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Neil Gaiman plays God

Published October 29, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 25

Episodes watched:  78

Today’s Episode:  The Doctor’s Wife

Writer: Neil Gaiman

Now the first time I saw this episode, I thought, WOW that’s a great episode. Then later when I found out that Neil Gaiman wrote it, I was totally unaware of him. I had seen this film..


Which I thought was an amazing movie. He wrote the book that this film was based on. He also wrote this book too.. that I’m in the middle of, (I admit I’m in the middle of three other books as well..)

American Gods

I heard they are making a movie out of that too.

Neil has been a Whovian since the Tom Baker era, being a Brit, thus he was delighted when he got asked to write for the show. He said writing for the show was like playing God, because whatever he wrote, the Doctor would say!

So he added a ton of mythology to this episode,

  • Time Lords can change sex when they regerate, as the Corsair did..
  • There is a Squash Court 7, makes one wonder about squash court 6
  • The Tardis doesn’t nessisarily take the Doctor and his strays where he wants to go, but he does take them where they need to go.
  • The Tardis can archive rooms that haven’t happened yet.
  • Amy and Rory sleep on bunkbeds in the Tardis, and the Doctor doesn’t see a problem with it.
  • Timelords can send distress calls out, when needed.

There were so many good parts to this episode, but this really highlighted everything..

Amy meets the Tardis

Also, This is the best conversation between the Doctor and the Tardis, which explains why she says she’s “Sexy”.


I also noticed that he did this..

face slap

I’ve heard it’s because that hand is newer than the rest of his body, due it being cut off way back in Christmas Invasion, as you recall, it’s a fighting hand, and the Doctor just said before the slap he has no idea what to do.

The Amy/Rory parts where a wee boring, especially with Rory ‘dying’ again. I just want to yell at Moffat to quit turning him into Kenny.

Another great line was said by Amy right at the end that really sums up the whole point of Doctor Who..

“Look at you pair, its always you and her isn’t it? Long after the rest of us are gone. The boy and his box off to see the universe”

Doctor working on the Tardis

Till tomorrow.. the worst episode of this season.