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A Tale of Two Mickeys

Published August 31, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 84

Episodes watched:  19

Today’s Episode: Rise of the Cybermen

Writer: Tom MacRae

Oy.. Part One of a two parter, this is the only two parter I’m not really liking in Rose’s tenure. I don’t know why.. it just blah.. so I’ll condense this post to bullet points…

–          Due to Mickey’s Stupidity, he held down a button too long, which threw them out of their current universe through the VOID and nothingness into a parallel universe, luckily the Doctor takes 10 years off of his life by blowing on a power cell, so they have 24 hours to explore.

–          Rose discovers that her Dad is alive in this universe; Mickey discovers his grandma whom we have never heard about before is also alive.

–          People have crap downloaded into their heads using ear pods that look like those stupid hands free Bluetooth headsets that you will never ever see me wear.

–          Pete is Filthy Rich in this universe, and Jackie treats him like a douchebag, and he is definitely not one.

–          Pete is working with this INSANE dude named Lumic that is dying and wants to live forever, thus creating Cybus Industries and creating that universe’s Cybermen.

–          There is a Rose.. but it’s a DOG!

Rose as a dog

–    There is a Mickey, but he’s known as Rickey in that ‘verse and has a ton more guts than Mickey the Tin Dog. Also he’s a member of the Preachers.

Thus we end this episode with a cliffhanger of the Doctor, Peter, Mikey and the Preachers about to be Deleted by the Cybermen!

Take note.. that our Cybermen are from Mondas, whom had to create the suit to survive in extreme temps. These Cybermen just want to upgrade everyone at the behest of Mr. Lumic. Both have the zero emotion factor.

The only good parts in this entire episode is discovering the Rose in Pete’s ‘verse is a dog, and seeing Rose interact with her (not)Dad.

Till Tomorrow.. part two.. my face was just like Ten’s after watching this for the first time..




Amy Pond’s Test Run

Published August 30, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 85

Episodes watched:  18

Today’s Episode: The Girl In the Fireplace

Writer:  Steven Moffat

Note whom the writer of this episode is.. always note whom the writer of each episode is in Who, and from that we can kinda derive their style of writing they tend to do. Girl in the Fireplace is widely deemed to be the BEST episode of Season 2, due to the writing, and the feels. However, look who the writer is again, and I’m sure if you are a reader of this blog, you have watched all of NuWho to see the parells of certain things that happen within this episode with Madame Du Pompadour also happen to the first companion of Eleven.. a Miss Amelia Pond. I will point most of them out except for the very last one..  as I am aware of one or two of my friends whom have not yet seen Season 7, and thus.. I will point it out when we get to that episode in future, as Season 7 comes out on DVD on September 24th.

Anywho.. Mickey, The Doctor and Rose end up on a spaceship in the 51st century.  No crew, no lifesigns on board, but yet the warp engines are running at the top speed, yet they are not moving and they smell something cooking? They do some investigation and find a fireplace, from the 18th century France.  The Doctor looks into the fireplace and sees this darling little girl named Renette, who is just 7 years old. (Amy Pond ALERT! She met the Doctor at 7!) He then has a this discussion with Mickey pretty much calling it a “magic door” that we can see France on the other side.

So then he manages to find a button on the fireplace, and it spins around to her side, and for the Doctor, it has been just mere minutes, but for her, months!  He then talks to her and realizes that the ticking he’s hearing is not the clock on the mantel, because it is broken, but a monster under her bed! The monster then gets out from under the bed, once it realizes it has been discovered..

clockwork droid child

Then the Doctor manages to get the monster to chase after him, and he got his knife stuck in the mantel. Therefore the Doctor just had to push a button, and lo the monster and the Doctor spin back into the 51st century!  He then grabs a fire extinguisher and quickly sprays the monster with it, and then removes the mask… a clockwork droid!

Girl in the fireplace

He then declares the droid beautiful before it wakes up and uses a short range teleport to get away. The Doctor heads back to the fireplace, and tells Rose and Mickey not to wander off.. hahahahahahahaha.. they both grab fire extinguishers and explore!

Lo, the Doctor doesn’t see a little girl on the other side again but a lovely lady. After her mother calls out to her he realizes that she is the little girl Renette, and she calls him her imaginary friend (AMY POND!! *face palm*) and congratulates him on his persistence throught her life.  She then out of the blue as she has to go… SNOGS THE DOCTOR (AMY POND ALERT, as Eleven acted the exact same way about being kissed)


I searched for a gif, as this kiss is EPIC, but sadly.. couldn’t find one. Oh well.

So then someone yells for Madame Poisson, and he realizes as she runs off and servant enters the room looking for her..

DOCTOR: No… no, no, no, no, no way, Reinette Poisson?! (runs right up to the manservant, as though interrogating him but not letting him get a word in)Later Madame Etoiles? Later still mistress of Louis the Fifteenth, uncrowned Queen of France? (runs back towards the fireplace)Actress, artist, musician, dancer, courtesan? Fantastic gardener!(laughs)

SERVANT: Who the hell are you?!

The Doctor reaches for the fireplace and finds the trigger back to the ship.


Snog Reaction

Silly Doctor. He then realizes that Mickey and Rose have wandered off…

Rose and Mickey are walking around the ship and they realize that the cameras are made with real eyes, and they see a heart worked into the wiring!

The Doctor then meets a Horse on the ship.. realizing that he must have come through a door, and he then goes through it to see Madame and an actress that played Gweniere in the recent TV adaptation of Merlin discussing how to snag the King of France!

courtyard omg gwen!

Renette senses the Doctor is nearby… but he ducks out of the way so she can’t see him.

However this deleted scene happened at this point..×4

So the horse becomes a companion!

He then meets up with Rose and Mickey, and the Doctor has them meet the horse..

horse vs france

They are all looking out what looks to be a reverse mirror and the Doctor realizes they are all time windows on her life.  We see Renette panic when she sees a droid, and the Doctor runs through the window with the extinguisher, and passes it back to Mickey, while the interrogation begins, when he finds out that the clockwork droids are the droids used to repair the ship. The droids used the crew to repair it.. but they are missing one part and they deem Renette to be the final piece. The droid then leaves when Renette sends him away.. so the Doctor has Mickey and Rose go after it. He then just decides to plunge into her mind using a Vulcan Mind Meld..

