The Girl in the Fireplace Take II

Published October 12, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 42

Episodes watched:  61

Today’s Episode:  Eleventh Hour

Writer: Stephen Moffat

Ahhh! New Doctor, New THEME! Bye blue… I loved you for 10, but for 11.. gotta go green!

I love this episode, it’s a great introduction of Matt Smith’s version of the Doctor, as well as a new companion in Ameilia Pond, and a new showrunner in Stephen Moffat, whom will now only be referred to as MOFFAT!!!!

The opening is great, as the Tardis is crashing over London and nearly hits Big Ben, CREDITS!

We then see a little girl, who’s praying to Santa.

Santa Prayer

Young Amelia: Dear Santa. Thank you for the dolls, and the pencils, and the fish. It’s Easter now, so I hope I didn’t wake you, but… honest, it is an emergency.

(Young Amelia is in her room, kneeling beside her bed, hands together as if she is praying. She glances over to her left, at the wall.)

Young Amelia: There’s… a crack in my wall. Aunt Sharon says it’s just an ordinary crack, but I know it’s not, because… at night there’s voices. So please, please could you send someone to fix it. Or a policeman. Or…

(The sound of the TARDIS materialising, not far away. Suddenly it’s interrupted by a huge crashing from Amelia’s garden.)

Young Amelia: Back in a moment.

(She gets up, darts to the window. The TARDIS has landed on its side right where her shed once stood; the shed now simply a mess of broken wood all around. Amelia looks towards the sky.)

Young Amelia: Thank you, Santa.

She then runs down to meet this guy… as he pops out of the Tardis begging for apples! HUH? She decides to take him inside and feeds him, and this awesome exchange occurs..

Young Amelia: If you’re a Doctor, why does your box say police?

(The Doctor takes an apple from her, looking slightly affronted; sniffs it, takes a bite, chews it once or twice, and then lazily spits it out, not taking his eyes off Amelia. She looks quite taken aback as the piece flies past her, looking at him as he coughs slightly, holding up the apple.)

Doctor: That’s disgusting. What is that?

Young Amelia: An apple.

Doctor: Apple’s rubbish, I hate apples.

Young Amelia: You said you loved them.

Doctor: No, no, no, I’ll have yoghurt! Yoghurt’s my favourite. Gimme yoghurt.

(Amelia runs to the fridge, gets out a yoghurt. Eleven takes it from her eagerly, rips the lid off, drinks a bit – then projects it quite far across the room. Amelia looks a little disgusted, staring at him with yoghurt on his face.)

Doctor: I hate yoghurt, it’s just stuff! With bits in.

Young Amelia: You said it was your favourite!

Doctor: New mouth. (He wipes a hand across his mouth, smearing the yoghurt around.) New rules. It’s like eating after cleaning your teeth, everything tastes WROOOOO-

(He jerks again, still feeling the regeneration, flinging his hand up to slap his forehead as he straightens up once more.)

Young Amelia: What is it? What’s wrong with you?

Doctor: Wrong with me? It’s not my fault. Why can’t you give me any decent food? You’re Scottish, fry something.

(Series of clips as she puts the gas on, he rubs his hair with a towel, she fries some bacon for him.)

Doctor: Bacon!

(He takes a mouthful, starts chewing; she giggles, and he makes a disgusted face and spits it out again into his hand.)

Doctor Bacon. That’s bacon. (He leans towards her seriously.) Are you trying to poison me?

(She just stares at him. Another few quick clips, same again, only this time she’s making beans.)

Doctor Ahh. You see? Beans.

(He tries them, then they’re quickly spat out into the sink.)

Doctor: Beans are evil. Bad bad beans.

(Next clips: She spreads some bread and butter for him.)

Doctor: Bread and butter. Now you’re talking.

(She slides it across the table to him; next shot, he’s stepping outside the back garden, and frisbees the plate away from the house, hearing it crash in the distance. Possibly into a cat.)

Doctor: And stay out!

(He brushes his hands, and goes back inside. Pacing up and down the kitchen, Amelia’s looking into the fridge for him.)

Young Amelia: We’ve got some carrots.

Doctor(stops pacing, turns to look at her.) Carrots? Are you insane?! No, wait, hang on. I know what I need.

(He heads to the freezer, opens it and starts poking around.)

Doctor I need… I need…. I need… I. Need. (He pulls out two boxes) Fish fingers, and custard.

(They’re both sitting at the table; he’s dipping his fish fingers into a bowl full of custard, she’s opposite him digging into a large tub of ice cream, watching as he lifts the entire bowl and drinks some custard, leaving him with a rather fetching custard moustache. He wipes it away.)

fish fingers

Now, he’s not really eating fish.. Smith has confessed that he’s eating bread and custard. Now I have actually had fish fingers and custard, and it wasn’t half bad.

Back to the episode, they go upstairs, where he sees the room and remarks that she’s “had some cowboys in here”.. the EXACT same line that 10 told Madame when he was rummaging about her brain.

He has no idea what the crack is, other than it’s a crack in time and space. He opens it, and discovers that “Prisoner Zero Has Escaped” is the theme for this evening. Just as he’s figuring things out.. the TARDIS’s cloister bell tolls. So he tells little Amelia that he will be back in 5 minutes.

