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Doctor? Doctor Who?

Published November 22, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 1 (AH YISSS TOMORROW!)

Episodes watched:  102

Today’s Episode: Name of the Doctor

Writer: Stephen Moffat

Name Poster

So, last night I was out at a bar with a dear friend. He got a text from a mutual friend who watched Journey’s End. She is new to Who, and asked “So, What is the Doctor’s Name?” . We decided to troll her and say.. you’ll find out at the end of Season 7!

I don’t feel comfortable blogging too much about this episode, as there is so much going on. I will state I do love Moffat’s prequels…

And this one too..

What was it what was said about that place? Oh yeah..

“On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the eleventh, when no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, a Question will be asked, a question that must never, ever be answered.”

Ohhh right. Well that was Season 6. I do hate spoilers but, I do love these little parts that don’t give away the ending..





Name of the DOc

Of course we have this..  to end it..





The Hunt for the Ice Warrior

Published November 17, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 6

Episodes watched:  97

Today’s Episode: Cold War

Writer: Mark Gatiss

Cold War Poster

When determining who was gonna write this episode, I have this scenario in my head, with Moffat, Gatiss and Gaiman sitting around a table in a café.

Moffat: So Gaiman, I want you to make the Cybermen scary again. Can you do that? They are such a classic monster, and they just thud around. They need to be refreshed.

Gaiman: Sure, I’m pretty sure I can come up with something, as they made me make pools off wee behind a sofa as a kid.

Moffat: Now Gatiss..

Gatiss: What? I’m not doing another historical. I did mine already with “The Unquiet Dead”. You remember that episode right? Also “Victory of the Daleks” can be considered a historical too, and I already gave you my rough draft of Crimson Horror. Can I have a classic monster too?

Moffat: Which one? What was that one that looked like a plant with lips like well.. you know?

Gatiss: You mean the Vervoids? No. What about the Ice Warriors?

Moffat: What about them? They were kinda like the Cybermen.

Gatiss: I wanna re-do them too. If Gaiman gets the Cybermen, I want the Ice Warriors. We have the technology now to make them pop out at you. Perhaps we shall see what they look like under that suit they wear?

Moffat: FINE. How man episodes are you doing this season anyway? I’m already planning on opening with the Daleks, so we can’t shove in too many classic monsters at once. I mean we just brought back the Great Intelligence at Christmas.

Gatiss: Just Crimson Horror. I wasn’t part of the first half of season 7, and I’ve been super busy filming the OTHER Doctor Who Special, An Adventure Through Time and Space. Or you have you forgotten that your special is the only one? Also don’t forget I’ve been helping you out with Sherlock too.

Moffat: Fine you win, do the Ice Warriors. Make them scary.. like Gaiman just said, I want the kids hiding behind the sofa and making pools of wee!!!

Well if not that, something similar to that.. I hope had occurred. Here is what a Vervoid looks like..


I did like this episode at some points, others where a bit meh. I mean the Doctor and Clara were supposed to go to Vegas, as the Doctor is sporting those Elvis sunglasses that I bought for my ex when I was there. Silly Tardis decides to just drop them off there it seems, then runs to the South Pole to await for them to finish adventuring.

The good parts, pretty much the professor. It was awesome to see the Onion Knight too for you Game of Thrones fans. I loved this bit..

CLARA: What was that?

PROFESSOR: The Doctor told you, it’s just the boat settling. Tell me about yourself. What do you like doing? Clara?

CLARA hears some metallic rattling and looks around.


(distracted) Stuff. You know, stuff.

PROFESSOR: “Stuff”? Very enlightening. And the Doctor, what he said, is it true? You’re… from another time… from our future? Clara?


PROFESSOR: (stands) Tell me what happens.

CLARA: I can’t.

PROFESSOR: Well, I need to know.

CLARA: I’m not allowed.

PROFESSOR: No, please.

CLARA: I can’t!

PROFESSOR: Ultravox, do they split up?

CLARA: (laughs) Funny. You’re funny!

After seeing this episode I was curious to know if Ultravox did split up. The professor would be delighted to know they are still together and touring, although the members have changed and they did break up for a bit.

Now another great thing about this episode.. is you recall these lines from Forest of the Dead??

