Time can run out, be re-written and UNWRITTEN!

Published October 16, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 38

Episodes watched:  65

Today’s Episode:  Flesh + Stone

Writer: Stephen Moffat

The best part of the episode was when the Doctor realized the crack was time energy, and manages to throw all the Angels down the crack. All he can figure is that the crack is an explosion, happening somewhere in Amy’s time, but what it is, and what causes it.. he’s clueless.

Also, he made Angel Bob say “Comfy Chairs”. I love how Eleven has Nine’s humor about the tiny things..

We manage to get a SPOILER from River, something about the Pandorica Opening?

The whole cleric army idea was cool, the idea that the church itself is an army, which did happen before if you look at the crusades.

At first I thought the strange scene with the Doctor having his jacket back on was odd, when he clearly loses it to an Angel, and later he doesn’t have it on? Luckily that gets explained away later…

The worst.. Amy kissing the Doctor, and the Doctor declaring he’s 907… NOPE NOPE NOPE! I love how the Doctor has no idea what to do with his hands.. so he just waves them everywhere..

the kiss ew

Also, the death of Father Octavian, did he have to die? I don’t think he did… but Moffat obviously has a thing for killing good characters.

Till tomorrow.. we visit one of my favorite cities in the world.. VENICE!!!!



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