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Kids blackmail the Doctor…

Published November 21, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 2 (so near yet so far!)

Episodes watched:  101

Today’s Episode: Nightmare in Silver

Writer: Neil Gaiman

Nightmare poster

This was a meh episode, the ONE thing that saved this episode was Matt Smith’s performance as the Cyberplanner vs. The Doctor. He did such an amazing job going back and forth with the monologues, that I really am sad that he’s leaving Doctor Who soon. He’s really come to own his Doctor with this bit.

On the other hand the kids where horrible, and useless in this episode. I can see where Gaiman did a good job making the Cybermen scary again, it was good writing, but the failure lies in some of the effects just didn’t translate well onto the little screen.

We of course had these moments happen,

nightmare wandering off

Of course the kids are gonna wander off, Doctor. It’s what they do! Did you not learn since those kids in the Widow, Wardrobe, whatever that Christmas Special one?


I felt bad for the Doctor with that one, but I loved his use of the “Golden Ticket” against the Cybermen!

I actually had a nightmare the night before I watched this, back in May, as I had both Ten and Eleven saving me from some unknown threat, I was scared but I didn’t want the dream to end since they where both together.. and worked well together, now I just have to wait two days till…



And this..

Smith and Tennant

Oh hurry up! Till Tommorrow! LAST EPISODE!!


The Sonic still doesn’t do wood

Published November 8, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 15

Episodes watched:  88

Today’s Episode: The Doctor the Widow and the Wardrobe

Writer: Stephen Moffat

poster for episode

Ah we have another prequel

So, the poor Doctor is headed toward earth, he lands in a field, and thus needs help finding the Tardis. Luckily this lovely little lady helps him find one..

Finding the Tardis Christmas epi

The funny thing about that spacesuit is Matt Smith’s hair. Poor guy had to wear his hair like that to keep it contained. That’s how wild it gets..

widow and wardrobe behind the scenes

My favorite part was when he mentioned that the Forest of Cheem fancied him… I loved that little shout out to Nine, and “The End of the World”!

I adored the room montage, especially the announcement of “HAMMOCKS!” and how he just jumped into them..


Also the ending was great, how Mage was like, GO TELL YOUR FRIENDS YOU ARE NOT DEAD!!!

humany wumany

Thus leading him to the Pond’s doorstep..

water pistol

I do not fault Amy for using it on him. 2 years thinking your friend was dead!?? At least River told them the truth.

Till Tomorrow, DALEKS!! SEASON 7!!! NO MORE NETFLIX!! Luckily I have season 7 purchased via Amazon… as I’m not one to wait around for it to be available with captions.

christmas sweaters and cybermen

Sorry I had to include this.. Matt, Karen wearing really bad Christmas sweaters and a Cyberman??

Amy tacks on a few more years of waiting…

Published November 4, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 19

Episodes watched:  84

Today’s Episode: The Girl Who Waited

Writer: Tom MacRae

Ah, another episode with nothing to contribute to the season’s arc…

So, since the Doctor can’t be bothered to pick up a travel guide and read about possible plagues, they go to this planet called Apalapucia, which he assures Amy and Rory, that it has towering spires ect, ect. So Rory and the Doctor go out to explore, whilst Amy runs back to the Tardis to get her phone. The boys are confronted with two buttons, Green Anchor and Red Waterfall. They pick the green one. Amy, picks the Red one.

However they are in a facility that is two time streams. Amy is in a faster one, and Rory and the Doctor are in a slower one.  They learn that Chen7 has hit the planet, and only affects two hearted races, thus the Doctor has to stay in the Tardis.

Whoops... Two times

They use this cool huge magnifying glass to get a lock on Amy, and tell her not to go near the handbots!

two times doctor

So they go to rescue her, 36 years later. Whoops. Amy got old, and at first refused to help, then she decided to help, they rescue the younger Amy, however they both can’t come on board the Tardis due to the MASSIVE paradox it would create. So Rory is given a choice of which Amy, and sadly he picks the younger one, leaving the older one to die.

Gaiman did state that he was planning on doing an episode where time was just a few seconds out, how that would work, then he was informed about this one, and decided to then do an episode about the Tardis, thus the Doctor’s Wife came into existence.

Its funny to think about time, how it can go faster or slower, if you look at a clock or a boiling pot, the difference you feel, how that works.

Well, till tomorrow… a freaky hotel that reminds you of the Shining!