Lonely Angel

However things go a bit odd when he discovers that she has the ability to look into his mind as well, thus calling him a lonely angel and insinuates that she KNOWS HIS REAL NAME! She invites him to go dance.. so he does, very reluctantly.

In the meantime Rose and Mickey are kidnapped by the droids and strapped to a table. The Droids are about to cut into Rose when the Doctor bursts in and gives off this awesome rant..

French party

Banana Daquari



Thus ending when he says that what’s in is glass isn’t vino but oil… and pours it on a droid. Then he manages to switch a lever and all of them shut down.  However he can’t close the magic doors due to one of the droids is still in France. At that very moment, the one on the other side found the right window, and lo.. they all run teleport off to France.

The Doctor, Mikey and Rose end up finding the window too.. after Rose has a nice chat with Renette letting her know she has 5 years to wait… however the Droids block the window, so the Doctor has no choice but to do this to rescue Renette!

Doctor Saves the Day!

However this traps him 3,000+ years in the past. The Doctor told the droids they have no chance of getting back to their ship, thus they shut themselves down.

He then contemplates the slow path now… whilst drinking WINE! Nine hates wine, so does Eleven, so apparently Ten likes it?

However.. Renette has a surprise for him, she still has the fireplace. Lo, he gets back to Mickey and Rose.. whom have been waiting 5 hours for him. He then goes back for Renette, for her to travel with them, but sadly she has passed away. The King gives the Doctor a letter.. and he heads back to the Tardis all sad. They do not find out why the droids were after Renette.. but we see this picture that the Tardis was blocking..

picture on ship

Thus that was Moffat’s second who outing. See the connections? Yup.. MOFFAT!!!!

Now one BIG note.. Sophia Miles was DATING Tennant while this episode was being filmed, they dated from 2005 to 2007! He broke up with her, largely due to the fact that she was out in LA, and he was still in England. David loves the blondes!

Enjoy the Script to Screen.. behind the scenes!

Till tomorrow when we meet another classic monster…

Make New Friends But Keep the Old… One is Silver and the Other GOLD!

Published August 29, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 86

Episodes watched:  17

Today’s Episode: School Reunion

Writer:  Toby Whithouse

Today, Rose and the Doctor are back on “modern day” earth.  Mickey called them because there was a UFO sighting, and suddenly a school where kids didn’t have good grades where getting top marks. Thus Rose infiltrates the school as a Dinner Lady (we call them Lunch Ladies here in ‘Merica!!!) and the Doctor is the Physics teacher..

Physics, PHYSICS!

And after asking the kiddos some IMPOSSIBLE questions that one of them manages to answer, he comes to the conclusion that these kids know stuff beyond planet earth… he tells this to Rose at lunchtime, whilst she is drooling over the amazing chips that the school serves. (in ‘Merica we call them French Fries!!!) Rose gets reprimanded for having a break while she is supposed to be working. So she heads back to the kitchen to see everyone moving this “toxic” barrel around, and the stuff gets accidentally knocked over and spills on one of the ladies, and she ends up “exploding”. Rose realizes there must be something in the chips.

Meanwhile the Doctor hangs out in the staff room whilst the principal, played by Anthony Head, comes in. I don’t care about the character’s name at this point, I shall dub him Giles as I spent wayyyyy too much time watching Buffy to think of him as ANYONE else. I do feel bad for Giles as he did audition for the Doctor, and sadly got shot down.. at least he is in Whovian lore now with this character! So back in the Staff Lounge, Giles requests the attention of all staff, and introduces Ms. Sarah Jane Smith, as she is doing a profile picture.

The Doctor just takes one look at her and has the biggest grin slapped on his face!

School reunion grin

Now a little background for ya’ll… Sarah Jane Smith is played by Elizabeth Sladen. She has been an official companion to Three, Four, traveling on the Tardis with those guys, as well as Ten and Eleven, mostly one off episodes, she was also in the 5 Doctor special, thus the ONLY regenerations she hasn’t met are Six, Seven, Eight and Nine. Tennant is a HUGE fan… I can imagine his SQUEEEE when he first read the script!


Back to the episode, he introduces himself as John Smith.. his usual alias. She mentions that she knows someone by that name, and he figures out she’s investigating the school too.. not a fluff piece! She moves on to talk to other people

So we then skip ahead to later on that night.. Mickey, Rose and the Doctor decide to use the Tardis to break into the school. Rose goes to the kitchen to check out the oil, Mickey is off to the Maths to see the computers, and the Doctor is off to see Giles’s office. Off hand.. Rose says she used to think that teachers slept in the school… silly girl.

So we see Rose get the oil, and then we see that the team, well comrades, well gang, are not the only ones to check out the school. Sarah Jane manages to sneak her way in. She finds the Tardis, and is just shell shocked, when suddenly…

sarah and the doctor

Awesome reunion occurs, Doctor mentions that he has changed his face quite a few times since Four left her..

In the middle of this nice conversation, she thought he was dead of course, but she didn’t believe he was investigating until they heard a scream. Then they both go running off to find the source, on the way bumping into Rose. She was aghast to see the Doctor with someone else, and the Doctor introduces them both.. and the both find Mickey..

MICKEY:Sorry! Sorry, it was only me. You told me to investigate, so I — I started looking through some of these cupboards and all of these fell out of them.

The Doctor bends down and picks a few up to examine them.

ROSE: Oh, my God, they’re rats. Dozens of rats. Vacuum packed rats.

THE DOCTOR: And you decided to scream.

MICKEY:It took me by surprise!

DOCTOR: Like a little girl?

MICKEY: (indignantly) It was dark! I was covered in rats!

DOCTOR: Nine, maybe ten years old. I’m seeing pigtails, frilly skirt.

They then decide to check out Giles’s office, and on the way we have our first standoff between Rose and Sarah Jane. Now remember how Rose though that teachers slept in the school? Well Bat Teachers do, upside down in the headmaster’s office. As they leave, Giles wakes up and sees them,  and the gang runs out of the school. The Doctor realizes he needs the Tardis to analyze the oil, but Sarah Jane has a better solution! K-9!