So, she goes up stairs, packs a bag, runs back downstairs and waits….

Back into daylight, and the Doctor runs out of the Tardis back inside the house, yelling for Amelia the entire time, alas he gets hit by a cricket bat.

Then a scene in a hospital, regarding coma patents, boring.

The Doctor then wakes up to see a lovely young policewoman, calling for ”backup”. We then learn it has been 6 months, since the Doctor left, and prisoner zero is behind a door on the floor, a multiform. So the policewoman enters the room where the prisoner has been hiding, and finds his sonic up on the table, and meets prisoner zero.   Then just as he’s  about to kill the policewoman and the Doctor, the jailers make an announcement, “Prisoner Zero will vacate the human residence or the human residence will be  incinerated.” over and over again.

The Doctor and the police woman manages to escape.. and they run back to the Tardis, and he relizes that he has been gone a hell of a lot longer than six months, he guesses 12 years. He then figures out that the policewoman is the little girl!

Doctor: You’re Amelia.

(She continues walking, and he catches up to her.)

Amelia Pond: You’re late.

Doctor: Amelia Pond! You’re the little girl!

Amelia Pond I’m Amelia, and you’re late!

Doctor: What happened?!

Amelia Pond Twelve years.

Doctor: You hit me with a cricket bat!

Amelia Pond Twelve years!

Doctor: A cricket bat!

Amelia Pond: Twelve years, and four psychiatrists.

Doctor:: …Four?

Amelia Pond …I kept biting them.

Doctor: Why? (He obviously finds this vaguely hilarious.)

Amelia Pond They said you weren’t real.

Suddently, its like they are being stalked by the message, and the Doctor deduces that its playing everywhere over every radio station and channel, once he breaks into someone’s house that knows Ameilia, only he learns that she now goes by Amy, and that he has 20 minutes before the planet gets  incinerated.

They go outside and he meets Rory, Amy’s boyfriend. Rory works as a nurse and he realizes that Rory has been taking pictures of his coma patients, which are the clockwork droids of this episode.

He then destroys his sonic trying to get the Atraxi’s attention to the prisoner that is standing there in multiform. Damn it. 17 minutes, no sonic, no Tardis. He then mulls it over and then comes up with a way, and takes Rory’s phone away from him.  Amy gets pissed.. and does this…

Amy Locks the Doctor

Which is why I have this very strong belief that’s why 11 doesn’t wear a tie, so Amy can’t do that to him again.

He begs her to believe him… she does, once she sees the apple that she gave him when she was a child, 12 years before, and it’s still fresh.

He then bursts back into the house he broke into before demanding Jeff’s laptop.. while Amy and Rory hit the hospital.

This is so funny how he writes this computer virus and begs people to spread it..

Doctor: Hello! Laptop. Gimme.

(He crosses the room and tries to prise the laptop away from Jeff, who’s trying to cover the screen, and keep it away from the Doctor.)


Jeff: No no no no no-
Doctor: No – it’s – fine – give – it – here-
Jeff: Hang on!!

(The Doctor snatches it from him, and sits down on the edge of the bed, then looks at the screen. Jeff looks over his should warily, as the Doctor’s eyes widen.)

Doctor:….Blimey! Get a girlfriend, Jeff.

(Jeff’s grandmother enters.)

Jeff: Gran!

Gran: What are you doing?

Doctor: Sun’s gone wibbly, so right now, somewhere out there, there’s gonna be a big old video conference call. All the experts in the world, panicking at once, and d’you know what they need? Me. Ah, and here they all are. All the big boys. NASA, Jodrell Bank, Tokyo Space Center, Patrick Moore.

Gran: Oh! I like Patrick Moore!

Doctor: I’ll get you his number, but watch him, he’s a devil.

Jeff: You can’t just hack in on a call like that!

Doctor: Can’t I?

(Throughout this exchange he’s been hurriedly typing; abruptly he stops, and holds his psychic paper up to the webcam on the top of the computer. On the laptop screen are six different boxes, each with a different person representing a different place. Evidently the psychic paper has worked somehow, because a voice comes from the laptop.)

Unidentified Voice: Who are you?

Unidentified Voice: This is a secure call, what are you doing?

Doctor: Hello. Yeah, I know, you should switch me off, but before you do, watch this.

(This bit’s a little complicated, cause there’s about seven people talking at once. I’ll try to do the best I can with the fragments I can distinct.)

Unidentified Voice: It’s him!

Patrick Moore: -I know, I’m getting-

(The Doctor starts to type, rapidly, obviously showing them at the same time just what he’s doing.)

Doctor: Fermat’s Theorem, the proof, and I mean the real one, never been seen before, poor Fermat got killed in a duel before he could write it down. My fault. I slept in. Oh, and here’s an oldie but a goodie, why electrons have mass, and a personal favourite of mine, faster than light travel with two diagrams and a joke.(He stops typing.) Look at your screens. Whoever I am, I’m a genius. Look at the sun. You need all the help you can get. Fellas – pay attention.

