The Missing Christmas Special

Published October 25, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 29

Episodes watched:  74

Today’s Episode:  A Christmas Carol

Writer: Stephen Moffat

This is the strangest Christmas specials of all the Christmas Specials. It’s not up on Netflix, its only up on Amazon. I found it after I was googling around for more Doctor Who, after I finished watching everything on Netflix. It’s a mash up of Voyage of the Damned meets the Unquiet Dead.

Rory and Amy are in the honeymoon suite, playing Kissogram and the Roman.. when the spaceship they are on starts crashing and they call the Doctor to save them. Sadly the only room seen on the ship is the bridge. The Tardis can’t land on the ship for some reason… thus the Doctor meets this cranky old man named Kazran Sardick (played by Gambon, aka Dumbledore)  that controls the cloud layer that is blocking the ship from making a landing. The old dude hates everyone and refuses to clear the cloud layer.

Thus the Doctor begins a Christmas Carol style remake on him.  Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future take place.

The Best parts..

The Doctor’s psychic paper shorts out due to him lying that he is a mature and responsible adult, as young Kazran notes that he just sees squiggly lines.

The Doctor accidentally marries Marilyn Monroe. He later says it wasn’t a real chapel as a defense. I believe him…. eh?

The Doctor does says this awesome line when he first sees Abigail and asks whom she is..

Christmas Carol

The song Abigail sang was a wee annoying to me… and its stuck in my head now..

I’m off to bed to get it out, hopefully by tomorrow when Doctor Who comes to ‘Merica for the beginning of Season 6!


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