Whiplash… what the heck?

Published November 18, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 5

Episodes watched:  98

Today’s Episode: Hide

Writer: Neil Cross

Hide Poster

This is an episode that you are not sure exactly what it is. Is it a ghost story? A monster story? Or a Love Story?  All that bouncing around really wow… my brain turned into mush. A lot of it was due to the Doctor’s initial reaction to the crooked man, vs. his final reaction to the crooked man. Normally when he meets a new creature, he is like, “oh you beauty!” and he doesn’t do that with this one. He runs in fear of it? This is totally out of character for the Doctor, as his reactions in the past have been positive to new species until proven otherwise. I  can understand for a ghost story you need suspense but.. Neil there are better ways of doing it.

Funny parts that I adored..

Toggle switch.. I love this little moment. When I was looking for a new desk lamp to buy, I suprizingly decided on one simply because it did have a toggle switch, and I think of the Doctor every time I use it.

Doctor takes a selfie… (which made the dictionary last week?)


Soon after they do this.. Clara looked freaked…

CLARA is staring at the photographs when the DOCTOR comes up behind her and taps her on the head. She gasps and turns on him.

DOCTOR: (whispers) You coming?

CLARA: (whispers) Where?

DOCTOR: (whispers) To find the ghost.

CLARA: (whispers) Why would I want to do that?

DOCTOR: (whispers) Because you want to, come on. (starts for the door)

CLARA: (whispers) Well, I dispute that assertion.

The DOCTOR stops and turns around. He sees EMMA watching them. He nods his head to get CLARA to move.

DOCTOR: (whispers) I’m giving you a face. (head nodding to the door at an odd angle) Can you see me? Look at my face.

CLARA: (whispers) Fine. (walks over) Dare me.

DOCTOR: (whispers) I dare you. No takesies-backsies.

CLARA shakes her head and takes the candelabrum from the DOCTOR and heads through the door. The DOCTOR claps his hands and laughs before following CLARA.

Then when they head outside to the Tardis to do more investiagaing, it was so sweet that he called the Tardis a cat. Not sure if she liked that or not, just that she still has issues with Clara, probally after having the Doctor for herself for so long when he was in isolation.

Then of course we have the jumpsuit! Talk about memories! Waters of Mars! Satan Pit! Love it!

orange suit

Finally before the super whiplash began, we have his explanation of a pocket universe. I have had friends tell me that its similar to an explanation given in Fringe, but this one was a wee better since he used aids.


Then we get the whiplash. Oy.

high five

Till Tomorrow.. we see more than just the console room on the Tardis!

Oh, I saw this and I had to put it somewhere… so! I hope you get the joke… hahahaha…



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