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Kids blackmail the Doctor…

Published November 21, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 2 (so near yet so far!)

Episodes watched:  101

Today’s Episode: Nightmare in Silver

Writer: Neil Gaiman

Nightmare poster

This was a meh episode, the ONE thing that saved this episode was Matt Smith’s performance as the Cyberplanner vs. The Doctor. He did such an amazing job going back and forth with the monologues, that I really am sad that he’s leaving Doctor Who soon. He’s really come to own his Doctor with this bit.

On the other hand the kids where horrible, and useless in this episode. I can see where Gaiman did a good job making the Cybermen scary again, it was good writing, but the failure lies in some of the effects just didn’t translate well onto the little screen.

We of course had these moments happen,

nightmare wandering off

Of course the kids are gonna wander off, Doctor. It’s what they do! Did you not learn since those kids in the Widow, Wardrobe, whatever that Christmas Special one?


I felt bad for the Doctor with that one, but I loved his use of the “Golden Ticket” against the Cybermen!

I actually had a nightmare the night before I watched this, back in May, as I had both Ten and Eleven saving me from some unknown threat, I was scared but I didn’t want the dream to end since they where both together.. and worked well together, now I just have to wait two days till…



And this..

Smith and Tennant

Oh hurry up! Till Tommorrow! LAST EPISODE!!


The Sonic still doesn’t do wood

Published November 8, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 15

Episodes watched:  88

Today’s Episode: The Doctor the Widow and the Wardrobe

Writer: Stephen Moffat

poster for episode

Ah we have another prequel

So, the poor Doctor is headed toward earth, he lands in a field, and thus needs help finding the Tardis. Luckily this lovely little lady helps him find one..

Finding the Tardis Christmas epi

The funny thing about that spacesuit is Matt Smith’s hair. Poor guy had to wear his hair like that to keep it contained. That’s how wild it gets..

widow and wardrobe behind the scenes

My favorite part was when he mentioned that the Forest of Cheem fancied him… I loved that little shout out to Nine, and “The End of the World”!

I adored the room montage, especially the announcement of “HAMMOCKS!” and how he just jumped into them..


Also the ending was great, how Mage was like, GO TELL YOUR FRIENDS YOU ARE NOT DEAD!!!

humany wumany

Thus leading him to the Pond’s doorstep..

water pistol

I do not fault Amy for using it on him. 2 years thinking your friend was dead!?? At least River told them the truth.

Till Tomorrow, DALEKS!! SEASON 7!!! NO MORE NETFLIX!! Luckily I have season 7 purchased via Amazon… as I’m not one to wait around for it to be available with captions.

christmas sweaters and cybermen

Sorry I had to include this.. Matt, Karen wearing really bad Christmas sweaters and a Cyberman??

The Finale that began in the Season Opener

Published November 7, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 16

Episodes watched:  87

Today’s Episode: Wedding of River Song

Writer: Stephen Moffat

wedding poster

We begin with this prequel

The tick tock song again! GATISS!!!!

This is a fun finale. The whole concept of what happens when a fix point has been re-written. All of time happens at once and then leaks out. Just go watch it, as it’s a great episode!

wedding of river song downloads

It also shows how FAR AHEAD Moffat thinks. RTD just took everything one season at a time. Moffat decides to really build on stuff that was discussed back in the Library that occurred what, 3 seasons back when 10 was around?

It was great to see the flashback between the opener and the finale, and we were able to get a solution that some people might have seen coming, but my jaw dropped so far I had no choice but to pick it back up again off the floor. A few good lines..

Wedding of River Song

Mother in law

Also the kiss..

alex on smith

behind the scenes wedding

Till tomorrow.. Another Christmas Special!

Wedding of River Song reveal

The Missing Christmas Special

Published October 25, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 29

Episodes watched:  74

Today’s Episode:  A Christmas Carol

Writer: Stephen Moffat

This is the strangest Christmas specials of all the Christmas Specials. It’s not up on Netflix, its only up on Amazon. I found it after I was googling around for more Doctor Who, after I finished watching everything on Netflix. It’s a mash up of Voyage of the Damned meets the Unquiet Dead.

Rory and Amy are in the honeymoon suite, playing Kissogram and the Roman.. when the spaceship they are on starts crashing and they call the Doctor to save them. Sadly the only room seen on the ship is the bridge. The Tardis can’t land on the ship for some reason… thus the Doctor meets this cranky old man named Kazran Sardick (played by Gambon, aka Dumbledore)  that controls the cloud layer that is blocking the ship from making a landing. The old dude hates everyone and refuses to clear the cloud layer.

Thus the Doctor begins a Christmas Carol style remake on him.  Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future take place.

The Best parts..

The Doctor’s psychic paper shorts out due to him lying that he is a mature and responsible adult, as young Kazran notes that he just sees squiggly lines.

The Doctor accidentally marries Marilyn Monroe. He later says it wasn’t a real chapel as a defense. I believe him…. eh?

The Doctor does says this awesome line when he first sees Abigail and asks whom she is..

Christmas Carol

The song Abigail sang was a wee annoying to me… and its stuck in my head now..

I’m off to bed to get it out, hopefully by tomorrow when Doctor Who comes to ‘Merica for the beginning of Season 6!

So that’s 11?

Published October 7, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 47

Episodes watched:  56

Today’s Episode:  The Next Doctor

Writer: Russell T. Davies

Now we are on the Tennant Specials! These 4 episodes, (really 5) were spaced out beginning Christmas 2008, and ending New Year’s Day 2010.

Now this episode was filmed before Journey’s End, thus really making this into Season 4. However just after they wrapped Season 4… David Tennant made this announcement…


Mind you this was way before Matt Smith was cast, thus making people believe for a bit that David Morrsey was going to be the Next Doctor!


I’m not a big fan of this episode, as it lost its fun as soon as the Doctor figured out that this guy is not a future him.

happy tennant

So enjoy this great knock knock joke instead.

knock knock