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Doctor? Doctor Who?

Published November 22, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 1 (AH YISSS TOMORROW!)

Episodes watched:  102

Today’s Episode: Name of the Doctor

Writer: Stephen Moffat

Name Poster

So, last night I was out at a bar with a dear friend. He got a text from a mutual friend who watched Journey’s End. She is new to Who, and asked “So, What is the Doctor’s Name?” . We decided to troll her and say.. you’ll find out at the end of Season 7!

I don’t feel comfortable blogging too much about this episode, as there is so much going on. I will state I do love Moffat’s prequels…

And this one too..

What was it what was said about that place? Oh yeah..

“On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the eleventh, when no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, a Question will be asked, a question that must never, ever be answered.”

Ohhh right. Well that was Season 6. I do hate spoilers but, I do love these little parts that don’t give away the ending..





Name of the DOc

Of course we have this..  to end it..





The Hunt for the Ice Warrior

Published November 17, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 6

Episodes watched:  97

Today’s Episode: Cold War

Writer: Mark Gatiss

Cold War Poster

When determining who was gonna write this episode, I have this scenario in my head, with Moffat, Gatiss and Gaiman sitting around a table in a café.

Moffat: So Gaiman, I want you to make the Cybermen scary again. Can you do that? They are such a classic monster, and they just thud around. They need to be refreshed.

Gaiman: Sure, I’m pretty sure I can come up with something, as they made me make pools off wee behind a sofa as a kid.

Moffat: Now Gatiss..

Gatiss: What? I’m not doing another historical. I did mine already with “The Unquiet Dead”. You remember that episode right? Also “Victory of the Daleks” can be considered a historical too, and I already gave you my rough draft of Crimson Horror. Can I have a classic monster too?

Moffat: Which one? What was that one that looked like a plant with lips like well.. you know?

Gatiss: You mean the Vervoids? No. What about the Ice Warriors?

Moffat: What about them? They were kinda like the Cybermen.

Gatiss: I wanna re-do them too. If Gaiman gets the Cybermen, I want the Ice Warriors. We have the technology now to make them pop out at you. Perhaps we shall see what they look like under that suit they wear?

Moffat: FINE. How man episodes are you doing this season anyway? I’m already planning on opening with the Daleks, so we can’t shove in too many classic monsters at once. I mean we just brought back the Great Intelligence at Christmas.

Gatiss: Just Crimson Horror. I wasn’t part of the first half of season 7, and I’ve been super busy filming the OTHER Doctor Who Special, An Adventure Through Time and Space. Or you have you forgotten that your special is the only one? Also don’t forget I’ve been helping you out with Sherlock too.

Moffat: Fine you win, do the Ice Warriors. Make them scary.. like Gaiman just said, I want the kids hiding behind the sofa and making pools of wee!!!

Well if not that, something similar to that.. I hope had occurred. Here is what a Vervoid looks like..


I did like this episode at some points, others where a bit meh. I mean the Doctor and Clara were supposed to go to Vegas, as the Doctor is sporting those Elvis sunglasses that I bought for my ex when I was there. Silly Tardis decides to just drop them off there it seems, then runs to the South Pole to await for them to finish adventuring.

The good parts, pretty much the professor. It was awesome to see the Onion Knight too for you Game of Thrones fans. I loved this bit..

CLARA: What was that?

PROFESSOR: The Doctor told you, it’s just the boat settling. Tell me about yourself. What do you like doing? Clara?

CLARA hears some metallic rattling and looks around.


(distracted) Stuff. You know, stuff.

PROFESSOR: “Stuff”? Very enlightening. And the Doctor, what he said, is it true? You’re… from another time… from our future? Clara?


PROFESSOR: (stands) Tell me what happens.

CLARA: I can’t.

PROFESSOR: Well, I need to know.

CLARA: I’m not allowed.

PROFESSOR: No, please.

CLARA: I can’t!

PROFESSOR: Ultravox, do they split up?

CLARA: (laughs) Funny. You’re funny!

After seeing this episode I was curious to know if Ultravox did split up. The professor would be delighted to know they are still together and touring, although the members have changed and they did break up for a bit.

