Look! A Dalek Rainbow!

Published October 14, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 40

Episodes watched:  63

Today’s Episode:  Victory of the Daleks

Writer: Mark Gatiss


This episode had a ton of firsts. The first time we see that boring Amy Pond era intro. The first time we hear the words “Come Along Pond”. The first time we see a Jammie Dodger, which was a smart way to say..”I’ve got a button that will explode the Tardis!”

Jammie Dodger

Now really stupid fans, think that this episode occurred the same time as Empty Child and the Doctor Dances. I have to say… *face palm* that the blitz was over a period of 37 weeks, so there is no way that Nine and Eleven would have met.

Speaking of meeting.. the Doctor finds it a bit odd that Amy knows nothing of the Daleks and the entire RTD era, planets in the sky, the battle of canary wharf, none of that stuff.

Speaking of Amy, they actually had to do a rebuld of the Daleks, since the actress whom plays her is tall, and she had to look eye to eye with it. Billie Pieper is only 5’5” and Karen is 5’11”! (Jenna wins as the shortest companion, at only 5’2”, she’s had to do tons of her acting standing on a block since Matt is as tall as Karen)

Other fun facts.. each color of the new rainbow Daleks had a purpose.   Supreme Daleks were white, the Eternal Dalek was yellow, Strategist Daleks were blue, Scientist Daleks were orange, while Drone Daleks were red. I can see why they did this.. but do we need a Dalek rainbow? No. We do not need one..

Dalek Rainbow

Now, I do think that the Doctor did make the right choice by saving the earth, but the Daleks won. He knows he will have to deal with them again.. but that is another problem for another day.

Till Tomorrow.. we shall meet and olde friend! 🙂


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