DOCTOR There’s a signal coming from somewhere interfering with it.

RIVER Use the red settings.

DOCTOR It doesn’t have a red setting.

RIVER Well, use the dampers.

DOCTOR It doesn’t have dampers.

RIVER It will do one day.

Lo, Eleven goes around after it being green and suddenly we see this…

red setting

Wow. We finally see the red settings on the sonic! Hurray!!

The bad.. well one can argue that using the 1980s era of the Cold War and the Mutally Assured destruction is not a good time. It was more assured back in the 70s, than early 80s. However I can see why Gatiss wanted to use “Hungry Like the Wolf”, thus it had to be in the 80s, as there are very few tunes that are recognizable from the 70s that people do for Karoke at Hen Night.

Any, till tomorrow, apperntly we have a Haunted House? Hmmmmm

One flew over the Dalek’s Nest

Published November 9, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 14 (TWO WEEKS!)

Episodes watched:  89

Today’s Episode: Asylum of the Daleks

Writer: Stephen Moffat

Welcome to Season 7! Just TWO WEEKS TO GO!!

I have tons to talk about… as we begin this season.

First off is Story Arcs..

1.)    Season  1 – BAD WOLF

2.)    Season 2  – Torchwood

3.)    Season 3 –  Saxon

4.)    Season 4 – Missing Planets

5.)    Season 5 – Cracks in Universe

6.)    Season 6 – Who killed the Doctor/How the heck will he get out of his death from a fixed point?

7.)    Season 7 – Who is Clara Oswin Oswald?

Now, this season’s arc really isn’t clear until the Snowmen.  Thus we have to finish our adventures with the Ponds to move on, as there are NO two part episodes at all this season. Speaking of the Ponds, here’s one of the pre-quels called “Pond Life” that shows their lives at home when they are not traveling with the Doctor..

So, the Ponds aren’t doing that well apparently. I’m sad that Amy is sad. This is not good. Luckily we have an adventure coming up!

Aslyum Poster

There is a  prequel explains why the Doctor went to Skaro in the first place. I was confused for a moment, because I thought it had been time-locked in the time war. Apparently it was already a wasteland.. thus no need to lock it. I was surprised at how well they managed to merge the Daleks with humans.. I had no idea that the Daleks could do that. It was also good to see that his death has become common knowledge thought the universe. Sadly this was a trap.. and the poor Doctor got kidnapped.

Then we see Amy getting photographed. You recall back in the episode “Closing Time” this picture?


Well apparently Amy has become a model.  Which isn’t too far from Karen’s gigs since she left our dear Doctor, kinda sad eh? So due to the info in Pond Life, for some reason, Amy kicked Rory out and Rory is there getting the Divorce papers signed. Right after though, Amy gets kidnapped by her make-up artist, which boggles my mind. Then Rory gets kidnapped by the bus driver which boggles my mind even more.

They both wake up in a white room, and the Doctor enters…

11 out of 10


Look at these spiffiy credits, each of the first 5 episodes of this season has this.. ohhh looks like a DALEK!

dalek in name

Thus we begin with learning about this girl and its her mum’s birthday and she likes baking soufflés, and the one she made was too beautiful to live..


I adore that bop at the end, she just can’t help but show her trash can some love. We also learn that she crashed and was a Jr. Entertainment Manager on the star ship Alaska. Now my problem with this, is if she is human, then this episode must be in the future, as she identifies herself as human, thus the Daleks have the ability now to travel throughout time? Just thought I’d point that out.

Then we head back to the parliament.. and Amy gives this great monologue..

Dalek Aslyum

Lo, the first line of the Daleks is a WTF line.. “SAVE US!”. He finds out there is a problem with the Asylum planet that the Daleks have.  That they send the ones that go insane, or refuse to fall in line with the Dalek philosophy. They hear “Carmen” coming from the planet, and the Doctor decides to fold back the signal, thus giving us perspective on this soufflé girl, as the Doctor asks how she’s been fighting the Daleks..

against the daleks

Then it is determined that the Doctor, Amy and Rory will get be fired at the planet. This is his reaction..

fire at planet

fire 2




fair to daleks


Sadly, the firing goes bad, and everyone gets separated. Amy and the Doctor end up on the surface, where we learn that soufflé girl’s name is Oswin. They end up on Alaska, and realize that everything living or dead gets turned into a Dalek due to the nanocloud. We first heard of the nanogenes back in Moffat’s first outing with Who in the Doctor Dances. Remember that? Well, luckily the Doctor, Amy and Rory are wearing bracelets to protect them. However dead humans that have been converted into Daleks steal Amy’s bracelet! Oh no! Luckily Amy and the Doctor escape down a hatch into the Aslyum.