Sadly he’s broken. She just can’t take him anywhere to get fixed, thus destroying timelines, so they head off to a coffee shop to work on K-9 (that serves chips aka French fries aka freedom fries too for some reason) and Sarah Jane and the Doctor have one serous conversation about how she left him.. since he dropped her off in a totally different town than where she asked to go. The reason why he had to let her go, was that he was headed back to Gallifrey, where humans were not allowed. She basically was working on forgiving him for leaving her behind, because once you traveled like that, it’s hard to go back to doing everything in the right order.  After a bit, he does manage to get K-9 working… and  K-9 is happy to see the Doctor. The Doctor rubs some of the oil on this pointy thingy he had sticking out, and K-9 figures out that it’s Krillitine Oil,and the Bat Teachers are Krillitanes. Thus making us all screwed… since they kill off entire speices just to get one or two biological traits and assimilates them into each new generation of Krillitanes.

Outside the shop.. if anyone dared to look up, was Giles and another Bat Teacher spying on them. They all leave the shop and outside Rose decides to confront the Doctor, using the “Curse of the Timelord Speech”…

ROSE: How many of us have there been, travelling with you?

DOCTOR: Does it matter?

ROSE: (voice trembling) Yeah, it does, if I’m just the latest in a long line.

DOCTOR: (stopping, hurt) As opposed to what?

He is staring at her, looking angry and hurt.

ROSE: I thought you and me were… but I obviously got it wrong. I’ve been to the year five billion, right, but this… now this is really seeing the future. You just leave us behind. Is that what you’re going to do to me?

DOCTOR: (abruptly) No. Not to you.

ROSE: But Sarah Jane… you were that close to her once, and now… you never even mention her. Why not?

DOCTOR: I don’t age. I regenerate. But humans decay. You wither and you die. Imagine watching that happen to someone who you–

He stops when he realizes what he was about to say.

ROSE: What, Doctor?

The Doctor stares at her intensely, as if willing her to understand.

DOCTOR: You can spend the rest of your life with me.

Rose looks up at him, eyes shining with unshed tears.

DOCTOR: But I can’t spend the rest of mine with you. I have to live on. Alone. That’s the curse of the Time Lords.

This episode is the first one of Tennant’s tenure where we see him really diving into the Doctor’s character. Seriously if you think about it, it’s the first time we really see him have a serious conversation with Rose about their relationship, and what it means to be a companion. Toby Whithouse did an awesome job broaching this topic, as this was his first outing with the Doctor.. such good writing.

Back to the Episode.. our Bat Teachers.. realize that this dude is a Timelord! WOOT! One species they haven’t added to their conquest!

So we fast forward to the next day of school, where Giles and the Doctor have a good olde fashioned Good vs. Evil talk… where the evil tries to get the good on its side, telling the Doctor that he can join once he figures out the plan. The good Doctor issues his ONE WARNING at this point, if he doesn’t like the plan… they are goners.

Rose and Sarah Jane are trying to figure out the computers… and not getting along..

SARAH JANE : (walking up to her, indignant)I had no problem with space stuff. I saw things you wouldn’t believe.

ROSE: (coldly) Try me.


ROSE: I’ve met ghosts.

SARAH JANE: Robots. Lots of robots.

ROSE: Slitheen. In Downing Street.


ROSE: (snorts) Met the Emperor.

SARAH JANE: Anti-Matter monsters.

ROSE: Gas masked zombies.

SARAH JANE: Real living dinosaurs!

 ROSE: Real living werewolf!

SARAH JANE: The Loch Ness Monster!

ROSE: … Seriously?

Sarah Jane puts her hands over her mouth and shakes her head. Rose smiles and laughs slightly.

ROSE: Listen to us. It’s like me and my mate Shireen. The only time we fell out was over a man, and… we’re arguing over the Doctor.

Sarah Jane relaxes against a desk, and Rose looks at her for a moment.

ROSE: With you, did he do that thing where he’d explain something at like, ninety-miles-per-hour, and you’d go, “what?” and he’d look at you like you’d just dribbled on your shirt?

SARAH JANE: All the time!

They laugh.

SARAH JANE: Does he still stroke bits of the TARDIS?

ROSE: Yeah! Yeah! He does! I’m like, “do you two wanna be alone?”

They laugh madly, and then the Doctor walks in.

DOCTOR: How’s it going?

The sight of him makes them laugh even harder.

DOCTOR: (oblivious) What? Listen, I need to find out what’s programmed inside these.

They take no notice of him and fall about laughing hysterically, Rose pointing the sonic screwdriver at him.

DOCTOR: (genuinely confused) What? Stop it!

A bit of behind the scenes behind that laughing… the Director, James Hawes asked Tennant to play a prank on the girls. So, Tennant shows up with a sharpe mustache.. thus giving us that great scene of the laughter..



Then lo, Giles decides to bring the kids back inside, and locks everyone in the school. He has them finish this computer program once and for all. Thus turning on all the computers in the room that Rose, Doctor and Sarah Jane are in, and the Doctor figures it out once he sees the formula on the screen. They are using the oil to make the kids smarter, and thus ask Rose a maths question, that she answers quickly, and realizes that these Bat Teachers are trying to solve the Skasis Paradigm, aka God-maker theory, that would allow someone to shape the universe as they see fit.

With this revelation.. Giles comes strolling in, and offers the Doctor a place by his side once the code is cracked. He gives him the idea that he can bring all of his people back, keep Rose and Sarah Jane young forever by his side.. and Sarah Jane pretty much saves the day by reminding the Doctor that everything has its time and that everything must end.

pain and loss

The Doctor rebels against the idea, and thus the chase is on… Bat Teachers vs. the Gang! The Gang wins due to K-9 blowing up the school. Seriously though… how many times must Anthony Head deal with schools blowing up?

So then we have our awesome goodbye scenes, the Doctor offers Sarah Jane a place on the Tardis, to which she says no, however Mickey pipes in to say he wants to join them. Thus before the Doctor can object, Sarah Jane does state that he needs a Smith on board! Then the Doctor and Sarah Jane have a proper goodbye… where he actually said it. Once the Tardis dematerialized, we see that he left behind a present for her, a remodeled/improved K-9! WOOT and away they go… saving the Earth on their spin off… the Sarah Jane adventures!

