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Pirates of the Caribbean meet Star Trek

Published October 28, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 26

Episodes watched:  77

Today’s Episode:  The Curse of the Black Spot

Writer: Stephen Thompson

We have another prequel…


Ooooooh scary!!!

We have another awesome guest star.. Hugh Bonneville! DOWNTON ABBEY! Love these guest stars after having the Sheppards! He does a lovely job playing Henry Avery.. whom after some googling is modeled after a real life pirate Henry Every, whom’s ship disappeared with some treasure in 1696, and this episode takes place in 1699.

We also have the Doctor wearing his third hat… the Fez, the Stenson and now a Tri-Cornered Pirate Hat?




The best scene is when the Doctor, Amy and the Captain enter the sickbay..

Toby Rory THe TARDIS

And Amy acting like a pirate.. just like Keira…

amy acting like pirate

Why Star Trek? Because of the hologram on Star Trek Voyager, that siren reminds me of this guy..


Who also happens to be a Whovian!!!

doctor who fan

Till tomorrow.. Neil Gaiman’s first stab at writing a Doctor Who episode with tons of LORE added!!!!