Now we are back to Rory.. and a Dalek begins to wake up and says.. “eggs”. So Rory thinks it’s asking about the round balls on the base. Uh no.. as it begins to add “term”… then “iate”.. and fires! Luckily at that moment, Oswin comes up on the speakers and lo, she gives instructions on how to get out of there. Then she has no shame but begins to flirt with Rory calling him Nina. So funny.

Amy and the Doctor are climing down the ladder and the Doctor explains how the nanocloud is changing Amy, and it has begun since she has asked him to repeat the info 4 times already. He calls for Oswin, and she informs him she has Nina, I mean Rory and will get them together. Sadly Amy sees people dancing, and decides she wants to join them. The Doctor manages to wake her up, and telling her what she is seeing are Daleks, and one decides to join them in the corridor they have been hiding out in. Sadly that Dalek’s gun is broken. So the Doctor decides to activate the self destruct, and send it in reverse to destroy all the Daleks in the room.

They manage to catch up with Rory..


Apparently Karen is heavy according to Matt Smith.. and that was a hard scene for him to pull off.

DOCTOR: Amy, you’re still with us. (strokes her head)

RORY: Amy, it’s me, do you remember me? (she slaps him) She remembers me.

DOCTOR: (smiles) Same old Amy. (stands)

make a dalek
Well! Somebody’s never been to Scotland.

Then the Doctor holds a pow wow with Oswin, and Ponds listing the tasks:

DOCTOR:In no particular order, we need to neutralize all the Daleks in this asylum, rescue Oswin from the wreckage, escape from this planet, and fix Rory and Amy’s marriage…

Which Amy sees THREE lost causes.. they realize that the room that Doctor, Amy and Rory are in is a teleport, so the Doctor decides to get it up and running again. Oswin demands that the Doctor heads her way.  After much reluctance he realizes he has to, otherwise she won’t drop the force field that is surrounding the planet, and after the forcefield is dropped the Daleks will destroy the planet.  So they will survive a bit longer.. well 4 seconds according to Rory.

And off the Doctor goes to rescue Clara!

Meanwhile… Amy and Rory get down and deep about their marriage…

RORY: (stops pacing) OK. Look at me. (AMY turns around) I’m going to be logical. Cold and logical, OK? (walks towards her) For both of our sakes, for both of us, I’m going to take this off my wrist and put it on yours. (starts to unfasten wristband)

AMY: Why? It’ll just start converting you, that’s not better.

RORY: Yeah. But it buys time. Because it’ll take longer with me.

AMY: Sorry, what?!

RORY: It subtracts love. That’s what she said.

AMY: What’s that got to do with it? What does that even mean?!

RORY: It’s just arithmetic. It’ll take longer with me, because we both know, we’ve both always known… (bends over to be face-to-face) Amy, basic fact of our relationship is that I love you more than you love me. Which, today, is good news, because it might just save both of our lives.

AMY: How can you say that?

RORY: (straightens) 2,000 years, waiting for you, outside a box. Saying it because it’s true, and since you know it’s true, give me your arm… Amy!

AMY slaps RORY in the face.

AMY: Don’t you dare say that to me. Don’t you ever dare!

RORY:  Amy, you kicked me out!

AMY: (tearful) You want kids! You have always wanted kids, ever since you WERE a kid! And I can’t have them. (sniffles and turns away)

RORY: I know.

AMY:(tearfully) Whatever they did to me at Demons Run, I can’t ever give you children. I didn’t kick you out. I gave you up.

RORY: Amy… I don’t…

AMY: Don’t you dare talk to me about waiting outside a box, because that is nothing, Rory, (stands) nothing… compared to giving you up!

RORY: Just give me your arm, let me put this on you.

AMY: (puts her arm behind her back) No get off me!

