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Happy Anniversary DOCTOR!!!!

Published November 23, 2013 by joscasta

As I’m gearing up to head down to the 42 Lounge to have a few sonic screwdrivers before watching our dear Doctor  take on what looks to be the time war.. I’m just so happy I managed to actually finish this project. I did take a few shortcuts, but alas, I did find something to say about all 102 episodes, since august.

If you must know what I’m wearing.. I found this shirt back in may for 12 bucks.. and though.. I need this for the 50th. It was only 12 bucks.. why not?

time fiction


I’m also wearing my sonic screwdriver necklace I bought last christmas, of 9 and 10’s sonic. I’ve never been a big fan of 11’s.. and I like the blue a wee better.

Just to review.. here is the pre-quel..

and it airs at 1:50pm here in my time zone. The bar opens at 11am, but I’m headed down sooner as right now on Facebook, there are a 100 people RSVPing for it. I want my good seat at the bar, thus heading down there early to park and grab a good spot. I’ve tried to remain as spoiler free as possible thus making me happy that they are doing it in simlucast around the world, thus my british friends and I will be watching it at the same time, NO SPOILERS!

To bide time.. go to, they have this Doctor Who game in honor of the Anniversary.. if you die you “regnerate” I admit it took me at least two complete cycles to finish it. Thanks Google!

Hitting the shower.. then downtown! I might blog later about it, if there is anything good.. and totally noteworthy..


107 Days left…

Published August 8, 2013 by joscasta

5 Days until the viewing countdown begins…


So we have a new new new new Doctor. I was down at the 42 Lounge, which opened early to show the announcement, and had a lovely sonic screwdriver whilst watching the announcement with other local Whovians. I had heard rumors that Peter Capaldi was the front runner, so it was nice to see that the predictions came through.  I have yet to decide if I like him or not… as we still have no idea what type of Doctor he will be.. funny and silly? Dark and Serious? The Oncoming Storm? Until some more stuff gets leaked around September when filming for the Christmas Special begins, we will just have to wait. I’m dying to find out what his outfit will be, as I adored Tennant’s pinstripe suit.  Also, will the Tardis get re-done again? Will there be a new sonic screwdriver? See the red circle, I’m kinda there right now… I’m not hating on him totally, but I’m not like “OMG HE’S PERFECT!!”


Of all the reactions on Twitter to the new Doctor announcement.. I found this one to be my favorite.


They were both in the Fires of Pompeii, from Season 4, which makes me wonder if they will address that. Also if 12 ever meets Jack, as Peter was also in Torchwood: Children of the Earth, that would be mindbending.

I’m shocked that Peter even took the role.. as he’s working on so many different projects right now, how will he find the time to squeeze in all the prep work for the Christmas Special? He’s filming a TV show right now called the Three Musketeers, and he will be done to start filming the Doctor in September? Moffat really must have pulled some strings to get Peter’s Diary free to film this special.

Finally.. just got the TV movie today in the mail from Netflix. I will pop it in to watch at some point this weekend.

After the announcement, I saw this and I couldn’t help but laugh!


120 Days left…

Published July 26, 2013 by joscasta

As of today, the 50th is 4 months away still.

In the meantime, still no word about a trailer.. and I’ve calmed down about it considerably, since I have realized that whatever and whenever Moffat/BBC does decide to release, it will be better than what they showed at  SDCC.


Only 18 days till I can begin the fun part of the countdown, an episode a day!

I’ve also decided to add one thing that I’ll watch and review on Sunday August 11th, the Doctor Who Movie. I have seen it before just once, on a whim. I moved it to the top of my Netflix queue, I just have to watch and send back Breaking Bad at some point soon, I’ll get that one.

BBC did just announce today that the 50th will be broadcast at the same time worldwide! This news is both great and sucky at the same time. It’s awesome because I will not have to institute a personal “Facebook Ban” that I did this past spring, to remain unspoiled due to the Brits across the pond putting up spoilery pictures about each episode before its been aired here in ‘merica. The time that it airs is sucky because here in Wisconsin… it will air at 2pm in the afternoon on a Saturday.

I have yet to hear if my local geek/nerdy bar 42 Lounge will be open, I’m hoping they will throw a huge party, as the name of the bar is inspired by Douglas Adams whom wrote two series for the classics.. Pirate Planet and Shada. Life the Universe and Everything was supposed to be a Doctor Who story before it got switched up into a Hitchhiker’s story, and really there are too many crossovers between the two universes. See the Tardis Data Core for more awesome connections.

Still 18 days left. So near yet so far… it sucks being on the slow path sometimes.


106 Days left…

Published July 20, 2013 by joscasta

Blog cover

The plan is simple. When day 102 starts.. as there are currently 102 episodes of “NuWho”.. I shall begin with watching ‘Rose’ the first episode that brought Doctor Who back on the air after a very long hiatus, with one episode a day and blog about it. Since I’m only a fairly new Whovian, having only begun my addiction to this show just last November.. it feels strange still having to wait for a new episode. I know that I will be watching the 50th Anniversary whilst sipping on a sonic screwdriver at my new favorite bar.. the 42 lounge.

I just know that this journey will be fantastic.. and extremely ambitious endeavor as I’m quite aware of the two part episodes (ONE A DAY!) and the desire to watch more than one episode, as I will be watching using Netflix and Amazon, well as skipping over the horrible episodes will make this difficult.

I’m really gonna put forth an effort, and I realize that by writing a blog, will help me stay accountable as well as on task to keep going, watching all the episodes of Season 1 to 7, along with the Christmas Specials, and the Tennant Specials.

So.. relax.. enjoy and feel free to comment about each episode as they come up for discussion, as this begins on July 24th!