Amy tacks on a few more years of waiting…

Published November 4, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 19

Episodes watched:  84

Today’s Episode: The Girl Who Waited

Writer: Tom MacRae

Ah, another episode with nothing to contribute to the season’s arc…

So, since the Doctor can’t be bothered to pick up a travel guide and read about possible plagues, they go to this planet called Apalapucia, which he assures Amy and Rory, that it has towering spires ect, ect. So Rory and the Doctor go out to explore, whilst Amy runs back to the Tardis to get her phone. The boys are confronted with two buttons, Green Anchor and Red Waterfall. They pick the green one. Amy, picks the Red one.

However they are in a facility that is two time streams. Amy is in a faster one, and Rory and the Doctor are in a slower one.  They learn that Chen7 has hit the planet, and only affects two hearted races, thus the Doctor has to stay in the Tardis.

Whoops... Two times

They use this cool huge magnifying glass to get a lock on Amy, and tell her not to go near the handbots!

two times doctor

So they go to rescue her, 36 years later. Whoops. Amy got old, and at first refused to help, then she decided to help, they rescue the younger Amy, however they both can’t come on board the Tardis due to the MASSIVE paradox it would create. So Rory is given a choice of which Amy, and sadly he picks the younger one, leaving the older one to die.

Gaiman did state that he was planning on doing an episode where time was just a few seconds out, how that would work, then he was informed about this one, and decided to then do an episode about the Tardis, thus the Doctor’s Wife came into existence.

Its funny to think about time, how it can go faster or slower, if you look at a clock or a boiling pot, the difference you feel, how that works.

Well, till tomorrow… a freaky hotel that reminds you of the Shining!


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