RORY: Just give me your arm!


They stop, realizing something his different. RORY removes his hand from AMY’S wrist to show a band on her arm.

RORY: It’s the Doctor’s. When you were asleep, he must’ve…

AMY: Time Lord. What’s the betting he doesn’t even need it?

AHHH… so that’s why she kicked him out. It makes sense, but it just kinda upsets me that she never discussed this with him after finding out? Instead she just kicked him out with no explanation? Oy. At least they are on better terms now.

So as the Doctor gets close to Oswin, she mentions intensive care that he has to pass through. All of the Daleks are survivors of encounters with the Doctor on planets such as Spiridon (TVPlanet of the Daleks), Kembel (TVThe Daleks’ Master Plan), Aridius (TVThe Chase),Vulcan (TVThe Power of the Daleks), and Exxilon. (TVDeath to the Daleks) This confirms that some version of these stories has happened in the current timeline, as well as the Fourth Doctor‘s trip to Skaro and Big Bang Two. (TVGenesis of the DaleksThe Big Bang).

Also take note that the Daleks themselves are borrowed, and are all from different points in the show’s history, both those in the parliament and in this intensive care scene..the production team begged and borrowed any Dalek they could find, thus leading to so many different Daleks in these scenes.

The Doctor manages to wake up the Daleks, and hangs out right outside the Door that leads to Oswin. She can’t figure out how to get the door open, so she deletes all info about the Doctor from the database all Daleks share. Thus they stop trying to kill him.

She opens the door, and we are treated to the BIGGEST PLOT TWIST.

We see Oswin as a girl in a room. Turns out that room is in her mind and that she is has been converted into a DALEK.

Clara as a Dalek

My jaw hit the floor with this revelation when I saw this the first time.. WTF MOFFAT!!! OMG!!! He managed to keep this twist under wraps, and that Jenna Louise was even IN the episode, as she wasn’t scheduled to begin this role until the Christmas Special. He showed this episode to people and swore them to not tell another soul, thus keeping this off the interwebs.

Oswin of course doesn’t believe she is a Dalek, then slowly it comes back to her..

im not a dalek

The nanocloud got to her, and since she is so smart, they did a full conversion to her, rather than making her into a human puppet. She then asks why the Daleks hate the Doctor, and he explains how often he has fought them, and so she decides to tell him to RUN…


One thing I need to point out here is that chair.. Remember it? Yes? No? Well look at it again..

Aslyum chair

And look at this one..

daughter's chair

BBC props department… saving money again!!!

Anyway… the Doctor manages to get back to the teleport room as Oswin drops the shields, thus making everything explodey-woodey, and Amy and Rory are taking a nice long facesmash, thus forcing the Doctor to activate the teleport!

He’s so good at teleporting, he teleports them back onto the Tardis. The Daleks have no idea who he is.. and thus we are left with the final line..


Till tomorrow..  Dinosaurs on a Spaceship? WTF?

Look! A Dalek Rainbow!

Published October 14, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 40

Episodes watched:  63

Today’s Episode:  Victory of the Daleks

Writer: Mark Gatiss


This episode had a ton of firsts. The first time we see that boring Amy Pond era intro. The first time we hear the words “Come Along Pond”. The first time we see a Jammie Dodger, which was a smart way to say..”I’ve got a button that will explode the Tardis!”

Jammie Dodger

Now really stupid fans, think that this episode occurred the same time as Empty Child and the Doctor Dances. I have to say… *face palm* that the blitz was over a period of 37 weeks, so there is no way that Nine and Eleven would have met.

Speaking of meeting.. the Doctor finds it a bit odd that Amy knows nothing of the Daleks and the entire RTD era, planets in the sky, the battle of canary wharf, none of that stuff.

Speaking of Amy, they actually had to do a rebuld of the Daleks, since the actress whom plays her is tall, and she had to look eye to eye with it. Billie Pieper is only 5’5” and Karen is 5’11”! (Jenna wins as the shortest companion, at only 5’2”, she’s had to do tons of her acting standing on a block since Matt is as tall as Karen)

Other fun facts.. each color of the new rainbow Daleks had a purpose.   Supreme Daleks were white, the Eternal Dalek was yellow, Strategist Daleks were blue, Scientist Daleks were orange, while Drone Daleks were red. I can see why they did this.. but do we need a Dalek rainbow? No. We do not need one..