(The mini is racing along the road, about as fast as minis really go, as it speeds to the hospital. It pulls up at the front, where a crowd has gathered, of mostly doctors, patients and nurses. Amy and Rory get out quickly and head inside.)

(Back at Jeff’s house, and the Doctor is now typing on Rory’s phone again.)

Unidentified Voice Sir! What are you doing?!

Doctor: I am writing a computer virus, very clever, super fast, and a tiny bit alive, but don’t let on. And why am I writing it on a phone? Never mind. You’ll find out. Okay, I’m sending this to all your computers. Get everyone who works for you sending this everywhere. Email, text, FaceBook, Bebo, Twitter, radar dish. Whatever you’ve got, any questions?

Amy and Rory manage to get into the hospital ward, and meet the Prisoner! They run away! Good job companions! The Doctor arrives, and the clocks get reset back to zero  due to the virus which originated from Rory’s cell phone that has the pictures of the multiforms. I hate how he says.. “What is the the word? The word is ZERO!” So annoying as I thought BIRD WAS THE WORD!!!

who da man

The Doctor decides NEVER to use that line again. However the multiform decides to change into Amelia as a child, one picture that is not on the phone. Since there is a psychic link, the Doctor yells at Amy to dream about the prisoner that she saw in the room, and WOAH! The Prisoner changes back to its orginal form, and the Atraxi take off.

Then the Doctor decides to make a phone call, telling the Atraxi to come back, and of course cites the Shadow Proclamation at them. Rory.. has the best line of the ENTIRE episode with..  “Uh, did he just bring them back?  Did he just save the world from aliens, and then bring all the aliens back again?!” Gotta love stating the obvious!

So then, the Doctor hits the hospital changing rooms.. and decides that he needs new clothes, as he’s still in the clothes that he wore when he was 10. Amy is just loving it.. and Rory just goes along with what the Doctor is doing, but turns his back.

Then up on the roof of the hospital comes this epic speech..

Doctor: Leaving is good. Never coming back is better. (pause, before he starts to yell up at the Atraxi ship.) Come oooooooon then! The Doctor will see you now!

(The eye in the center of the Atraxi ship is suddenly released, and zooms down to rest right in front of the Doctor, evidently examining him. A blue light flares out, and starts to scan him. The Doctor waits patiently for it to finish before he then pull up his braces.)

Atraxi: You are not of this world.

Doctor: No, but I’ve put a lot of work into it. (He fiddles about with the new ties, trying to decide which one works best. Of course.) Umm… uhh… I dunno. (He holds one up) What do you think?

Atraxi: Is this world important?

Doctor: Important?! What does that mean, important? Six billion people live here, is that important? Here’s a better question: is this world a threat to the Atraxi?(Through this, he’s picking off random ties and flinging them backwards – they always manage to hit Amy or Rory.) Come on, you’re monitoring the whole planet. Is this world a threat?

(The same blue light streaks outward from the pupil of the eye once more, not scanning him this time, but creating a hologram of a globe. The globe flicks through different images from Earth’s transmission history, including nuclear explosions, wars, armies… and religions, praying, caring.)

Atraxi: …No.

Doctor:  Are the people of this world guilty of any crime by the laws of the Atraxi?

(Flicking through more images, of street carnivals, crowds, costumes.)

Atraxi: No.

Doctor: Okay! One more, just one. (pause) Is this world protected?

(More images – a Cyberman smashing through a window. A group of Cybermen. The Daleks spitting outward from the Genesis Ark. The Empress of the Racnoss. The Ood. The Sycorax. The Sontarans. The Silurians (I think. Fish looking people.) The Reapers. The Hath. And all the while over this, the Doctor is speaking.)

Doctor: Cause you’re not the first lot to have come here. Oh, there have been SO many. And what you’ve got to ask is… what happened to them?

(He steps out of shot, still fiddling with his tie, as the Atraxi globe flicks through only ten more images. Doctors the First. Second. Third. Fourth. Fifth. Sixth. Seventh. Eighth. Ninth. Tenth. As it gets to Ten, Eleven steps through the hologram, a curious smile on his face and his full costume on, including bow-tie and jacket, and the hologram abruptly disappears.)

Doctor: Hello. I’m the Doctor. (Pause. He gives a small breath of laughter.) Basically. (pause) Run!

During this whole scene.. I AM THE DOCTOR plays in the background,  giving power to the words the Doctor says, making the Atraxi skeddale as fast as possible. The Doctor feels something burning in his pocket.. THE TARDIS IS READY !!! Runs off again he does, leaving Amy and Rory behind AGAIN.

He then shows up what he thinks is just a few hours later as the sun has set, to Amy… dressed in a nightgown. Sadly for her, even more time has passed. TWO YEARS! The Doctor is like, FINE, 14 years you have waited long enough… let’s go!  Thus she leaves everything in the middle of the night, and we pan back into her house, where we clearly see a wedding gown in her closet, and she asks to be back in time for something happening the following morning.

And they are off! Well there is this deleted scene where the Doctor explains the Tardis to Amy…

Welcome aboard the Tardis 11! You did a great job on your first outing!

Until tomorrow, Queens and beasts.


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