So Eleven can’t stand to see children cry..

Published October 13, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 41

Episodes watched:  62

Today’s Episode:  The Beast Below

Writer: Stephen Moffat

So Moffat has his hand in writing his first episode with a poem..

In bed above or deep asleep, while greater love lies further deep.

This dream must end, this world must know.

We all depend on the beast below.

Thus this isn’t one of my favorite episodes. However it does take place in the 29th century, well after the End of the World.

The good:

  • Liz X, the most badass Queen ever. Long may she regin!
  • This conversation.. that had me laughing.. YEAH RIGHT DOCTOR!


DOCTOR: Well, come on. I’ve found us a spaceship. This is the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland. All of it, bolted together and floating in the sky. Starship UK. It’s Britain, but metal. That’s not just a ship, that’s an idea. That’s a whole country, living and laughing and shopping. Searching the stars for a new home.

AMY: Can we go out and see?

DOCTOR: Course we can. But first, there’s a thing.

AMY: A thing?

DOCTOR: An important thing. In fact, Thing One. We are observers only. That’s the one rule I’ve always stuck to in all my travels. I never get involved in the affairs of other peoples or planets.

(Sorry, nearly spat my tea over my keyboard. An image of Mandy waiting by the lifts is on the scanner.) 

DOCTOR: Ooo, that’s interesting.

AMY: So we’re like a wildlife documentary, yeah? Because if they see a wounded little cub or something, they can’t just save it, they’ve got to keep filming and let it die. It’s got to be hard. I don’t think I could do that. Don’t you find that hard, being all, like, detached and cold?

(Amy sees the Doctor on the scanner, speaking to the weeping Mandy.) 

AMY: Doctor?

(He gestures for her to join him.)


  • Also,look at the name of this shop! A tribute to the Idiots Lantern!


  • After the voting.. lordy.. this had me laughing.. the great interaction between Karen and Matt…

AMY: Where are we?

DOCTOR: 600 feet down, 20 miles laterally – puts us at the heart of the ship. I’d say… Lancashire. What’s this, then – a cave? Can’t be a cave. Looks like a cave.

AMY: (stands) It’s a rubbish dump, and it’s minging! (throws a piece of rubbish)

DOCTOR: Yes, but only food refuse. (sniffs) Organic, coming through feeder tubes from all over the ship.

AMY: (gets down on hands and knees) The floor’s all squidgy, like a water bed.

DOCTOR: But feeding what, though?

AMY: It’s sort of rubbery, feel it. Wet and slimy.

The DOCTOR hears a distant moaning and stands. He realizes where they are.

DOCTOR: Er… It’s not a floor, it’s a… (puts screwdriver away) So…

AMY: (stands) It’s a what?

DOCTOR: The next word is kind of the scary word. Take a moment. Get yourself in a calm place. (takes her hands) Go “omm”.

AMY: Omm.

DOCTOR: It’s a tongue.

AMY: A tongue?

DOCTOR: (excited) A tongue. A great big tongue.

AMY: (stunned) This is a mouth? This whole place is a mouth? We’re in a mouth?!

DOCTOR: Yes, yes, yes, but on the plus side, roomy.

AMY: How do we get out?

DOCTOR: (takes out screwdriver) How big is this beastie? It’s gorgeous! Blimey! if this is just the mouth, I’d love to see the stomach. (hears grunting) Though not right now.

AMY: Doctor, how do we get out?

DOCTOR: OK, it’s being fed through surgically implanted feeder tubes, so the normal entrance is… (sees the sharp teeth of a closed mouth) closed for business.

AMY: We can try, though. (heads forward)

DOCTOR: No! Stop, don’t move! (mouth heaves in agitation) Too late. It’s started.

AMY: What has?

DOCTOR: Swallow reflex.

They slip and fall back into the refuse. The DOCTOR uses the screwdriver on the mouth walls.

AMY: What are you doing?

DOCTOR: I’m vibrating the chemo-receptors.

AMY: Chemo-what?

DOCTOR: The eject button.

AMY: How does a mouth have an eject button?

DOCTOR: Think about it!

They hear the creature growl, and, on their knees, look to see a wave of bile coming towards them.

DOCTOR: Right, then. (straightens tie) This isn’t going to be big on dignity. Geronimo!

Now onto the bad..

  • The whole, very old very last of its kind routine. Yes we know the Doctor is old. Comparing him to a star whale though? I’m just not getting that at all. It just seemed too deus ex machina for me.
  • The” Smilers” really didn’t serve a point other than to make the Queen paranoid due to her younger self creating them. Not a big fan of this pointless “monster”.
  • Moffat’s poem at the end. Really not needed. We could have just had music and seen the crack, aka this season’s arc, that will apparently be solved during the 50th Anniversary, as Moffat has promised this.



Thus till tomorrow.. where visit Winston Churchill and have Daleks, according to the title!


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