Dalek Rainbow

Now, I do think that the Doctor did make the right choice by saving the earth, but the Daleks won. He knows he will have to deal with them again.. but that is another problem for another day.

Till Tomorrow.. we shall meet and olde friend! 🙂

Why 10 Needs Someone..

Published October 9, 2013 by joscasta

This is Why 10 needs a Companion…

Days left till the 50th: 45

Episodes watched:  58

Today’s Episode:  Waters of Mars

Writer: Russell T. Davies

So, the Doctor shows up on Mars…  right as humans begin exploring it. They find him and they ask him..

Doctor doctor fun

Then he realizes where he is, and the date… and tries to leave, as it’s a fixed point.

waters of mars

Turns out that this  “fixed point” in time,  the Captain explodes the space station for some unknown reason on the very date he landed. He knows EVERYONE on the space station because they are famous, and tries to leave, but they wouldn’t allow him to.

At this point, we find out the creature of the episode wants to invade the Earth and spread its virus everywhere, also that it spreads via water. Kinda scary looking, and was debated if this episode was appropriate for children.


Eventually the Doctor has this conversation.. quite interesting, as the Ice Warriors were mentioned, and fixed points, and Daleks!

DOCTOR: They tell legends of Mars, from long ago of a fine and noble race who built an empire out of snow. The Ice Warriors.

ADELAIDE: I haven’t got time for stories.

DOCTOR: Perhaps they found something down there. Used their might and their wisdom to freeze it.

ADELAIDE: (heads to computer) Doctor! We need to find any sort of change in the water process. We’ve got to date the infection.

The DOCTOR tries to access the computer while ADELAIDE works another monitor.

COMPUTER:Access denied.

ADELAIDE:You don’t look like a coward, but all you’ve wanted to do is leave. You know so much about us.

DOCTOR:Well, you’re famous.

ADELAIDE:It’s like you know more.

DOCTOR:This moment, this precise moment in time, it’s like… I mean, it’s only a theory. What do I know? But I think certain moments in time are fixed. Tiny, precious moments. Everything else is in flux, anything can happen, but those certain moments, they have to stand. This base, on Mars, with you, Adelaide Brooke, this is one vital moment. What happens here must always happen.

ADELAIDE:Which is what?

DOCTOR:I don’t know. I think something wonderful happens, something that started 50 years ago, isn’t that right?

ADELAIDE:I’ve never told anyone that.

DOCTOR:You told your daughter. And maybe, one day, she tells the story to her daughter of the day the Earth was stolen and moved across the universe. And you…

ADELAIDE:I saw the Daleks. We looked up, the sky had changed. Everyone was running and screaming. And my father took hold of me…


YOUNG ADELAIDE is wearing pajamas as she and her FATHER enter the attic room.

FATHER: Stay here! Don’t move. (puts hands on her shoulders and they kneel) I’ve got to go out. I’m gonna find your mother, but I’m coming back, I promise you. I’m coming back. (kisses her on the forehead and leaves) 

ADELAIDE: (v.o.) I never saw him again.


ADELAIDE:Nor my mother. They were never found. But out on the streets, there was panic and burning. I went to the window.



YOUNG ADELAIDE walks to the attic skylight and looks up.

ADELAIDE: (v.o.) And there in the sky… (a Dalek hovers outside) I saw it, Doctor. And it saw me. It stared at me. It looked right into me. And then… (Dalek leaves)


ADELAIDE:It simply went away. I knew, that night, I knew I would follow it.

DOCTOR: But not for revenge.

ADELAIDE: What would be the point of that?

DOCTOR: (smiles) That’s what makes you remarkable. And that’s how you create history.

What do you mean?

DOCTOR: Imagine it, Adelaide. If you began a journey that takes the human race all the way out to the stars. It begins with you. And then your granddaughter, you inspire her so that in 30 years, Susie Fontana Brooke is the pilot of the first light-speed ship to Proxima Centauri. (flash to Susie’s article) And then everywhere. With her children, and her children’s children forging the way to the Dragon Star, the Celestial Belt of the Winter Queen, the Map of the Water Snake Wormholes. One day a Brooke will fall in love with a Tandonian prince, and that’s the start of a whole new species. But everything starts with you, Adelaide. From 50 years ago, to right here, today. Imagine.

