Truth, Lies and Dreams

Published October 18, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 36

Episodes watched:  67

Today’s Episode:  Amy’s Choice

Writer: Simon Nye

This was a great little episode. It solidified Amy’s love for Rory, and it also showed the evil side of the Doctor, through dreams.

The First world, it was kinda obvious it was fake, though Rory wanted it to be real so badly. I swear the mullet gave it away, as Rory is not the type of guy to be sporting one of those. He CANNOT pull it off, and the fact that Amy allow him to grow one is just appalling. The Doctor has the best line in this world..

Amy's choice

Funnily.. Karen loved being “pregnant”…

The second world, I just had to google if a star can burn cold, it turns out, yes it is possible. The problem with having two worlds, is that with this one, they spent more time on this one in the console room debating which one is real. However Amy had the best lines of the evening with this..

AMY: Put these on, both of you. (throws a blanket with a hole cut out at the DOCTOR and slips another over RORY’s head)

RORY: Oh, a poncho. The biggest crime against fashion since lederhosen.

AMY:(puts hers on) Here we go! My boys… my poncho boys. (stands between them)If we’re going to die, let’s die looking like a Peruvian folk band.

folk band


Funny thing in real life, they do lots of singing and call themselves.. “Karen and the Babes”.



Till tomorrow… another two parter!


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