“Ok Kid, This is where it gets complicated”

Published October 24, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 30

Episodes watched:  73

Today’s Episode:  Big Bang

Writer: Stephen Moffat

30 Days left till the 50th Anniversary!  Hurray!

Now Moffat really made a doozy of a finale here. See the title of this blog, as Amy uttered it just before opening credits when it was discovered that she was inside the Pandorica and not the Doctor. Trying to keep up with all the flashbacks and the movements in time really warrant at least two re-watching of this episode to get what is going on..

The best parts where..

The first time we get a mention of “Rule 1”, that is the Doctor lies, and quite frequently at that.

River shooting the Fez, in fact Moffat said that he plans to put the Doctor in a Fez. The production staff apparently looked at him in horror over it, because they know that Matt Smith would milk the fez whenever possible… then Moffat explains how he will take it away from the Doctor right after he gets it! Thus..


River is she is the ONLY PERSON that has ever had a Dalek utter “Mercy” at them. She doesn’t show Daleks mercy…


The realization that Rory is now older than the Doctor, at 1,800 something to the Doctor’s 907ish. The reason for this is that Moffat said, if you think about shooting someone you love, waiting 2,000 years for them seems like the ultimate penance, thus that’s what happened to Rory… he felt so bad about killing Amy.

The Big Bang

The scene in Flesh + Stone finally makes sense now, with the Doctor telling Amy to remember what he said when she was seven. Thus when she’s seven, he brings her inside while she’s waiting and tells her..

The DOCTOR tucks AMELIA into bed and sits down in the chair next to the bed.

DOCTOR: It’s funny. I thought if you could hear me, I could hang on somehow. Silly me. Silly old Doctor. When you wake up, you’ll have a mum and dad… And you won’t even remember me. Well, you’ll remember me a little. I’ll be a story in your head. But that’s OK. We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh? Cos it was, you know. It was the best. A daft old man who stole a magic box and ran away. Did I ever tell you that I stole it? Well, I borrowed it. I was always going to take it back. Oh, that box, Amy. You’ll dream about that box. It’ll never leave you. Big and little at the same time. Brand new and ancient. And the bluest blue ever. And the times we had, eh? Woulda had… Never had. In your dreams, they’ll still be there. The Doctor and Amy Pond. And the days that never came. The cracks are closing. But they can’t close properly until I’m on the other side. I don’t belong here any more. I think I’ll skip the rest of the rewind. I hate repeats. Live well. Love Rory.(kisses her head) Bye bye, Pond. (caresses her hair)

The DOCTOR leaves and the crack closes behind him. AMELIA wakes, looks at the wall then settles back to sleep. Outside her window, the stars shine in the night sky.

Also.. we must remember the Giraffe Dance, as we learn that Eleven cannot Dance.


Matt Smith cannot Dance to save his life.. even with Karen..

Till tomorrow, we join Amy and Rory on their Honeymoon…..

Craig and the Doctor

Published October 22, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 32

Episodes watched:  71

Today’s Episode:  The Lodger

Writer: Gareth Roberts

So, the Doctor gets kicked off the Tardis, and Amy tries to keep the Tardis alive without him. This episode is “Amy lite” as instead we are given James Corden as Craig, a guy  that is very insecure and just likes things the way they are as a companion to the Doctor.

It was kinda a fun one, trying to watch the Doctor try to blend in..

the lodger not expecting this

The best part was also when he was talking to Amy, and Craig only heard weird snatches of garbleness through the walls, before he knew exactly whom the Doctor was.

This episode was also fun for Matt Smith to show off his soccer skills as he nearly became a professional footballer before a spinal injury made him re-think his career. Funnily enough in the episode his jersey number is 11! Eleventh Doctor, eleventh episode of this season, and it’s the first time he’s ever referred to himself as Eleventh after the head bump with Craig.

The Doctor did do a great job in the end, saving the world again from someone trying to create a Tardis, and helps two people realize that they are in love with each other.

Till tomorrow.. River’s BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

So Eleven can’t stand to see children cry..

Published October 13, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 41

Episodes watched:  62

Today’s Episode:  The Beast Below

Writer: Stephen Moffat

So Moffat has his hand in writing his first episode with a poem..

In bed above or deep asleep, while greater love lies further deep.

This dream must end, this world must know.

We all depend on the beast below.

Thus this isn’t one of my favorite episodes. However it does take place in the 29th century, well after the End of the World.