Thus I leave you with this awesome touching tribute, David Tennant reading the introduction to her biography, just months before she passed way.. warning.. the FEELS come HARD.. and this is in his Scottish brogue!





Of Ninja Monks and Werewolves!

Published August 28, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 87

Episodes watched:  16

Today’s Episode: Tooth and Claw

Writer:  Russell T. Davies

We begin with some hooded monks traveling across the Scottish Moors, and they come upon this house. They demand the house.. a servant there laughs at them. They disrobe into this!

Ninja Monks


They then insert themselves into the household as servants, lock up the mistress of the house, and all the other servants in the cellar, and add a box, and they reveal what’s in it, we see the servants faces.. we are clueless as to what is in the box going into the opening credits.

Then on the Tardis, the Doctor and Rose discussing music and he takes her to 1979 to hear some big act play at some famous concert, not exactly sure where. (Ten is so showing his Tennant in this scene.. as David loves music) So she’s wearing overalls that are quite short with a cute pink tee shirt. Turns out that the Tardis gets the flight a bit wrong AGAIN, and they are in 1879, on the moors of Scotland, and immedartly are arrested as soon as they leave our lovely police box.  The Doctor pretends to be James McCrimmon, using the psychic paper, and I’m sure Tennant was happy to use his natural Scottish accent! This soldier demands to know why she’s naked..


And lo, we hear a voice from somewhere.. its none other than Queen Victoria! She is traveling by carriage due to a tree blocking the train. She invites them to go with her as the psychic paper says that the Doctor is her protector.

Lo, everyone then heads out to the Torchwood Estate, and Rose and the Doctor decide to set up a little bet…

ROSE: I want her to say (she puts on an affected upper-classed accent) ‘we are not amused’. I bet you five quid I can make her say it.

DOCTORWell, if I gambled on that, it’d be an abuse of my privileges of traveller in time.

ROSE: … Ten quid?


So then they arrive and the Queen doesn’t realize anything is amiss with the servants, lack of food, she just wants a place to relax, despite Sir Robert’s, the owner of the house insisting that she not stay. She mentions how much she has heard about it, and is happy that she is able to stop by, as her late husband was fond of Sir Robert’s father whom has also passed on.

Everyone goes inside and Rose has been told to get into a regular dress. When she opens up the cabinet, she sees this poor crying maid. She finds out about the servants and that the mistress of the house are all locked up. Rose assures her that Queen’s guard will help. However, when she steps out into the hallway, she sees that they are all passed out due to a sleeping drought, and the maid and her are promptly locked up as well.

Night falls and the Doctor, the Queen, the head of her guard and Sir Robert are all dining together. One of the Monks disguised as a servant tells the Doctor that the clothes are befuddling to her and that she’ll be awhile. The Doctor accepts this at face value and then all four of them discuss local legends such as the werewolves that supposedly resides in the area.

So, Rose is chained up with other people, and sees this dude in a cage. She automatically assumes that he’s and innocent thing, and that she and the Doctor can take him home. He says he was born just 10 miles away. There is a full moon that night, and she realizes that this guy is dangerous, and manages to get everyone to pull their chains off the wall, with everyone working together, and they all run to the big house, whilst the boy in the box transforms into a werewolf! AWWWWWWHHHOOOOOO!

Back in the dining room, the Doctor notices that the “servant” is chanting by the window, while Sir Robert discusses an monastery  nearby that his father visited frequently to talk to the “local wolf”, that opposed his father’s research into the local legend as fact. He realizes the servant is a monk, and then all the monks burst in, and Sir James mentions they have his wife, and Doctor goes.. “ROSE!” and they leave to find her.

So, the queen and the Captain ask the monk what is going on, and he just replies that they want the throne. The monk then takes the Captain’s gun and knocks him out. So the queen pulls out a gun from her purse and shoots the Monk.

Meanwhile, Rose and the servants and the mistress of the house all manage to get free, the same time that the Doctor and Sir James find them.. the same time that the werewolf is bursting out of its cage. As soon as the Doctor sees the wolf, he can’t but help grin and say.. “Oh, that’s beautiful!” before Rose ushers him out.

The men and the women separate, the men go for their guns, to protect the queen, while the women hide in the kitchen. (Except for Rose.. she’s always beside the Doctor) The men fail to use bullets on the wolf. Doesn’t stop it, and a few are killed.

The Doctor, Sir James and Rose meet up with the Queen, and they after trying to get out using a window.. (in vain since the monks were shooting at them) they run off into a library! This then happens, as the wolf doesn’t come after them..

Tooth and claw

That makes the doctor curious, so he licks the wall, (not kidding, HE LICKS IT!) and realizes the carvings are of mistletoe, and the wood is painted with some mistletoe varnish. Thus making him realize, they are in a library!

Books 1

Books 2

books 3

books 4

Thus they learn about the wolf, and its origins.

Then Queen then out of the blue, realizing her life is at stake, shows them why she was on this journey to begin with..


WOW. She was having that sucker cut into AGAIN?

Before we know it, the Doctor begins making all kinds of connections… since earlier they visited the Observatory, and the lenses where wrong, because rather than having the ability to look at the stars, it was reflecting something different, and it wasn’t until that moment he realized.. OMG! WE HAVE A TRAP FOR THE WOLF! Just as we see the wolf on the roof walking on the glass ceiling, trying to get in.

So, they all go running off toward the observatory, and Sir James decides to lay down his life for the Queen, and gets killed to buy them time to set up the big spacey thing, and the Doctor manages to get it into place just in time as the wolf bursts in, and he yells for the diamond to use to reflect the MOONLIGHT onto the wolf. However the wolf does manage to touch the Queen just as the moonlight makes the wolf hover, turn human, and it begs the Doctor to go a wee brighter, thus killing it.

So, the next day.. we see the Queen dub the Doctor, “Sir Doctor of Tardis”, and Rose gets “Dame Rose Tyler of the Powell Estate”. She then says she is NOT amused (Doctor, you so owe Rose 10 QUID now.. ) and basically banshes them both. Awww… no biggie.. they just can go elsewhere.


