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The Hunt for the Ice Warrior

Published November 17, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 6

Episodes watched:  97

Today’s Episode: Cold War

Writer: Mark Gatiss

Cold War Poster

When determining who was gonna write this episode, I have this scenario in my head, with Moffat, Gatiss and Gaiman sitting around a table in a café.

Moffat: So Gaiman, I want you to make the Cybermen scary again. Can you do that? They are such a classic monster, and they just thud around. They need to be refreshed.

Gaiman: Sure, I’m pretty sure I can come up with something, as they made me make pools off wee behind a sofa as a kid.

Moffat: Now Gatiss..

Gatiss: What? I’m not doing another historical. I did mine already with “The Unquiet Dead”. You remember that episode right? Also “Victory of the Daleks” can be considered a historical too, and I already gave you my rough draft of Crimson Horror. Can I have a classic monster too?

Moffat: Which one? What was that one that looked like a plant with lips like well.. you know?

Gatiss: You mean the Vervoids? No. What about the Ice Warriors?

Moffat: What about them? They were kinda like the Cybermen.

Gatiss: I wanna re-do them too. If Gaiman gets the Cybermen, I want the Ice Warriors. We have the technology now to make them pop out at you. Perhaps we shall see what they look like under that suit they wear?

Moffat: FINE. How man episodes are you doing this season anyway? I’m already planning on opening with the Daleks, so we can’t shove in too many classic monsters at once. I mean we just brought back the Great Intelligence at Christmas.

Gatiss: Just Crimson Horror. I wasn’t part of the first half of season 7, and I’ve been super busy filming the OTHER Doctor Who Special, An Adventure Through Time and Space. Or you have you forgotten that your special is the only one? Also don’t forget I’ve been helping you out with Sherlock too.

Moffat: Fine you win, do the Ice Warriors. Make them scary.. like Gaiman just said, I want the kids hiding behind the sofa and making pools of wee!!!

Well if not that, something similar to that.. I hope had occurred. Here is what a Vervoid looks like..


I did like this episode at some points, others where a bit meh. I mean the Doctor and Clara were supposed to go to Vegas, as the Doctor is sporting those Elvis sunglasses that I bought for my ex when I was there. Silly Tardis decides to just drop them off there it seems, then runs to the South Pole to await for them to finish adventuring.

The good parts, pretty much the professor. It was awesome to see the Onion Knight too for you Game of Thrones fans. I loved this bit..

CLARA: What was that?

PROFESSOR: The Doctor told you, it’s just the boat settling. Tell me about yourself. What do you like doing? Clara?

CLARA hears some metallic rattling and looks around.


(distracted) Stuff. You know, stuff.

PROFESSOR: “Stuff”? Very enlightening. And the Doctor, what he said, is it true? You’re… from another time… from our future? Clara?


PROFESSOR: (stands) Tell me what happens.

CLARA: I can’t.

PROFESSOR: Well, I need to know.

CLARA: I’m not allowed.

PROFESSOR: No, please.

CLARA: I can’t!

PROFESSOR: Ultravox, do they split up?

CLARA: (laughs) Funny. You’re funny!

After seeing this episode I was curious to know if Ultravox did split up. The professor would be delighted to know they are still together and touring, although the members have changed and they did break up for a bit.

Now another great thing about this episode.. is you recall these lines from Forest of the Dead??

DOCTOR There’s a signal coming from somewhere interfering with it.

RIVER Use the red settings.

DOCTOR It doesn’t have a red setting.

RIVER Well, use the dampers.

DOCTOR It doesn’t have dampers.

RIVER It will do one day.

Lo, Eleven goes around after it being green and suddenly we see this…

red setting

Wow. We finally see the red settings on the sonic! Hurray!!

The bad.. well one can argue that using the 1980s era of the Cold War and the Mutally Assured destruction is not a good time. It was more assured back in the 70s, than early 80s. However I can see why Gatiss wanted to use “Hungry Like the Wolf”, thus it had to be in the 80s, as there are very few tunes that are recognizable from the 70s that people do for Karoke at Hen Night.

Any, till tomorrow, apperntly we have a Haunted House? Hmmmmm


Why 10 Needs Someone..

Published October 9, 2013 by joscasta

This is Why 10 needs a Companion…

Days left till the 50th: 45

Episodes watched:  58

Today’s Episode:  Waters of Mars

Writer: Russell T. Davies

So, the Doctor shows up on Mars…  right as humans begin exploring it. They find him and they ask him..