Now another great thing about this episode.. is you recall these lines from Forest of the Dead??

DOCTOR There’s a signal coming from somewhere interfering with it.

RIVER Use the red settings.

DOCTOR It doesn’t have a red setting.

RIVER Well, use the dampers.

DOCTOR It doesn’t have dampers.

RIVER It will do one day.

Lo, Eleven goes around after it being green and suddenly we see this…

red setting

Wow. We finally see the red settings on the sonic! Hurray!!

The bad.. well one can argue that using the 1980s era of the Cold War and the Mutally Assured destruction is not a good time. It was more assured back in the 70s, than early 80s. However I can see why Gatiss wanted to use “Hungry Like the Wolf”, thus it had to be in the 80s, as there are very few tunes that are recognizable from the 70s that people do for Karoke at Hen Night.

Any, till tomorrow, apperntly we have a Haunted House? Hmmmmm

Snowmen try to take over the world… really?

Published November 14, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 9

Episodes watched:  94

Today’s Episode: Snowmen

Writer: Stephen Moffat


We are finally down to the single digits till the Annivesary!!! Hurray!

Thus we left the doctor..

Doctor Who Snowmen

No wonder he decides to spend time in isolation away from the world.

We have a prequel

I first loved this romp, as this was the first episode of Doctor Who I watched in “real time”, no Amazon, no Netflix, my friends went out of town and I basically begged them to doggsit at their house so I could watch it, as they tend to go out of town for Christmas and own every channel under the sun, including BBC ‘Merica. It was strange watching shows with commercials, as I’m so used to not dealing with them.

Anyway.. a little boy builds a snowman, and the snowman talks back to him. Reminds me of Frosty the Snowman, but in the Victorian Age. So we then fast forward 50 years, and the snowman is now in a big globe and voiced by the totally amazing Ian McKellan. You should know him as Gandalf from Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, if not that then X-Men then? Yes, you should know that amazing awesome guy that hangs out with Patrick Stewart (we need to get him on the show too.. MOFFAT!!!) and does fun things.

So back on track, Frosty basically states, “hey I’ll take form soon, as that little girl is having nightmares about the lady in the pond, ohhh I won’t be made of little smithereens anymore!” (Well not exactly but we get the gist) Also, that little boy who becames a man.. Simeon, feeds some of his workers to the snowmen.. what the heck??? Frosty likes to eat meat??

We leave and head over to the Rose and Crown..

rose and crown

Moffat knows how to stab one right in your heart eh? Rose and Crown? Reminds me of that werewolf adventure, Tooth and Claw.. omg that was season two!!!

We see this lovely girl, a barmaid named Clara, that is working, and for some reasons carries some drinks outside, and bam a snowman pops up. She asks a passing stranger about it, and lo.. It’s the Doctor! He writes it off as memory snow. Nothing worth investigating, and wanders off.

Clara was like WTF????? Of course follows him, as he heads off into a carrage that has a phone and talks with Vastra, and says that Clara has no idea how to contact him, nor any idea of the word “Doctor”. Clara pops her head down outside the carriage and is all like.. ”DOCTOR WHO?”

Bam… Credits.. new ones again.. MOFFAT, please tone down the changes, as there will be more changes coming up soon when Smith leaves at Christmas. That’s gonna be a headache for another day.

So the snowman’s helper is at some house, and says that something is going to come out of the pond. Please call the number on this card when it does, and we’ll take care of it. So the dude is like..”OK?”

Frosty’s helper then meets Jenny, Madame’s assistant on the streets, as well as Madame too. The Helper says, oh you two are together, Watson and Homles? Madame is like… she’s my wife! How dare you think of her as anything less! She also is curious about the Great Intellegence (aka Frosty) and confirms that yeah.. their adventures are the Sherlock ones, who cares if I’m a lizard woman. Thus Frosty’s helper leaves, and Jenny and Vastra  agree they must get the Doctor to investigate somehow.

Back over to Strax and the Doctor, discussing the snow.. and what to do with Clara. This scene is too funny..

