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Kids blackmail the Doctor…

Published November 21, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 2 (so near yet so far!)

Episodes watched:  101

Today’s Episode: Nightmare in Silver

Writer: Neil Gaiman

Nightmare poster

This was a meh episode, the ONE thing that saved this episode was Matt Smith’s performance as the Cyberplanner vs. The Doctor. He did such an amazing job going back and forth with the monologues, that I really am sad that he’s leaving Doctor Who soon. He’s really come to own his Doctor with this bit.

On the other hand the kids where horrible, and useless in this episode. I can see where Gaiman did a good job making the Cybermen scary again, it was good writing, but the failure lies in some of the effects just didn’t translate well onto the little screen.

We of course had these moments happen,

nightmare wandering off

Of course the kids are gonna wander off, Doctor. It’s what they do! Did you not learn since those kids in the Widow, Wardrobe, whatever that Christmas Special one?


I felt bad for the Doctor with that one, but I loved his use of the “Golden Ticket” against the Cybermen!

I actually had a nightmare the night before I watched this, back in May, as I had both Ten and Eleven saving me from some unknown threat, I was scared but I didn’t want the dream to end since they where both together.. and worked well together, now I just have to wait two days till…



And this..

Smith and Tennant

Oh hurry up! Till Tommorrow! LAST EPISODE!!


The Feels are Strong with This One!

Published September 8, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 76

Episodes watched:  27

Today’s Episode: Doomsday

Writer: Russell T. Davies

That was a flipping roller coaster, and that is HOW a season ends. Although it is a difficult episode to go back and re-watch, it is a great one as it really firms up theories about the 50th Anniversary timeline.

One thing I love about Who is that there is always an arc to the season, and the seasons I have completed watching for this marathon thus far..

Season One: Bad Wolf

Season Two: Torchwood

There are many great moments in Doomsday like this one between the Daleks and the Cybermen…

Daleks vs. Cybermen

Don’t forget about this one too..

doomsday burn


Then Rose gets all sassy about how she killed the Emperor, and then they realized that the Doctor was there after making Rose identify him, and they were like “oh no!” you didn’t just mention him!

It is so hard though.. when you see the Doctor acting all happy.. once he managed to get Parerll Pete and Jackie hooked up, and when he explains about void stuff..


To him telling Rose that she can’t stay with him and sends her to Pete’s World, and she vows to stay with him, its obious that it hurts him to do so, but he knows she must go. He is irrated with her when she comes back, but once the get the manga clamps on, and the Daleks and Cybermen head into the void.. he is happy not to do this alone until the leaver slips…. and it looks like she gets sucked in..


That scene afterwards with Rose and the Doctor against the wall..


I found this little tidbit as well.. and I’m on David’s side..

Doomsday Tidbit

Then we have bad wolf bay.. lordy can my heart hurt even more?? Must you keep stomping on it RTD??? MUST YOU?? NO! You decide to leave Rose TYLER without a response to her declaration of love..

Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope

doctor doomsday gif

Luckily.. there is fan fic! My favorite fan fic is quite interesting.. and not for everyone, as it does got well.. a bit smutty. I discovered Archive of Our Own… and found this great writer KelKat9 and her theory of what happened if Rose accidentally dimension hopped into a parallel universe where there are still time lords and the Doctor was basically running the earth? Check it out here..

So I leave you with this great scene (Sorry about it not being captioned) but its right after Nine became Ten, and helps Rose explain why they went back to the estate, rather than Barcelona (the planet) which kinda mystified me until I saw it. Shows you how much he loved her even after regenerating.

Goodbye Season Two!! I shall miss you Rose!!

christmas invasiontumblr_ms65zsJyka1sshne4o2_500

A Tale of Two Mickeys

Published August 31, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 84

Episodes watched:  19

Today’s Episode: Rise of the Cybermen

Writer: Tom MacRae

Oy.. Part One of a two parter, this is the only two parter I’m not really liking in Rose’s tenure. I don’t know why.. it just blah.. so I’ll condense this post to bullet points…

–          Due to Mickey’s Stupidity, he held down a button too long, which threw them out of their current universe through the VOID and nothingness into a parallel universe, luckily the Doctor takes 10 years off of his life by blowing on a power cell, so they have 24 hours to explore.

–          Rose discovers that her Dad is alive in this universe; Mickey discovers his grandma whom we have never heard about before is also alive.

–          People have crap downloaded into their heads using ear pods that look like those stupid hands free Bluetooth headsets that you will never ever see me wear.

–          Pete is Filthy Rich in this universe, and Jackie treats him like a douchebag, and he is definitely not one.

–          Pete is working with this INSANE dude named Lumic that is dying and wants to live forever, thus creating Cybus Industries and creating that universe’s Cybermen.

–          There is a Rose.. but it’s a DOG!

Rose as a dog

–    There is a Mickey, but he’s known as Rickey in that ‘verse and has a ton more guts than Mickey the Tin Dog. Also he’s a member of the Preachers.

Thus we end this episode with a cliffhanger of the Doctor, Peter, Mikey and the Preachers about to be Deleted by the Cybermen!

Take note.. that our Cybermen are from Mondas, whom had to create the suit to survive in extreme temps. These Cybermen just want to upgrade everyone at the behest of Mr. Lumic. Both have the zero emotion factor.

The only good parts in this entire episode is discovering the Rose in Pete’s ‘verse is a dog, and seeing Rose interact with her (not)Dad.

Till Tomorrow.. part two.. my face was just like Ten’s after watching this for the first time..