ADELAIDE: Who are you? Why are you telling me this? Doctor, why tell me?

DOCTOR: As consolation.

At this point, they discover that no one else has been infected, so they are safe to take off in the rocket should they choose to do so, and the Doctor is free to head back, once he explains to Adelaide that she dies today.

However, as he is walking away, and water is flooding everywhere.. he makes the decision to head back and FIGHT! Not just the flood, but time, and Adelaide!


He then manages to get the Tardis using this stupid robot to pilot it and maneuver it so it takes everyone back to earth. When the Captian questions him..

time lord victorious

She realizes that she needs to die, so she goes home and commits suicide.  Once he realizes that’s what happened that he really needs a companion like DONNA at that point to pull him back as he just…


Thus.. he sees  OOD sigma.. calling to him.. reminding him that his song is ending..


Till Tomorrow.. Part I of the end of Ten.

RTD Gets The Gang Together Part II

Published October 6, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 48

Episodes watched:  55

Today’s Episode:  Journey’s End

Writer: Russell T. Davies

This is the Official FINAL episode of Season 4! We were left with a cliffhanger, as 10 just decided to put all of his spare regeneration energy into his spare hand. Handy hand eh? The Doctor is still at 10! Martha goes to Germany, Torchwood gets timelocked and thus Ianto and Gwen are stuck underground, Jackie and Mikey kill the Dalek that was about to kill Sarah Jane! All neatly resolved.

Then the Daleks kidnap the Tardis with Rose, Donna, Jack and the Doctor inside, and transports it to the Crucible, aka the BIG Dalek ship.  The Doctor asks Rose what she had been up to.. so she offers up this explanation that makes the Doctor very happy..

Journey's End Rose

Sarah Jane, Mikey, and Jackie see the Tardis get stolen so they get themselves arrested to get onboard the Crucible too. Martha then meets some lady and speaks some German to get into this underground base to use this key she has, and is just hanging out there.

The Daleks demand the Doctor to leave the Tardis, so he Jack, and Rose get out of the Tardis. Donna gets attracted to the hand, and suddenly the Tardis doors slam shut and the Daleks toss the Tardis into the engine. OH NO!!!!!

However since Donna touched the Handy Spare Hand.. it turned into a….

Naked Ten

Timelord/Human biological metacrisis. Donna was just like.. OMG YOU’RE NAKED!!! So the metacrisis replies…

oh yes

Thus the Tardis was saved! However no one else is aware of this other than Donna and the crisis.. aka 10.5!

Ten is furious, and Jack shoots at the Daleks! Of course the Daleks then “kill” Jack. 10 and Rose are then escorted down to the “vault” to hang with Davros and Dalek Caan. Jack then escapes!

The Daleks then activate what is called the “Reality Bomb” which is a bomb using the 27 planet’s energy to turn atoms into nothingness, thus destroying all reality, and the Daleks will be the only living thing in existence!

At this point everyone realizes what is happening so the threats begin pouring in. Martha goes first with her Key thing… that has a bunch of warheads pointed to the Earth’s core, thus destroying the earth. Then Mikey, Jack, Jackie and Sarah Jane pipe in about their “Warp Star” that can destroy the crucible.

Warp star

However Davros gains the upper hand by teleporting everyone into the Vault! Drat! So the “Children of Time” assembled!  The Daleks then waste no time resting the countdown of the bomb!

Then out of the blue… we hear the familiar Tardis WOOOOSSSSSSHHHHHHH!!! Its 10.5! With some gun he made to kill Davros! Davros is too fast and shocks him! Then out comes Donna! She gets the gun but has no idea what to do! Then Davros shocks her!

The countdown clock on the reality bomb continues to tick down.. 3,2,1.. and STOP!  WHAT???

It’s the DoctorDonna! She stopped the bomb! Davros gave her a little kick in the synapse to get the Timelord part working! She and 10 and 10.5 then decide to stop the Daleks by having them spin… and then they begin sending the planets home… well all of them except one… because Davros wouldn’t let them get away with it!

