The Origins of Bob, the Angel

Published October 15, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 39

Episodes watched:  64

Today’s Episode:  Time of the Angels

Writer: Stephen Moffat

I love the Weeping Angels. They were awesome in Blink. Then Moffat can’t help but bring them back as we fans love them, but even though he expands on their mythology quite a bit.. in a way, it destroys the awesomeness of the weeping angel, how scary and awesome they are.  The whole “An image of an Angel becomes an Angel” just made me cringe. Amy does a good job fighting that one angel off  by actually attempting to shut one eye while keeping the other eye open.

One big tidbit that I just picked up was the name of the museum; The Delirium Archive, then the mention of the final resting place of the headless monks. It is like Moffat loves to foreshadow without you realizing it… damn that man. Wordplay is his favorite pastime it seems, especially when dealing with the Doctor.

Things we learn about River Song, Amy and the Doctor have no idea who she is. She is still a Doctor and not a Professor like she was in the Library. She knows how to write “Hello Sweetie” in old high Gallifreyian. Also, that she knows how to fly the Tardis without the brakes on, and that the Doctor did not teach her. She also has a kick ass pair of Louboutins with those red soles!

Time of the Angels

I will have more to say.. once I finish this two-parter tomorrow!


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