So then this whole conversation happens on the way back to the Tardis..

THE DOCTOR: You know, the funny thing is, Queen Victoria did actually suffer a mutation of the blood! It’s historical record hemophiliac  It used to be called the Royal Disease! But it’s always been a mystery because she didn’t inherit it. Her mum didn’t have it her dad didn’t have it — it came from nowhere!

ROSEWhat, and you’re saying that’s a wolf bite?

DOCTORWell, maybe Haemophilia is just a Victorian euphemism.

ROSE: For werewolf?

DOCTOR: Could be!

ROSE: Queen Victoria’s a werewolf?

DOCTOR: Could be! And, her children had the Royal Disease. Maybe she gave them a quick nip.

ROSE: (disbelievingly) So, the Royal Family are werewolves?

DOCTOR: Well… maybe not yet. I mean, a single wolf cell could take… a hundred years to mature… might be ready by… oooh… early 21st century…?

ROSE: Nah! That’s just ridiculous! Mind you… Princess Anne…!

DOCTOR: I’ll say no more.

ROSE: And if you think about it… they’re very private. They plan everything in advance. They — they could schedule themselves around the moon — we’d never know!

The Doctor sniggers as they reach the TARDIS and he opens the door. They bundle in.

ROSE: They like hunting! They love blood sports!

The Doctor laughs, the TARDIS starts to dematerialize but they can still be heard.

ROSEOh my God, they’re werewolves!

The two of them howl and cackle over the sound of the TARDIS engines until it has completely vanished.

Later, just as the Queen was about to set off, she decides to setup the house… which is known as the TORCHWOOD Estate, as a new institute to protect the planet.

Thus she might be an alien after all? Hmmm.

Love this episode as Tennant really begins to inject bits of himself as the Doctor, I’m sure due to many conversations with RTD, trying to figure out what direction the Doctor should go.. and what he likes and dislikes, as it is still VERY early in his tenure.

So, Rose is also getting used to having Ten now.. we’ll see how she deals with a little competition tomorrow.

Until then.. I agree with Billie that David’s bum is worth looking at….

Billie checks out Tennant's Bum

Who Knew Body Snatchers Can Be Sassy?

Published August 27, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 88

Episodes watched:  15

Today’s Episode: New Earth

Writer:  Russell T. Davies

So, the Doctor and Rose Tyler are off on adventures again! After a quick “bye” to Jackie and Mickey… off they go!

(Hopefully one day I’ll find the Gif I wanted to insert here. I can’t seem to find it anywhere.. it just shows David flying the Tardis for the first time and is happy to see Rose! VERY HAPPY!)

So they land on New Earth outside New York. Well it’s the 15th since the original. The Doctor mentions how the Earth expanded.. and Rose interjects.. “Our First Date!” and the Doctor recalls the chips they ate. Anyway.. they are laying down on the apple grass just looking at the city.. when a little bug pops out of nowhere, spying on them. Its being controlled by Chip Da Clone, who works for… CASSANDRA!

New New Earth

So the Doctor mentions the hospital over yonder and that he got a message on his psychic paper about Ward 26. This is the FIRST use of the psychic paper in this way!

So Rose and the Doctor head toward the hospital, and he of course mentions that it needs a little shop. Rose notices the nuns that are nurses are also..


The Doctor interjects by saying.. hey you look all pink and yellow!

So then he goes to the elevator and manages to get in one, sadly before Rose could stop gaping, and she takes another one. The Doctor mentions..

watch out for the disconfectant

Thus, they are split up.

The Doctor manages to get to Ward 26, but notices how patients are recovering from illnesses way ahead of modern medicine. He then figures out whom sent him the message, the Face of Boe! Sadly he’s sleeping and the Doctor hangs out with his nurse, Novice Hume.

Rose on the other hand ends up in the basement and is greeted by Chip whom leads her to Cassandra. The banter between these two.. lordy I love Cassandra.. such biting wit! We learn that Cassandra’s eyes were salvaged, along with her brain and now she’s talking out of her backside!

So then Rose tries to leave.. when Chip activates the psychograft, allowing Cassandra to move her conscious into Rose’s body! Her reaction when she looks in the mirror..


I learned after this episode thanks to Urban Dictionary.. a Chav means “Council Housed And Violent” which translates to American as White Trash.. which Rose AIN”T CASSANDRA!

After much talking with Chip, they realized that Cassandra has no physical form anymore, since her brain is dead, and no more backside for Chip to moisturize. She then realizes that the Doctor is there, and that his face changed… and rants about finding out whom his plastic surgeon is. He then calls Rose, and tells her to get up to the Ward already.. Cassandra has no idea how to talk like Rose and fakes it. The Doctor doesn’t notice, as he’s happy to see Boe! So she manages to slip some perfume.. well  you can see where..

cassandra and perfume

She then meets up with the Doctor! The Doctor shows off what he’s seen with the advanced medicines, and Cassandra/Rose agrees with him about it. Suddenly out of nowhere this happens..

Beginning of kiss

Kiss Gif


Yes, that kiss is so epic.. that it required two gif’s to show it off.. as the doctor says afterwards.. “Still got it!”

They both go over the computer and figure out what medicines they are using. Cassandra/Rose mentions intensive care, and they don’t see it on the map. However with just enough sonicing.. the Doctor makes the computer slide down and.. BOOM DOOR. Novice Hume notices them going in, and follows them.

They investigate and see thousands of cells with “flesh”, that I shall call “Sick Zombies” that are soaking up all the illnesses from the patients somehow. Luckily the air is Sterile, but the Doctor says not to touch them.. or you’ll die! Novice Hume then comes out and explain they have no real existence, and that they exist to absorb illnesses.

The Doctor then gets all timelordy with Hume, demanding to know what happened to Rose, knowing that she is not herself. Hume denies everything.. and Cassandra/Rose fesses up on whom she really is. Out comes the perfume and..