DOCTOR: This snow is new. Possibly alien. When you find something brand new in the world, something you’ve never seen before, what’s the next thing you look for?

STRAX: A grenade?

DOCTOR: A profit. (stands) That’s Victorian values for you! (faces STRAX)

STRAX: I suggest a full frontal assault with automated laser monkeys, scalpel mines and acid.


STRAX: Couldn’t we at least investigate?

DOCTOR: It’s none of our business.

STRAX: Sir, permission to express my opposition to your current apathy?

DOCTOR: (leans against a shop-front) Permission granted.

STRAX: Sir, I am opposed to your current apathy.

CLARA: (muffled) Let me out of here!

DOCTOR: Thank you, Strax. And if ever I’m in need of advice from a psychotic potato-dwarf,(takes STRAX’S head in his hands) you’ll certainly be the first to know.(releases STRAX)

STRAX: But if the snow is new and alien, shouldn’t we be making some attempt to destroy it? Be reasonable!

The DOCTOR puts a finger to STRAX’S lips. Behind them, we see the carriage rocking back and forth.

CLARA: (muffled) Let me out!

DOCTOR: It is not our problem. Over a thousand years of saving the universe, Strax, you know the one thing I learned? The universe doesn’t care.

CLARA: (muffled) Oi, Doctor! Let me out!

DOCTOR: Now, we have a problem of our own to worry about…(walks to the carriage)

CLARA: (muffled) Let me out! Oi!

The DOCTOR opens the carriage door and CLARA presses against the opposite side. The DOCTOR sits across from her.

DOCTOR: Don’t worry. No-one’s going to hurt you.

CLARA: (sees STRAX) What is that thing?

STRAX: Silence, boy!

DOCTOR: That’s Strax and as you can see, he’s easily confused.

STRAX: Silence, girl. Sorry, lad.

DOCTOR: Sontaran. Clone warrior race – factory produced, whole legions at a time. Two genders is a bit further than he can count.

STRAX: Sir, do not discuss my reproductive cycle in front of enemy girls! It’s embarrassing.

DOCTOR: (whispers to CLARA) Typical middle child of six million.

CLARA: Who are you?

DOCTOR: It doesn’t matter because you’re about to forget that you and I ever met. (to STRAX) We’ll need the worm.

STRAX: Sir. (leaves)

CLARA: You’ll need the what? The worm? What worm?

DOCTOR: Don’t worry, it won’t hurt, but one touch on your bare skin and you’ll lose the last hour of your memory.

STRAX returns empty-handed.

DOCTOR: Where is it?

STRAX: Where’s what, sir?

DOCTOR: I sent you to get the memory worm.

STRAX: Did you? When? Who’s he? What are we doing here? Look, it’s been snowing!

DOCTOR: You didn’t use the gauntlets, did you?

STRAX: Why would I need the gauntlets? Do you want me to get the memory worm?


STRAX is under the carriage looking for the worm. The DOCTOR and CLARA stand by and watch.

DOCTOR: Can you see it?

STRAX: I think I can hear it.

The DOCTOR looks over at CLARA who is trying to hide a smile.

DOCTOR: Oi, (points) don’t try to run away, stay where you are.

CLARA: Why would I run? I know what’s going to happen next – and it’s funny.

DOCTOR: What’s funny?

CLARA: Your little pal, for a start. Ugly little fella, isn’t he?

DOCTOR: Maybe. He gave his life for a friend of mine once.

CLARA: Then how come he’s alive?

DOCTOR: Another friend brought him back. I’m not sure all his brains made the return trip!

CLARA: Neither am I.

STRAX: I can see it.

DOCTOR: Oooh! Can you reach it? Have you got it?

STRAX: Got what, sir?

CLARA: (picks up a pair of large gloves) Because these are the gauntlets, aren’t they?

STRAX: Sir! Emergency! I think I’ve been run over by a cab!

Suddenly a snowman pops up, and more and more pop up! So the Doctor tells Clara to picture them melting, and she does. Thus making her know how to fight them, due to a low level telepathic field surrounding them, however she doesn’t need the memory worm now does she?