Doctor doctor fun

Then he realizes where he is, and the date… and tries to leave, as it’s a fixed point.

waters of mars

Turns out that this  “fixed point” in time,  the Captain explodes the space station for some unknown reason on the very date he landed. He knows EVERYONE on the space station because they are famous, and tries to leave, but they wouldn’t allow him to.

At this point, we find out the creature of the episode wants to invade the Earth and spread its virus everywhere, also that it spreads via water. Kinda scary looking, and was debated if this episode was appropriate for children.


Eventually the Doctor has this conversation.. quite interesting, as the Ice Warriors were mentioned, and fixed points, and Daleks!

DOCTOR: They tell legends of Mars, from long ago of a fine and noble race who built an empire out of snow. The Ice Warriors.

ADELAIDE: I haven’t got time for stories.

DOCTOR: Perhaps they found something down there. Used their might and their wisdom to freeze it.

ADELAIDE: (heads to computer) Doctor! We need to find any sort of change in the water process. We’ve got to date the infection.

The DOCTOR tries to access the computer while ADELAIDE works another monitor.

COMPUTER:Access denied.

ADELAIDE:You don’t look like a coward, but all you’ve wanted to do is leave. You know so much about us.

DOCTOR:Well, you’re famous.

ADELAIDE:It’s like you know more.

DOCTOR:This moment, this precise moment in time, it’s like… I mean, it’s only a theory. What do I know? But I think certain moments in time are fixed. Tiny, precious moments. Everything else is in flux, anything can happen, but those certain moments, they have to stand. This base, on Mars, with you, Adelaide Brooke, this is one vital moment. What happens here must always happen.

ADELAIDE:Which is what?

DOCTOR:I don’t know. I think something wonderful happens, something that started 50 years ago, isn’t that right?

ADELAIDE:I’ve never told anyone that.

DOCTOR:You told your daughter. And maybe, one day, she tells the story to her daughter of the day the Earth was stolen and moved across the universe. And you…

ADELAIDE:I saw the Daleks. We looked up, the sky had changed. Everyone was running and screaming. And my father took hold of me…


YOUNG ADELAIDE is wearing pajamas as she and her FATHER enter the attic room.

FATHER: Stay here! Don’t move. (puts hands on her shoulders and they kneel) I’ve got to go out. I’m gonna find your mother, but I’m coming back, I promise you. I’m coming back. (kisses her on the forehead and leaves) 

ADELAIDE: (v.o.) I never saw him again.


ADELAIDE:Nor my mother. They were never found. But out on the streets, there was panic and burning. I went to the window.



YOUNG ADELAIDE walks to the attic skylight and looks up.

ADELAIDE: (v.o.) And there in the sky… (a Dalek hovers outside) I saw it, Doctor. And it saw me. It stared at me. It looked right into me. And then… (Dalek leaves)


ADELAIDE:It simply went away. I knew, that night, I knew I would follow it.

DOCTOR: But not for revenge.

ADELAIDE: What would be the point of that?

DOCTOR: (smiles) That’s what makes you remarkable. And that’s how you create history.

What do you mean?

DOCTOR: Imagine it, Adelaide. If you began a journey that takes the human race all the way out to the stars. It begins with you. And then your granddaughter, you inspire her so that in 30 years, Susie Fontana Brooke is the pilot of the first light-speed ship to Proxima Centauri. (flash to Susie’s article) And then everywhere. With her children, and her children’s children forging the way to the Dragon Star, the Celestial Belt of the Winter Queen, the Map of the Water Snake Wormholes. One day a Brooke will fall in love with a Tandonian prince, and that’s the start of a whole new species. But everything starts with you, Adelaide. From 50 years ago, to right here, today. Imagine.

ADELAIDE: Who are you? Why are you telling me this? Doctor, why tell me?

DOCTOR: As consolation.

At this point, they discover that no one else has been infected, so they are safe to take off in the rocket should they choose to do so, and the Doctor is free to head back, once he explains to Adelaide that she dies today.

However, as he is walking away, and water is flooding everywhere.. he makes the decision to head back and FIGHT! Not just the flood, but time, and Adelaide!


He then manages to get the Tardis using this stupid robot to pilot it and maneuver it so it takes everyone back to earth. When the Captian questions him..

time lord victorious

She realizes that she needs to die, so she goes home and commits suicide.  Once he realizes that’s what happened that he really needs a companion like DONNA at that point to pull him back as he just…


Thus.. he sees  OOD sigma.. calling to him.. reminding him that his song is ending..


Till Tomorrow.. Part I of the end of Ten.