Hume Runs off to fetch the matron, whilst Cassandra/Rose puts the Doctor into one of the free cells and announces he has 10 minutes to live. Chip then arrives as reinforcements, and Cassandra/Rose and the Matron exchange barbs, since Cassandra/Rose is bilking them for money for more surgeries! As a last resort, she has no choice but to open all the cells and let the Sick Zombies out. One of the Cat Nurses manages to put the hospital under quarantine. The Doctor then escapes with Cassandra/Rose down back toward the lair that Cassandra has, accidentally getting separated from Chip on the way. He sees the psychograft and demands that Cassandra gets out of Rose’s body. Rose and Cassandra/Doctor have these great lines.. with a few gif’s for emphasis..

CASSANDRA/THE DOCTOR: Goodness me, I’m a man. Yum. So many parts! And hardly used…

Cassandra/the Doctor wiggles around crazily.

CASSANDRA/THE DOCTOR: Ah.. ah! Two hearts! Oh, baby, I’m beating out a samba!

Samba Gif


Get out of him.

CASSANDRA/THE DOCTOR:(running a hand down his body) Ooh, he’s slim. And a little bit foxy.

New Earth Foxy

He raises his eyebrows at Rose.

CASSANDRA/THE DOCTOR: You’ve thought so too. I’ve been inside your head…

Rose looks sheepish because it’s true.
CASSANDRA/THE DOCTOR: (coming closer teasingly) You’ve been looking… you like it.

Suddenly.. Sick Zombies are breaking down the door! So they then decide to go up his ladder.. tons of awesome banter on this ladder scene.. as Cassandra goes back and forth between Rose and the Doctor..and this happens at one point..

cassandra on stairs

So then Cassandra gets into the head of one of the Sick Zombies… before getting back into Rose. Cassandra/Rose then is quite sad, not sure what to do for a moment, having seen how those people feel.

The Doctor then breaks into a hospital ward that contains the remaining survivors. Realizing that to help those poor Sick Zombies, he has to cure them. So they gather up all the medicine, and using the disinfector in the elevator.. using the Doctor as an incubator.

Lo EVERYONE gets cured! Even a Zombie that looks like Lindsay Lohan!

Then we meet the Face of Boe, whom the Doctor has heard had a message for him. Boe was like.. TOO SOON Doctor! We shall meet again! SPOILERS!

Also those poor cat nurses get a arrested, and those Cured Zombies are now classified as Humans. New New Humans.

So what happens to Cassandra? Well Chip offers to be Cassandra’s host, even though he is dying, and she realizes it’s time for her to die. The Doctor offers one final request, and she takes him up on it, and goes to this party we see at the beginning, the last time she was told she was beautiful ironically enough by herself inside of Chip.

Phew.. that was an awesome episode. We see the demise of Cassandra.. whom I think is awesome with her witty banter, and it was great seeing Tennant and Billie tackle the same character, as Cassandra bounced back and forth between bodies. Such awesome acting on their part, must have taken a ton of rehearsals to get the cues right.

I leave you with the video of behind the scenes where they did the disinfectant in the elevator! Too funny watching the water/powder/water/dryer happen.. tee hee!

Till tomorrow.. We shall meet the Queen! Whoooooo!


Arthur Dent Saves the World!

Published August 26, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 89

Episodes watched:  14

Today’s Episode: Christmas Invasion

Writer:  Russell T. Davies

So, I thought New Doctor, new appearance for this blog! Welcome to season two! Season one was awesome, but we didn’t have a ton of background information on each episode, which is the opposite of the Tennant Era. Tennant LOVES the Doctor, and decided to document the process, thus leaving us with a ton of video diaries, showing us behind the scenes.

We are very much aware that Tennant wanted to be the Doctor when he was a kid, as his favorite Doctors were Tom Baker and Peter Davidson. He managed to get a role in Scream of the Shalka, a non-cannon 9th Doctor cartoon, simply because he was recording a radio play in the next booth, and found out what they where recording, and begged for a role.

Now, how did RTD cast Tennant as the Doctor? Apparently, Eccleston was only signed on for one season, and RTD invited David to come over to his house and watch a rough cut of Rose with him and Julie, the other producer. After showing the cut to David, they explained their problem of needing another Doctor, and asked David if he would do it. RTD had already worked with Tennant before on Casanova, (Its up on Netflix in the U.S. streaming with captions if you care to watch it.. oh la la!) so both had already worked together before, and knew what was expected of each other. How did David accept the role? There are two different versions of the story, the first is Julie’s which had David discussing.. “what would his costume be?” right after being asked, and the other is Tennant basically saying he mulled it over for a week or two before saying “Yes” to the role. Who knows which one is the right one.. everyone has been a bit vague on it.

Now with that background info in place.. shall we dive in?

We see the Tardis crash landing on the estate, as we assume that Rose asked the Doctor to take her home. We have no idea, really, as they were going to Barcelona at the end of Parting of the Ways..

Tardis Crashing

Jackie and Mickey hear it and we see Ten stagger out of the Taris in Nine’s clothes..

10 in 9 Clothes

He wishes them a Merry Christmas before fainting. Rose steps out and explains that that’s the Doctor… and Jackie’s all like.. “Doctor Who?”… before the opening credits roll.

So, the three of them manage to get him into Jackie’s flat, and Rose changes him into some men’s pajamas. Jackie managed to get a stethoscope, and Rose checks his hearts. She hand to explain to Jackie that he has two of them, and there is no way they can take him to the hospital. Time Lord and all.. not good.. we all know what happened to 8! So then Mickey and Rose go shopping and these plastic Santas begin shooting at them. Rose realizes they are after the Doctor, so they escape and grab a cab back to Jackie’s flat. Upon their arrival Rose explains to Jackie what has been happening, and they need to get out of there ASAP with the Doctor. Rose then spies a new Christmas Tree. Jackie thought that Rose had it delivered, and Rose was like.. “No”, when suddenly it springs to life and begins spinning at high speeds throwing off the ornaments at them. Mickey vainly tries to fight it off with a chair.. whilst Rose tries to get the Doctor away, and Jackie and Mickey run into the room. They try to toss a wardrobe in front of the door.. alas it also smashed that!

Christmasn tree

Rose then grabs the Sonic out of the Doctor’s pocket.. and says.. “Help Me!” and the Doctor just leans up and zaps the tree with the Sonic! He then mentions something like remote control,  and they all go outside and see the Santas with a remote, and the Doctor sonics them to tell the gang, they are Pilot Fish, before nearly fainting.. he explains he needs something, and that something is coming.