Thus the Doctor sends her off in the carriage with Strax, or so he thinks, as he wanders off with her following to a park. He pulls down a ladder to a long staircase and climbs up. Clara, after seeing him disappear does the same…


Sees the Tardis and knocks on the door, but doesn’t let the Doctor see her..

the tardis

Thus she heads back to the stairs, dropping her shawl again.

We flash forward to Clara waking up and leaving the Rose and Crown and getting into a carriage, to her “real” job as a governess for the kids at the house that we saw earlier with the pond. The poor girl.. (who played young lilly in the Harry Potter movies) is having nightmares about their previous horrible governess. Aww.. Clara or Miss Montigue as she’s called here, soothes the children, and tells them it will be all right. However she notices the pond still frozen, whilst everything is thawed out. Hmmm…Digby mentions that his sister needs a Doctor, and thus Clara seems to agree, heading back to the park.

She begins jumping up and down and yelling like a crazed woman when Jenny spies her… and thus brings her back to Madame Vastra, whom lays out this challenge..

JENNY: Madame Vastra will ask you questions. You will confine yourself to single word responses. One word only, do you understand?


VASTRA: Truth is singular – lies are words, words, words. You met the Doctor, didn’t you?


VASTRA: And now you’ve come looking for him again. Why?

JENNY: Take your time. One word only.

CLARA: Curiosity.

VASTRA: About?

CLARA: Snow.

VASTRA: And about him?


VASTRA: What do you want from him?

CLARA: Help.


CLARA: Danger.

VASTRA: Why would he help you?

CLARA: Kindness.

VASTRA: The Doctor is not kind.


VASTRA: No. The Doctor does not help people. Not anyone, not ever. He stands above this world and doesn’t interfere in the affairs of its inhabitants. He is not your salvation, nor your protector. Do you understand what I’m saying to you?

CLARA: Words.

JENNY smiles.

VASTRA: He was different once, a long time ago. Kind, yes. A hero, even, a saver of worlds. But he suffered losses which hurt him. Now he prefers isolation to the possibility of pain’s return. Kindly choose a word to indicate your understanding of this.


VASTRA looks over at JENNY who nods her head.

VASTRA: We are the Doctor’s friends. We assist him in his isolation but that does not mean we approve of it. So… a test for you. Give me a message for the Doctor. Tell him all about the snow and what fresh danger you believe it presents, and above all, explain why he should help you. (CLARA takes a breath and VASTRA places a finger to her lips) But do it in one word. You are thinking it is impossible that such a word exists, or that you could even find it. Let’s see if the gods are with you.




The DOCTOR is reading in the muted blue light when the phone rings. He answers in frustration.

DOCTOR: Yes, what? I’m trying to read!

VASTRA: Miss Clara and her concerns about the snow. I gave her the one-word test.

DOCTOR: Always pointless. What did she say? Well? Well?’


The DOCTOR stares ahead, stunned. He removes his glasses.

I cried with that word. The glasses the Doctor is wearing? Amy’s from Angels Take Manhattan. The way he just looks at them.. my heart breaks for him again as we all know he misses his best friend in this incarnation.

Thus the Doctor then visits Frosty’s headquarters, disguised as Sherlock Homles, the classic version not the modern BBC Moffat version.  He then finds out about the Pond, and realizes that the governess is going to be coming out of the pond, as she died in it, but not before getting in a few quick words with Frosty.

Off he goes to the house, and sees Clara in the window.  The hand that he got chopped off during Christmas Invasion says that he will be up in 5 minutes. So after talking stragety with Strax, he heads up.

Clara gets the kids ready for bed by telling them about the man in the cloud called the Doctor, and announces his arrival, or what she thought was his arrival, which turned out to be an ice sculpture of the olde governess. Whoops! They manage to escape into the playroom, and the Doctor pops up out of nowhere and uses the newest setting on the sonic… the antifreeze to make her melt. YAY!

The kids are thankful as well as Clara, and he notices that he’s got is bowtie is on, due to the “coolness” in the room.. whoops the ice lady is reforming!

