The Origins of River Song

Published November 2, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 21

Episodes watched:  82

Today’s Episode: Let’s Kill Hitler

Writer: Stephen Moffat

Now since we left Demon’s Run.. the Doctor ran off in search of Melody.. thus this prequel..

Poor Amy.

Thus she and Rory decide to send a message, via crop circles. My issue with the crop circles is that in the picture it looks like all the wheat is gone except for “Doctor”, when they used Rory’s car to mow down the wheat in the middle of a field. It just looks off.

So then we meet Mels… whom the Doctor, as well as us in the audience have never heard of before..

lets kill hitler HOT!

Mels sums up the entire episode with this great line…

“You’ve got a time machine, I’ve got a gun. What the hell, Let’s Kill Hitler!”

Credits insue, and we are treated to Amy and Rory’s childhood, and their relationship with Mels growing up. The best part is that Mels basically assures her existence by making sure her parents are aware they like each other, when Amy thought Rory was gay. Tee hee. Silly Amy.

Zany relationships

Then we flash back to Germany 1938 and meet this Robot power by miniaturized people. Quite boring scene showing how they change the thingy from person to person, yawn. Seriously I get why they did that, but after seeing it once, it was dull.

Then of course the Tardis does this.. due to Mels deciding to put a bullet in her. Poor Tardis..

lets kill hitler Tardis

Landing in Hitler’s office, where they accidently knocked out the Mini People Robot, thus saving Hitler. Hitler then gets enraged and shoots at the Robot once it gets up again, so Rory then gets him good with an uppercut, tells him to shut up and shoves Hitler in the cupboard.  I can’t make that up!!!!

Sadly Hitler accidently hits Mels, whom regenerates into River Song!!! Well.. she doesn’t know she’s River. Also, this is the first time in the show that Amy, Rory and the Doctor have more knowledge of what is going to happen in the future than she does.

banging head

After poisoning  the Doctor, she goes off into Berlin, where she has the best line of this ENTIRE SEASON..

gay gypsy bar mitzvah

How can you NOT laugh after that?

So she goes “shopping” by telling people to..

lets kill hitler

Meanwhile the Robot kidnaps Amy and Rory by turning into Amy..

Let's Kill Hitler

The Doctor.. finds inspiration to live.. due to the awesomeness of Fish Fingers and Custard, changes into a Tux, and uses the Tardis to catch up with everyone else, thus begins spouting his rules..

  • Rule 1: The Doctor lies.
  • Rule 7: Never run when you are scared.
  • Rule 27: Never knowingly be serious.
  • Rule 408: Time is not the boss of you.

Sadly he’s on the verge of death as Amy and Rory are also about to be killed on the Robot due to other robots that Amy activated so they won’t kill River. She then gets onto the Tardis whom teaches her how to fly her, and River then gives the Doctor all of her regenerations to save him. Amy, Rory and the Doctor leave her in the future, 51st century where she’s off studying Archaeology to learn how to find the Doctor again.

Love this episode, as my friend who put off watching this for quite some time, said that she died laughing from all the one liners. I have to agree with her… as Moffat knows how to bring on the feels and when to bring on the smiles.

Till Tomorrow, after such a great episode, we are served up a ton of.. well.. not so great stuff. 3 weeks to go!!! 🙂


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