Who is that little girl?

Published October 27, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 27

Episodes watched:  76

Today’s Episode:  The Day of the Moon

Writer: Stephen Moffat

Ok second part.. I wish team Tardis kept Canton.. as Mark Sheppard was awesome in this episode, with Rory getting “killed” at the Hoover Dam, River running from him by jumping off a building, and Amy also got shot running from him too. I read somewhere awhile ago.. these types of bullets were known to put you in into a deathlike state, and the Doctor gave them to Canton to use.

The hand recordings were a cool device to use against the silence, great plot devise, as we saw everyone use them.

The best parts were when Canton told off the silence, in the orphanage,

Armed at the ready

Also, when the Doctor nearly got arrested and Rory and River used the Tardis to grab President Nixon to bail him out..

Impossible astronaut

And when Rory asked River what type of Doctor she was… she didn’t even have to look behind her to shoot, as she could see the Silent in Rory’s face..

River Shot

We also had the first sighting of eye patch lady, and we are still left with the mystery of who the heck that poor little girl is. We know she looks different now since she regenerated. Nor are we sure if Amy’s pregnant or not. Lots of mysteries remain for this season!

Till tomorrow.. PIRATES!!! ARGGGGGG!!!


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