They run downstairs, and the Captain aka head of the house, demands to know who is running down his stairs.. thus bringing about the key players and Alice the maid..

LATIMER: Children, what is exp… Who the devil are you?! What are you doing in my house?

DOCTOR: It’s OK! I am your governess’ gentleman friend, and we’ve just been upstairs… kissing!

ALICE: (comes running in) Captain Latimer, in the garden, there’s snowmen! And they’re just growing, out of nowhere, all by themselves – look!

ALICE runs to the front door and opens it. VASTRA and JENNY are there.

VASTRA: Good evening, I’m a lizard woman from the dawn of time and this is my wife!

ALICE screams and hurries down the hall only to come face-to-face with STRAX.

STRAX:This dwelling is under attack! Remain calm, human scum!

ALICE screams and faints. The DOCTOR runs to the bottom of the stairs and looks at LATIMER.

DOCTOR: So! Any questions?

The Doctor manages to throw up a force field, keeping the ice lady trapped on the stairs, while they convene in the parlor to discuss strategy, as more snowmen are poping up all over due to Frosty’s henchmen making it snow on the house. They want the ice lady so that the snowmen and Frosty can have more physical form.

The doorbell rings, and just after that this happens..


Then the Doctor answers the door to Frosty’s helper whom tells the Doctor he has five minutes. The Doctor comes up with a plan, and grabs and umbrella, and he and Clara head upstairs, using the sonic to move the force field barrier.

After tons of flirting and banter, they head up to the Tardis, and she’s shocked as it is..


He invites her to go traveling, and she mentions a kitchen and soufflés.  He gives her  the key to the Tardis, and heads back to the console, when she the ice lady enters the Tardis and drags Clara off the cloud and she goes tumbling to the ground with the ice lady.

The gang inside sees Clara dead, and is happy that the Doctor uses the Tardis to “pick her up” and move her inside where it’s safe. Strax works on her, but sadly she is still dying. She promises to travel with him once he “saves the world”

The Doctor then heads outside and tells frosty’s henchmen that he has a piece of the ice lady, and will give it to them back at the office.. aka where Frosty is.

Vastra and the Doctor head over there via Tardis much faster, and he manges to get frosty’s helper to open a box containing the memory worm, and thus making him forget his whole life. Frosty then moves into his body.. and this whole next part confuses me.. something about rain? Family crying on Christmas? Thus Frosty is “defeated” again.

The Doctor races back to Clara, and she’s about dead… when she says..

“Run you clever boy and remember”



We are then at the gravesite for her funeral and the Doctor notices the gravestone. SHITE! ITS OSWIN! He never saw her face as she was a Dalek, but the voice was the same! Their last words were the same!!


Also.. fun thing.. note the day she was born. November 23rd! That ring a bell too? Yup the 50th is coming up on the 23rd! To the exact date the first show aired… a Saturday night as well!

Thus we go running off with the theories as much as the Doctor does..


Till Tomorrow.. modern day Clara. Drat. It would have been fun to have a character from a different era, don’t you think?

The Finale that began in the Season Opener

Published November 7, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 16

Episodes watched:  87

Today’s Episode: Wedding of River Song

Writer: Stephen Moffat

wedding poster

We begin with this prequel

The tick tock song again! GATISS!!!!

This is a fun finale. The whole concept of what happens when a fix point has been re-written. All of time happens at once and then leaks out. Just go watch it, as it’s a great episode!

wedding of river song downloads

It also shows how FAR AHEAD Moffat thinks. RTD just took everything one season at a time. Moffat decides to really build on stuff that was discussed back in the Library that occurred what, 3 seasons back when 10 was around?

It was great to see the flashback between the opener and the finale, and we were able to get a solution that some people might have seen coming, but my jaw dropped so far I had no choice but to pick it back up again off the floor. A few good lines..

Wedding of River Song

Mother in law

Also the kiss..

alex on smith

behind the scenes wedding

Till tomorrow.. Another Christmas Special!