Whilst all of this is happening.. the Guinevere One Satellite is landing on Mars, however we soon discover that it isn’t Mars. We meet up with the lovely Harriet Jones again, as she is now the Prime Minister after “World War III”, and we soon learn it’s the Sycorax that are invading. Mickey uses his website info that he got from the Doctor.. and manages to patch into what Harriet is seeing… as the Sycorax use blood control to send all the people with A+ blood up to the roof ready to JUMP!

Harriet Jones

Using this info, Rose decides to move the Doctor to the Tardis especially after she sees the spaceship enter the atmosphere, as she deems it the safest place on Earth away from possible missiles.

Sycorax ship

The Sycorax ask who’s speaking for the Planet, and Harriet Jones steps in and volunteers, as luckily at the at point they have developed a program to translate what the Sycorax are saying.  Then a group of 4 are beamed up to the Sycorxian ship, Star Trek style; Harriet Jones, the translator, the military guy and the science guy. The Leader kills the science guy and the military guy using his electro-whip before explaining to Harriet, she has a choice, give up the planet which means ½ will be sold into slavery, or let 1/3 die due to the blood control, and we see a big red button that will kill the 1/3.

Back in the Tardis, the Doctor is lying on the floor of the console room while Mickey is drinking some tea, and Rose bangs on the console while they wait for Jackie to come back with more food. The Sycorax, scaning for non-earth technology, discovers the Tardis only after Rose bangs on the console. They beam up the Tardis not realizing Rose and Mickey are inside. So Rose goes outside the Tardis looking for Jackie, and she is shocked that she is on the Sycorxian ship. Mickey soon follows, and accidently spills his tea next to the Doctor, and the tea goes down through the grating in the floor.  Harriet sees her and Rose quickly explains that the Doctor can’t save them. The Leader then demands that she speaks for the planet.. and she comes up with these pretty creative lines based on her travels..

ROSEI, um… I address the Sycorax according to… article fifteen of the Shadow Proclamation. I command you to leave this world with all the authority of the Slitheen Parliament of Raxacoricofallapatorius, and um… the Gelth Confederacy…

The Sycorax Leader begins to stride towards her.

ROSE: A — as uh… sanctioned… by the Mighty Jagrafess… and… Oh, the Daleks! Now, leave this planet in peace! In peace…

There is a few seconds of stunned silence, and then all the Sycorax burst out laughing. The Sycorax Leader begins to speak again.

Then the Leader pretty much decides to kill her, when suddenly he begins to speak English. Harriet and Rose point it out to him, and Rose makes the connection back to the Doctor and looks at the Tardis to see..



Then Ten gives this big huge AWESOME speech about how he doesn’t know who he is yet…

Don't Know Tennant

He asks Rose if he looks ok, needs to know if he is ginger, realizes that he’s rude by accusing Rose about giving up on him. He then begins this tirade again about not knowing whom he is.. and then notices the button, figures out that its blood control and PUSHES IT! He then goes on about how blood control is voodoo, and no one dies.

The Leader is not fazed, and says he’ll come back with the Armada. Then the Doctor goes on to mention this about humans..

Lion King

Then he realizes he has no choice but to challenge the Leader to a SWORDFIGHT!

It begins inside the ship, and then the Doctor moves it outside,  for more room to fight. The Leader then manages to knock the Doctor down on the ground toward the edge of the ship, and then chops off his sword wielding hand… Darth Vader style. The Leader then backs off declaring victory… when the Doctor realizes.. that’s he’s within the first 15 hours of his regeneration, thus allowing for this to happen

New Hand

The Leader looks at him and says.. “Witchcraft!” the Doctor just looks at him and says “Timelord”.

Rose then throws him another sword to continue the fight, with the Doctor’s new fighting hand.. and the Doctor wins it by knocking down the Leader and demanding that they leave ASAP.  Rose gives the Doctor back his bathrobe, whilst he mentions..

Christmas Invasion Arthur Dent

Nothing is more awesome than a Hitchhiker’s reference in Who! So, then the Leader gets up and charges at the Doctor, whom just discovers a Clementine (or a Satsuma as they call it in the UK apparently) and throws it at a button, which then opens a gap, thus the Leader falls to his death whist Ten mentions that he’s a one chance man.

Everyone is beamed back to earth along with the Tardis, and they have a mini victory dance party in the street!!!

group hug

Whist Harriet makes the decision to shoot down the ship as it was leaving. The Doctor became really, really upset with her for doing so.. and declared that he could bring her down with just 6 words… and does so, just talking with the guy that was the “translator” on the ship.

better 6 words

The rest of the gang head back to Jackie’s flat for Christmas Dinner whilst the Doctor heads to his wardrobe. This is the first time we have seen a room in NuWho besides the console room!

Tardis Wardrobe

One outfit he does consider.. is one that Tennant wore whilst he was in Casanova! The room is just littered with references to Classic Who.. the most noticeable is Tom Baker’s scarf.  The Doctor then decides on his brown suite with blue pinstripes and another long brown jacket.

Yup that's it

He then joins everyone for dinner, and has a great time just talking and laughing with everyone! We see then the demise of Harriet Jones on the telly as predicted, and Jackie then gets a call about snow outside! Turns out that is just ash from the spaceship. The Doctor and Rose then decide to keep traveling together, even after the Doctor changed.. as now she has to learn how to deal with this guy!

I leave you with two awesome tidbits that I discovered in my research.. one is this.. a scene I had not seen before, that was cut from the AWESOME speech on the ship. It does explain why he doesn’t use the word “Fantastic” like Nine did. The other is this video.. Tennant is such a FANBOY that he watched this episode with his parents on Christmas! (Sorry, Its not captioned.)

Till tomorrow… where we meet up again with an olde foe!

behind the scenes christmas invasion

You Never Forget Your First Doctor…

Published August 25, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 90

Episodes watched:  13

Today’s Episode: Parting of the Ways

Writer:  Russell T. Davies

So, from yesterday… the Doctor vowed to rescue Rose, save the Earth from the Daleks, and kill all the Daleks!

