The Doctor takes Amy and Rory to Venice… like nothing bad is gonna happen.

Published October 17, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 37

Episodes watched:  66

Today’s Episode:  Vampires of Venice

Writer: Toby Whithouse

I do wish that Rory and the Doctor had an adventure without Amy.

Seriously.. I’m pissed about this. Moffat could have done one in the next season after Amy gets kidnapped. Those guys are epic together.

Now the main things that made this episode great is Rory’s reaction to stuff.. such as entering the Tardis, discovering that Amy kissed the Doctor, that’s he’s the eunich of the group, the flashlight battle, and his reaction to seeing the Doctor pop out of his cake at the stag party.


Rory has seen the Doctor as his competition for ages, since in the Eleventh Hour he mentioned Amy dressing him up as the Doctor for role playing. Thus after discovering the Doctor is actually real, he has no choice but to study up on his competition, knowing that the Doctor could pop up at any moment.  Thus when entering the Tardis for the first time.. he knows why its bigger on the inside, and thus was the first human to be unfazed by it.

Now the Doctor on the other hand wants Rory and Amy together, because he knows the effects of time travel, which is why they head to Venice to begin with. It’s obvious that the Doctor only views Amy as a friend, and wants her and Rory together.

Sadly the vampires are just fishy aliens…. See how funny it is to see the doctor working it out..


He also meets a bunch of fishy vampire girls, all awaiting their husbands, and this shot is great, because he’s like “Hey! Here I am with all my fangirls!”


Also we learn the Doctor knows Casanova, and the episode does take place in 1580… not 1518.. silly Doctor.


Of course it all worked out in the end, the Doctor saves Venice and Amy gets someone to kiss after the action is over and she’s all turned on..


Till Tomorrow when Amy, apparently has to make a choice.


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