Wedding of River Song reveal

“Ok Kid, This is where it gets complicated”

Published October 24, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 30

Episodes watched:  73

Today’s Episode:  Big Bang

Writer: Stephen Moffat

30 Days left till the 50th Anniversary!  Hurray!

Now Moffat really made a doozy of a finale here. See the title of this blog, as Amy uttered it just before opening credits when it was discovered that she was inside the Pandorica and not the Doctor. Trying to keep up with all the flashbacks and the movements in time really warrant at least two re-watching of this episode to get what is going on..

The best parts where..

The first time we get a mention of “Rule 1”, that is the Doctor lies, and quite frequently at that.

River shooting the Fez, in fact Moffat said that he plans to put the Doctor in a Fez. The production staff apparently looked at him in horror over it, because they know that Matt Smith would milk the fez whenever possible… then Moffat explains how he will take it away from the Doctor right after he gets it! Thus..


River is she is the ONLY PERSON that has ever had a Dalek utter “Mercy” at them. She doesn’t show Daleks mercy…


The realization that Rory is now older than the Doctor, at 1,800 something to the Doctor’s 907ish. The reason for this is that Moffat said, if you think about shooting someone you love, waiting 2,000 years for them seems like the ultimate penance, thus that’s what happened to Rory… he felt so bad about killing Amy.

The Big Bang

The scene in Flesh + Stone finally makes sense now, with the Doctor telling Amy to remember what he said when she was seven. Thus when she’s seven, he brings her inside while she’s waiting and tells her..

The DOCTOR tucks AMELIA into bed and sits down in the chair next to the bed.

DOCTOR: It’s funny. I thought if you could hear me, I could hang on somehow. Silly me. Silly old Doctor. When you wake up, you’ll have a mum and dad… And you won’t even remember me. Well, you’ll remember me a little. I’ll be a story in your head. But that’s OK. We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh? Cos it was, you know. It was the best. A daft old man who stole a magic box and ran away. Did I ever tell you that I stole it? Well, I borrowed it. I was always going to take it back. Oh, that box, Amy. You’ll dream about that box. It’ll never leave you. Big and little at the same time. Brand new and ancient. And the bluest blue ever. And the times we had, eh? Woulda had… Never had. In your dreams, they’ll still be there. The Doctor and Amy Pond. And the days that never came. The cracks are closing. But they can’t close properly until I’m on the other side. I don’t belong here any more. I think I’ll skip the rest of the rewind. I hate repeats. Live well. Love Rory.(kisses her head) Bye bye, Pond. (caresses her hair)

The DOCTOR leaves and the crack closes behind him. AMELIA wakes, looks at the wall then settles back to sleep. Outside her window, the stars shine in the night sky.

Also.. we must remember the Giraffe Dance, as we learn that Eleven cannot Dance.


Matt Smith cannot Dance to save his life.. even with Karen..

Till tomorrow, we join Amy and Rory on their Honeymoon…..

So Eleven can’t stand to see children cry..

Published October 13, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 41

Episodes watched:  62

Today’s Episode:  The Beast Below

Writer: Stephen Moffat

So Moffat has his hand in writing his first episode with a poem..

In bed above or deep asleep, while greater love lies further deep.

This dream must end, this world must know.

We all depend on the beast below.

Thus this isn’t one of my favorite episodes. However it does take place in the 29th century, well after the End of the World.

The good:

  • Liz X, the most badass Queen ever. Long may she regin!
  • This conversation.. that had me laughing.. YEAH RIGHT DOCTOR!


DOCTOR: Well, come on. I’ve found us a spaceship. This is the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland. All of it, bolted together and floating in the sky. Starship UK. It’s Britain, but metal. That’s not just a ship, that’s an idea. That’s a whole country, living and laughing and shopping. Searching the stars for a new home.

AMY: Can we go out and see?

DOCTOR: Course we can. But first, there’s a thing.

AMY: A thing?

DOCTOR: An important thing. In fact, Thing One. We are observers only. That’s the one rule I’ve always stuck to in all my travels. I never get involved in the affairs of other peoples or planets.

(Sorry, nearly spat my tea over my keyboard. An image of Mandy waiting by the lifts is on the scanner.) 