We begin with the rescue… and lo thanks to the extrapolator, they were able to create a fully functional force field (Try saying that when you’re drunk!) thus able to survive when the Daleks throw so some missiles at them.

Then lo, they were able to find Rose and walk outside of the Tardis, still in the force field. We meet the Dalek Emperor whom claims to be a God, having survived the Time War, and created these Daleks from humans, using Satellite 5, they were really playing the Long Game, having installed the Jaferfess 200 years before, and then creating the games for the Game Station.

So, then the Doctor, Jack and Rose leave, and head back to Satellite 5, and the Doctor decides to build a Delta Wave. He only has 22 minutes to do so. We see Jack say goodbye to Rose and the Doctor, as he is taking over defending the Satellite, to give the Doctor more time to build the wave.

The Doctor then tricks Rose to get into the Tardis by stating that he can cross his own timeline.. but instead, he sends her home, and the Emergency Program One plays..

DOCTOR: This is Emergency Programme One. Rose, now listen, this is important. If this message is activated, then it can only mean one thing. 

Rose stares, wide-eyed.

DOCTOR: We must be in danger. And I mean fatal. I’m dead or about to die any second with no chance of escape. 

ROSE:(lunging forwards) No!

DOCTOR: And that’s okay. Hope it’s a good death. 

Rose stops at the top of the ramp, just staring at him.

DOCTOR: But I promised to look after you, and that’s what I’m doing. The TARDIS is taking you home.

ROSE: I won’t let you. 

She rushes up the remainder of the steps. The Doctor’s hologram continues to stare ahead of him, not looking at her.

DOCTOR: And I bet you’re fussing and moaning now – typical. But hold on and just listen a bit more. The TARDIS can never return for me. Emergency Programme One means I’m facing an enemy that should never get their hands on this machine. So this is what you should do: let the TARDIS die. 

Rose’s mouth drops open ever so slightly in distress.

DOCTOR: Just let this old box gather dust. No one can open it; no one will even notice it. Let it become a strange little thing standing on a street corner. And over the years, the world will move on and the box will be buried. And if you want to remember me, then you can do one thing. That’s all. One thing.


(his head turns to face her, his eyes full of compassion – as if he knows she’s there. His voice sounds less distorted–)

Have a good life. Do that for me, Rose. Have a fantastic life. 

With that… Rose is sent back. I swear to god… I can’t help but cry every time I see that happen… along with Rose. The reason for this we learn with the next conversation between Jack and the Doctor, is that the Delta Wave, there is not enough time to fine tune it to tell the difference between Dalek and Human and it would wipe out every living thing, as it range covers the entire Earth.

So back in 2006, Mickey hears the Tardis and runs toward it and sees Rose crying. She eventually meets up with her mother and her mother is so happy that the Doctor lives up to his word by keeping her safe, and by sending her back. However Rose is super unhappy as she realizes that she just can’t go back to her old life again..

Better Life Parting of the ways

With that, she runs out of the chip shop, and heads back to the Tardis. Mickey meets up with her, and she realizes that to get back to the Doctor, she has to open up a part of the control panel and look into the heart of the Tardis. So they first try to open the panel using Mickey’s car, using a long chain, and his towing capacity… however since it is just a Mini Cooper, its not strong enough to open it. So Jackie takes it upon herself to tell Rose that it’s not happening, and that this is not what her father would have wanted for her, to which Rose calls out her B.S. on that, having met her Dad, before he got killed. Jackie realizes that she was right and called in a favor to get a tow truck. Using that, they were able to get the panel open!

Parting of the Ways

Back on the Game Station, Daleks are invading and kill everyone, except the Doctor and manage to get into Floor 500. The Emperor manages to convince the Doctor that using the Delta Wave, he would be the destroyer of the Earth. Thus the Doctor gives up, having realized he had a good long life, and it was time to die.

Suddenly out of nowhere.. the Tardis materializes back on the Game Station! Rose thus becomes the Bad Wolf by looking into the heart of the Tardis, she then sends herself messages through time to send herself there, and then destroys the Dalek fleet, smashing them into atoms since they where threatening her Doctor. She gives Jack his life back… and then she realizes how much her head hurts. So the Doctor tells her.. “Looks like you need a Doctor!”

Parting of the ways kiss

He then blows the time vortex back to the Tardis. He then picks her up and carries her back into the Tardis, and poor Jack has been left behind.

We then see Rose wake up having no clue about what happened when she absorbed the time vortex, and we begin the final conversation between Nine and Rose, him being as light and gentile as possible toward her, reassuring her that everything will be ok to due the Time Lords having a little trick to cheat death, and that he’s dying, due to absorbing the time vortex.

bye 9

Lo, Nine becomes Ten!

We say goodbye to Eccleston, as he was only there for one season due to internal conflict from what is rumored… but we will never know exactly what happened there on the set. He was a great Doctor, and instrumental to the re-boot, as he did a great job bringing the lightness and zanyiness to the role, as well as the “Oncoming Storm” when required. I miss him and his grin, as he truly was my first Doctor, and as it has been said, you never forget your first Doctor. The reason why he took the role to begin with was due to RTD, whom had written “The Second Coming” a TV movie that Eccleston starred in, two years prior.

He just released this press information yesterday, a video message to the British Film Institute.

“I love the BFI. I love the Doctor and I hope you enjoy this presentation, Joe Ahearne directed five of the 13 episodes of the first series. He understood the tone the show needed completely – strong, bold, pacy visuals coupled with wit, warmth and a twinkle in the performances, missus. If Joe agrees to direct the 100th anniversary special, I will bring my sonic and a stair-lift and – providing the Daleks don’t bring theirs – I, the Ninth Doctor, vow to save the universe and all you apes in it.”

Ah, just as Nine would totally say it!

Now that we are moving on to Tennant. I have to say this.. unless you already knew this.. the last chapter in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, is called the Parting of the Ways. Barty Crouch Jr was killed in that chapter in the film. Who was Barty Crouch Jr. played by? DAVID TENNANT!

parting of the ways tennant

What is the name of this, where we meet Tennant? Yup.. you guessed it The Parting Of The Ways! This is the very next role that he took after Harry Potter!

And with that.. I leave you with this image of the Doctor checking out his new teeth..

First image of Tennant as the Doctor