So what is that last planet? Why the earth of course?! So the Doctor runs to the Tardis to get the mainframe working again, while 10.5 is working on maintaining earth’s atmosphereic shell. Dalek Caan, then mentions to 10.5 that the Daleks will still be dangerous if they just leave them there. So 10.5 kills all the Daleks!

The Doctor is uber pissed at 10.5 and orders everyone on to the Tardis. They then work with Torchwood, by using the rift as a tow rope, and Mr. Smith (Sarah Jane’s computer) as the anchor, and then everyone on the Tardis then works as pilots to tow the earth home. Just look how happy he and Rose are when they realize they met Gwen’s “ancestor”!

journey's end smiling

That whole scene there is just heartwarming, seeing the Doctor smile and be so happy, hanging out with all his friends! What is also fun is that everyone ships Rose and the Doctor… everyone is happy to see them back together!

Then of course he has to take them home. Sarah Jane goes first since she has her son, then Jack and Martha leave with Mikey in tow.

Then the Doctor lands in the saddest place for Rose ever, back to her parallel universe. She is really not happy to be there, as she worked so hard to get back to her Doctor.

The Doctor then explains that 10.5 is staying with her, as he is human and has only one heart, but has all the Doctor’s memories.. ect.. ect..   then this ever important deleted scene occurs..

Then Rose asks them both the question… “What was the end to the sentence that you were going to stay to me before?”  and lo.. only 10.5 could answer..

da kiss

Thus ends the saga of Rose Tyler, as she is then left behind again.

So, Donna and the Doctor in the Tardis? Sadly no. The timelord part of her brain overwhelms her and he has no choice but to erase all memories of their adventures.  So he takes her home, and explains to Wilf and Sylvia her mum, that she can’t remember anything or she’ll die.

Thus he leaves them.. and Wilf gives him this amazing send off…

WILF: Oh, Doctor… What about you now? Who’ve you got? I mean, all those friends of yours…

DOCTOR: They’ve all got someone else. Still, that’s fine. I’m fine.

But he looks everything but fine as he stands in the pouring rain.

WILF: I’ll watch out for you, sir.

DOCTOR: (with emphasis) You can’t ever tell her!

WILF: No, no, no. But every night, Doctor, when it gets dark, and the stars come out, I’ll look up… on her behalf. I’ll look up at the sky, and think of you.

DOCTOR: Thank you.

Sad Tennant

So sad, seeing him alone again. All I want to do is pull him into a big bear hug!

Alas.. behind the scenes this episode was a ton of fun.. it might cheer you up after seeing how sad the Doctor is now.

Oh and look! Tennant is totally FANBOYING!!!

tennant fanboying... photoboming


Published September 24, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 60

Episodes watched:  43

Today’s Episode:  Partners in Crime

Writer:  Russell T. Davies

I love, LoVe, LOVE this episode. Donna’s back in the hot seat! She’s my favorite companion by far. The most independent woman who knows exactly what she wants even though she’s not exactly sure she knows what she is doing.

The best moments take place before Donna and the Doctor meet up.. especially how they just MISS each other so many times like a Dalek shooting at the Doctor.  The best moment of course is this one..

partners in crime desk scene

We also begin learning about the series arc, although it’s not quite apparent, the Matron does mention that the adipose breeding planet has gone missing!

I also ADORE Wilf. RTD did a genius job by bringing back Bernard Cribbins, who played the newspaper guy in Voyage of the Damned. You knew you recognized him from somewhere didn’t you?! Well the man who played Donna’s father in Runaway Bride sadly got cancer and passed on just as they were beginning to film this episode, so RTD just changed it to Donna’s grandpa, and lo… it works! Brilliantly I would say so.

The scene where Donna meets up with the Doctor is just awesome, as Catherine did it with zero prep on the miming. Luckily for my superior lipreading skills, I can easily determine that the Doctor is saying.. “WHAT THE HELL!” here!

Partners in Crime


Also this happened behind the scenes… when he caught the sonic.. too funny!

I’m so happy to see Donna as back up… she’s just my favorite companion. She’s not looking for anything sexual at all, just a mate, which is EXACTLY what the Doctor needs after so much loss. I’m so ready for Season 4…. Bring it ON!