The good:

  • Liz X, the most badass Queen ever. Long may she regin!
  • This conversation.. that had me laughing.. YEAH RIGHT DOCTOR!


DOCTOR: Well, come on. I’ve found us a spaceship. This is the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland. All of it, bolted together and floating in the sky. Starship UK. It’s Britain, but metal. That’s not just a ship, that’s an idea. That’s a whole country, living and laughing and shopping. Searching the stars for a new home.

AMY: Can we go out and see?

DOCTOR: Course we can. But first, there’s a thing.

AMY: A thing?

DOCTOR: An important thing. In fact, Thing One. We are observers only. That’s the one rule I’ve always stuck to in all my travels. I never get involved in the affairs of other peoples or planets.

(Sorry, nearly spat my tea over my keyboard. An image of Mandy waiting by the lifts is on the scanner.) 

DOCTOR: Ooo, that’s interesting.

AMY: So we’re like a wildlife documentary, yeah? Because if they see a wounded little cub or something, they can’t just save it, they’ve got to keep filming and let it die. It’s got to be hard. I don’t think I could do that. Don’t you find that hard, being all, like, detached and cold?

(Amy sees the Doctor on the scanner, speaking to the weeping Mandy.) 

AMY: Doctor?

(He gestures for her to join him.)


  • Also,look at the name of this shop! A tribute to the Idiots Lantern!


  • After the voting.. lordy.. this had me laughing.. the great interaction between Karen and Matt…

AMY: Where are we?

DOCTOR: 600 feet down, 20 miles laterally – puts us at the heart of the ship. I’d say… Lancashire. What’s this, then – a cave? Can’t be a cave. Looks like a cave.

AMY: (stands) It’s a rubbish dump, and it’s minging! (throws a piece of rubbish)

DOCTOR: Yes, but only food refuse. (sniffs) Organic, coming through feeder tubes from all over the ship.

AMY: (gets down on hands and knees) The floor’s all squidgy, like a water bed.

DOCTOR: But feeding what, though?

AMY: It’s sort of rubbery, feel it. Wet and slimy.

The DOCTOR hears a distant moaning and stands. He realizes where they are.

DOCTOR: Er… It’s not a floor, it’s a… (puts screwdriver away) So…

AMY: (stands) It’s a what?

DOCTOR: The next word is kind of the scary word. Take a moment. Get yourself in a calm place. (takes her hands) Go “omm”.

AMY: Omm.

DOCTOR: It’s a tongue.

AMY: A tongue?

DOCTOR: (excited) A tongue. A great big tongue.

AMY: (stunned) This is a mouth? This whole place is a mouth? We’re in a mouth?!

DOCTOR: Yes, yes, yes, but on the plus side, roomy.

AMY: How do we get out?

DOCTOR: (takes out screwdriver) How big is this beastie? It’s gorgeous! Blimey! if this is just the mouth, I’d love to see the stomach. (hears grunting) Though not right now.

AMY: Doctor, how do we get out?

DOCTOR: OK, it’s being fed through surgically implanted feeder tubes, so the normal entrance is… (sees the sharp teeth of a closed mouth) closed for business.

AMY: We can try, though. (heads forward)

DOCTOR: No! Stop, don’t move! (mouth heaves in agitation) Too late. It’s started.

AMY: What has?

DOCTOR: Swallow reflex.

They slip and fall back into the refuse. The DOCTOR uses the screwdriver on the mouth walls.

AMY: What are you doing?

DOCTOR: I’m vibrating the chemo-receptors.

AMY: Chemo-what?

DOCTOR: The eject button.

AMY: How does a mouth have an eject button?

DOCTOR: Think about it!

They hear the creature growl, and, on their knees, look to see a wave of bile coming towards them.

DOCTOR: Right, then. (straightens tie) This isn’t going to be big on dignity. Geronimo!

Now onto the bad..

  • The whole, very old very last of its kind routine. Yes we know the Doctor is old. Comparing him to a star whale though? I’m just not getting that at all. It just seemed too deus ex machina for me.
  • The” Smilers” really didn’t serve a point other than to make the Queen paranoid due to her younger self creating them. Not a big fan of this pointless “monster”.
  • Moffat’s poem at the end. Really not needed. We could have just had music and seen the crack, aka this season’s arc, that will apparently be solved during the 50th Anniversary, as Moffat has promised this.



Thus till tomorrow.. where visit Winston Churchill and have Daleks, according to the title!