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Happy Anniversary DOCTOR!!!!

Published November 23, 2013 by joscasta

As I’m gearing up to head down to the 42 Lounge to have a few sonic screwdrivers before watching our dear Doctor  take on what looks to be the time war.. I’m just so happy I managed to actually finish this project. I did take a few shortcuts, but alas, I did find something to say about all 102 episodes, since august.

If you must know what I’m wearing.. I found this shirt back in may for 12 bucks.. and though.. I need this for the 50th. It was only 12 bucks.. why not?

time fiction


I’m also wearing my sonic screwdriver necklace I bought last christmas, of 9 and 10’s sonic. I’ve never been a big fan of 11’s.. and I like the blue a wee better.

Just to review.. here is the pre-quel..

and it airs at 1:50pm here in my time zone. The bar opens at 11am, but I’m headed down sooner as right now on Facebook, there are a 100 people RSVPing for it. I want my good seat at the bar, thus heading down there early to park and grab a good spot. I’ve tried to remain as spoiler free as possible thus making me happy that they are doing it in simlucast around the world, thus my british friends and I will be watching it at the same time, NO SPOILERS!

To bide time.. go to, they have this Doctor Who game in honor of the Anniversary.. if you die you “regnerate” I admit it took me at least two complete cycles to finish it. Thanks Google!

Hitting the shower.. then downtown! I might blog later about it, if there is anything good.. and totally noteworthy..


Just this once, EVERYBODY LIVES!

Published August 22, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 93

Episodes watched:  10

Today’s Episode: The Doctor Dances

Writer:  Steven Moffat

The second part of the first ever Moffat thriller… we were left with a cliff hanger.. and thus the Doctor comes up with a pretty thrilling way to get out of it..

The Doctor Dances

Jack then explains about the “self cleaning con”, how a bomb will fall down on the canestary ambulance thingy, whist the Doctor decides to investigate more about the kid.

They actually go to the kid’s room in the hospital, managing to get into the locked door by using Jack’s sonic blaster, and once there, they realize their mistake..  they sent the kid to the room.. and thus they have to figure a way out.. allowing this scene to unfold..

Doctor Dances guns

Making the Doctor make this remark..

Doctor Dances Bananas

Then some sonic  envy happens.. when the gas mask people are coming…

Jack: Okay, this can function as a sonic blaster, a sonic cannon, and a triple-fold sonic disruptor. Doc, what you got?

Doctor: I’ve got a sonic, er, never mind.

Jack: What?

Doctor: It’s sonic, okay, let’s leave it at that.

Jack: Disruptor? Cannon? What?

Doctor: It’s sonic, totally sonic. I am sonicked *up*!

Jack: [yelling] A sonic *what*?

Doctor: [yelling] *Screwdriver*!

[the boy and other gas mask creatures come towards them]

Rose: [grabs Jack’s Sonic Blaster and points it at the ground] Going down!

[floor vanishes beneath them and they land in the room below]

Jack: [stands after ceiling is repaired] Who has a sonic screwdriver?

Doctor: I do!

Rose: [ignores them] Lights.

[starts to move around the room, looking for a switch]

Jack: Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks, “Ooh, this could be a little more sonic”?

Doctor: What, you’ve never been bored?

Thus they manage to escape for a moment… thus having them run down into a closet, where there was no escape. Luckily Jack manages to transmit himself back to his ship, and needed a few minutes to get the Doctor and Rose there.. whilst they discuss “dancing”. (Yes, Moffat and his euphuisms, for well you know what!?!)

Nancy, meanwhile had managed to get her hands on some wire cutters and managed to break into the area where the canistery ambulance thingy is, only to get caught by the guards there. She gets chained up to a table next to a guy that is converting to a gas mask.. and manages to sing him to sleep by the time Rose, Doctor and Jack catch up. The Doctor sonics her out of the handcuffs, and they run off to see the thingy for the first time. Turns out that its nanogenes that are in the air and running rampant, and thinking that humans have a gas mask for a face, as the first thing they find on earth was a boy that was killed by a bomb, thus making everyone into the gas mask creature that they came in contact with.

Now an army of them are approaching the caistery thing, and the Doctor realizes, that Nancy is the little boy’s mother, not his sister… and gives her the choice of saving the word by telling him that she is his mummy or turning everyone into gas masks. She chooses to save the world.. and lo the nanogenes realize what humans are supposed to be like, and manages to heal everyone that got infected!

Then the Doctor gives this panty dropping line…


Jack ends up on board the TARDIS, as his ship ends up exploding after he rescues the bomb that was supposed to explode the ambulance thingy.

Right there at the end.. we do see the Doctor Dancing with Rose..

Yup, Moffat’s first outting with Who was that awesome, no wonder he as asked back, as he delivered big time with scary ‘hide behind the couch’ gas mask creatures, funny moments, and introduced one awesome character in Jack.

Nowdays all we can do at him is this…