DOCTOR: Ooo, that’s interesting.

AMY: So we’re like a wildlife documentary, yeah? Because if they see a wounded little cub or something, they can’t just save it, they’ve got to keep filming and let it die. It’s got to be hard. I don’t think I could do that. Don’t you find that hard, being all, like, detached and cold?

(Amy sees the Doctor on the scanner, speaking to the weeping Mandy.) 

AMY: Doctor?

(He gestures for her to join him.)


  • Also,look at the name of this shop! A tribute to the Idiots Lantern!


  • After the voting.. lordy.. this had me laughing.. the great interaction between Karen and Matt…

AMY: Where are we?

DOCTOR: 600 feet down, 20 miles laterally – puts us at the heart of the ship. I’d say… Lancashire. What’s this, then – a cave? Can’t be a cave. Looks like a cave.

AMY: (stands) It’s a rubbish dump, and it’s minging! (throws a piece of rubbish)

DOCTOR: Yes, but only food refuse. (sniffs) Organic, coming through feeder tubes from all over the ship.

AMY: (gets down on hands and knees) The floor’s all squidgy, like a water bed.

DOCTOR: But feeding what, though?

AMY: It’s sort of rubbery, feel it. Wet and slimy.

The DOCTOR hears a distant moaning and stands. He realizes where they are.

DOCTOR: Er… It’s not a floor, it’s a… (puts screwdriver away) So…

AMY: (stands) It’s a what?

DOCTOR: The next word is kind of the scary word. Take a moment. Get yourself in a calm place. (takes her hands) Go “omm”.

AMY: Omm.

DOCTOR: It’s a tongue.

AMY: A tongue?

DOCTOR: (excited) A tongue. A great big tongue.

AMY: (stunned) This is a mouth? This whole place is a mouth? We’re in a mouth?!

DOCTOR: Yes, yes, yes, but on the plus side, roomy.

AMY: How do we get out?

DOCTOR: (takes out screwdriver) How big is this beastie? It’s gorgeous! Blimey! if this is just the mouth, I’d love to see the stomach. (hears grunting) Though not right now.

AMY: Doctor, how do we get out?

DOCTOR: OK, it’s being fed through surgically implanted feeder tubes, so the normal entrance is… (sees the sharp teeth of a closed mouth) closed for business.

AMY: We can try, though. (heads forward)

DOCTOR: No! Stop, don’t move! (mouth heaves in agitation) Too late. It’s started.

AMY: What has?

DOCTOR: Swallow reflex.

They slip and fall back into the refuse. The DOCTOR uses the screwdriver on the mouth walls.

AMY: What are you doing?

DOCTOR: I’m vibrating the chemo-receptors.

AMY: Chemo-what?

DOCTOR: The eject button.

AMY: How does a mouth have an eject button?

DOCTOR: Think about it!

They hear the creature growl, and, on their knees, look to see a wave of bile coming towards them.

DOCTOR: Right, then. (straightens tie) This isn’t going to be big on dignity. Geronimo!

Now onto the bad..

  • The whole, very old very last of its kind routine. Yes we know the Doctor is old. Comparing him to a star whale though? I’m just not getting that at all. It just seemed too deus ex machina for me.
  • The” Smilers” really didn’t serve a point other than to make the Queen paranoid due to her younger self creating them. Not a big fan of this pointless “monster”.
  • Moffat’s poem at the end. Really not needed. We could have just had music and seen the crack, aka this season’s arc, that will apparently be solved during the 50th Anniversary, as Moffat has promised this.



Thus till tomorrow.. where visit Winston Churchill and have Daleks, according to the title!

Murders most foul…

Published September 30, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 54

Episodes watched:  49

Today’s Episode:  Unicorn and the Wasp

Writer: Gareth Roberts

I did enjoy the writing on this episode, especially how much the Doctor has wanted to meet Agatha, and lo he does!


The other fun thing about this episode is that you can relate each character, other than the Doctor and Donna to CLUE!

