.. or newer Doctor Who, as Classic Who is from 1963 to 1989.

I’m just a recent convert into all things Whovian, having been transformed on a total whim last November beginning very innocently with “Rose”, which turned into a two week long binge watch of Season 1 to 7, which ended with me begging my friends to go out of town at Christmas so I could watch The Snowmen in real time on BBC ‘Merica without having to deal with spoilers.

I haven’t watched too much of the classic series due to them not being captioned on Netflix. However, I just discovered that Netflix got around to captioning the episodes they have of Classic Who, so I will get around to watching them.. eventually.

Since I have only seen NuWho… if anyone asks me whom my favorite Doctor is.. I will always respond with this..

“Eccleston introduced me to the Doctor, Tennant made me fall in love with the Doctor, and with Smith, the Doctor became my best friend.”

I’m still undecided about Capialdi… too much is up in the air for me to decide if I like him or not.

Warning.. Reading this blog and watching this show.. this might happen to YOU!



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