The Finale that began in the Season Opener

Published November 7, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 16

Episodes watched:  87

Today’s Episode: Wedding of River Song

Writer: Stephen Moffat

wedding poster

We begin with this prequel

The tick tock song again! GATISS!!!!

This is a fun finale. The whole concept of what happens when a fix point has been re-written. All of time happens at once and then leaks out. Just go watch it, as it’s a great episode!

wedding of river song downloads

It also shows how FAR AHEAD Moffat thinks. RTD just took everything one season at a time. Moffat decides to really build on stuff that was discussed back in the Library that occurred what, 3 seasons back when 10 was around?

It was great to see the flashback between the opener and the finale, and we were able to get a solution that some people might have seen coming, but my jaw dropped so far I had no choice but to pick it back up again off the floor. A few good lines..

Wedding of River Song

Mother in law

Also the kiss..

alex on smith

behind the scenes wedding

Till tomorrow.. Another Christmas Special!

Wedding of River Song reveal


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