  • Clemency Eddison resembles Mrs Peacock
  • Robina Redmond resembles Miss Scarlet
  • Colonel Hugh Curshiby resembles Colonel Mustard
  • Professor Gerald Peach resembles Professor Plum
  • Miss Chandrakala resembles Miss White
  • Reverend Arnold Golightly resembles Reverend Green

Also note that Lady Eddison, is also CASSANDRA!!! Yup bitchy trampoline!! I didn’t realize that until this evening! Awesomesauce!!

There were so many good lines.. but the poisoning was the best part..

DOCTOR: No. Something’s inhibiting my enzymes. ARGH! (in agony) I’ve been poisoned!

DONNA: What do we do? What do we do?!

She crouches beside the Doctor, trying to find a way to help, while Agatha smells his drink.

AGATHA: Bitter almonds! It’s cyanide! Sparkling cyanide!

The Doctor runs out of the room, stumbling. Donna and Agatha follow him.

They burst into the kitchen. The Doctor staggers to Davenport and grabs him.

DOCTOR: Ginger beer!

DAVENPORT: (offended) I beg your pardon?

DOCTOR: I need ginger beer!

He struggles to the kitchen shelf, sweeping off stuff while he searches for ginger beer.

MRS HART: The gentleman’s gone mad!

The Doctor founds the bottle and drinks of it, then pours the rest on his head.

AGATHA: I’m an expert in poisons, Doctor. There’s no cure! It’s fatal!

He spits out the rest of the drink.

DOCTOR: Not for me! I can stimulate the inhibited enzymes into reversal… Protein! I need protein!

He leans on the worktop, panting in agony, while Donna and Agatha search the kitchen supplies.

DONNA: Walnuts?

DOCTOR: Brilliant!

She hands him a jar of walnuts and he gobbles it down. Mouth full, he can only gesture to Donna, shaking his hand up and down.

DONNA: I can’t understand you! How many words?

He shows up one finger.

DONNA: One! One word!

He keeps shaking his hand while Donna is guessing what he means.

DONNA: Shake, milk shake, milk? Milk? No, not milk? Hm, shake shake shake… Cocktail shaker! What do you want, a Harvey Wallbanger?

He finally manages to swallow the walnuts.

DOCTOR: Harvey Wallbanger?!

DONNA: Well, I don’t know!

DOCTOR: How is Harvey Wallbanger one word?!

AGATHA: What do you need, Doctor?!

DOCTOR: Salt, I was miming salt! Salt! I need something salty!

DONNA: What about this?

She shows him a brown bag.

DOCTOR:What is it?

DONNA: Salt!

DOCTOR: That’s too salty!

Oh, that’s too salty!

Agatha hands him a jar.

AGATHA: What about this?!

He opens the jar and gobbles the contents.

DONNA: What’s that?

AGATHA: Anchovies!

The Doctor gestures again.

camptown races

DONNA: What is it? What else? It’s a song? Mammy? Um, I don’t know, Camptown Races?

DOCTOR: Camptown Races?

DONNA: All right then, Towering Inferno!

DOCTOR: It’s a shock! Look! Shock! I need a shock!

DONNA: Right then. Big shock, coming up!


She grabs him and kisses him. She lets him go, and the Doctor breathes out a cloud of grey smoke. Donna, Agatha and the kitchen staff stare at him, shocked.

DOCTOR: Detox! (he wipes his mouth) I must do that more often!

Donna gives him a nasty look.

DOCTOR:I mean, the, the detox.

AGATHA: (in disbelief) Doctor, you are impossible! Who are you?

I love that kiss because its SO OUT OF CHARACTER for Donna… they are blokes, nothing more. That’s why its so shocking for him for her to do that.

Then when they get down to solving the murders.. I was laughing so hard at Donna… as she was doing exactly what everyone at home was doing.. munching on popcorn whilst watching the drama. Good Olde Donna.  I especially loved her earlier reference to season one, when she mentions that Agatha and Murder are similar to Dickens and Christmas ghosts. Shame the Doctor didn’t correct her there.

Till Tomorrow.. we meet a pivotal character in Moffat’s ‘verse!