10’s Song Has Ended But The Story Never Ends

Published October 11, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 43

Episodes watched:  60

Today’s Episode:  End of Time Part II

Writer: Russell T. Davies

So, we were left with a cliffhanger of the entire earth being the Master, except for Donna, the Doctor, Wilf and the cacti.

Donna uses some type of mind defense and makes herself pass out. The Cacti decide then to rescue the Doctor and transport him and Wilf onto the spaceship. I feel bad for Tennant during the stair scene, as he had major back surgery as he was injured doing Hamlet, thus strapped into a chair and going down those stairs? Those screams of pain were real!

Anyway, back onto the spaceship.. the Doctor uses his sonic to pretty much dismantle all systems.. so they are just stuck there floating in space, since the Master can use nuclear warheads on them.

Thus this remarkable conversation follows between Wilf and the Doctor..

WILF: Aye, aye. Got this old tub mended?
DOCTOR: Just trying to fix the heating.
WILF: Oh. I’ve always dreamt of a view like that. Hee, hee. I’m an astronaut. It’s dawn over England, look. Brand new day. My wife’s buried down there. I might never visit her again now. Do you think he changed them, in their graves?

DOCTOR: I’m sorry.

WILF: No, not your fault.

DOCTOR: Isn’t it?

WILF: Oh, 1948, I was over there. End of the Mandate in Palestine. Private Mott. Skinny little idiot, I was. Stood on this rooftop, in the middle of a skirmish. It was like a blizzard, all them bullets in the air. The world gone mad. Yeah, you don’t want to listen to an old man’s tales, do you?

DOCTOR: I’m older than you.

WILF: Get away.

DOCTOR: I’m nine hundred and six.

WILF: What, really, though?


WILF: Nine hundred years. We must look like insects to you.

DOCTOR: I think you look like giants. 

WILF: Listen, I, I want you to have this. I’ve kept it all this time, and I thought

(Wilf offers his revolver to the Doctor.)


WILF: No, but if you take it, you could

DOCTOR: No. You had that gun in the mansion. You could have shot the Master there and then.

WILF: Too scared, I suppose.

DOCTOR: I’d be proud.

WILF: Of what?

DOCTOR: If you were my dad.

WILF: Oh, come on, don’t start. But you said, you were told he will knock four times and then you die. Well, that’s him, isn’t it? The Master. That noise in his head? The Master is going to kill you.


WILF: Then kill him first.

DOCTOR: And that’s how the Master started. It’s not like I’m an innocent. I’ve taken lives. I got worse. I got clever. Manipulated people into taking their own. Sometimes I think a Time Lord lives too long. I can’t. I just can’t.

WILF: If the Master dies, what happens to all the people?

DOCTOR: I don’t know.

WILF: Doctor, what happens?

DOCTOR: The template snaps.

WILF: What, they go back to being human? They’re alive, and human. Then don’t you dare, sir. Don’t you dare put him before them. Now you take this. That’s an order, Doctor. Take the gun. You take the gun and save your life. And please don’t die. You’re the most wonderful man and I don’t want you to die.

DOCTOR: Never.

Then the Doctor takes the gun, once he learned from the Master that a 10 point star arrived on earth, and he realizes that it can only come from Gallifrey. He figures out that the Time Lords want OUT of the time lock that he placed them in. He gets the spaceship back up and running…

End of Time ALLONS_Y!!!!

Then he has Wilf manage the lasers to deal with the missiles headed toward them. It’s so fun watching an old man shooting guns like a kid! Then the Doctor jumps off the spaceship back into the Mansion. At this point, the Time Lords have emerged and are talking to the Master. They change all of the Master Race back into the Human Race, thus freaking out all the humans, especially now that Gallifrey is visible in the sky next to the Earth!.

Wilfred meanwhile manages to get the cacti to land the ship, and hurries into the Mansion and takes over the nuclear machine in the room, saving the two guys inside.

The final skirmish begins between the Doctor and the Master and the Time Lords. The Doctor pulls out his gun and is about to shoot the Leader of the Time Lords, but then points the gun back at the Master. He then points the gun back at the Time Lords, and sees the woman that Wilfred has been talking to… and then points the gun back at the Master and yells at him to move… and shoots the star.. thus flinging Gallifrey back into the time lock along with the Master whom is hellbent on killing them for starting the drumming in his head.

During this.. he gets blasted back.. and realizes.. he’s still ALIVE!! YAY!!

 Then *tap tap tap tap*…  The Doctor then notices Wilf is still in the nuclear glass case off to the side of the room… 

WILF: They gone, then? Yeah, good-o. If you could let me out?


WILF: Only, this thing seems to be making a bit of a noise.

DOCTOR: The Master left the Nuclear Bolt running. It’s gone into overload.

WILF: And that’s bad, is it?

DOCTOR: No, because all the excess radiation gets vented inside there. Vinvocci glass contains it. All five hundred thousand rads, about to flood that thing.

WILF: Oh. Well, you’d better let me out, then.

DOCTOR: Except it’s gone critical. Touch one control and it floods. Even this would set it off.

(The sonic screwdriver.)

WILF: I’m sorry.


WILF: Look, just leave me.

DOCTOR: Okay, right then, I will. Because you had to go in there, didn’t you? You had to go and get stuck, oh yes. Because that’s who you are, Wilfred. You were always this. Waiting for me all this time.

WILF: No really, just leave me. I’m an old man, Doctor. I’ve had my time.

DOCTOR: Well, exactly. Look at you. Not remotely important. But me? I could do so much more. So much more! But this is what I get. My reward. And it’s not fair! Oh. Oh. I’ve lived too long.

WILF: No. No, no, please, please don’t. No, don’t! Please don’t! Please!

DOCTOR: Wilfred, it’s my honour. Better be quick. Three, two, one.

(The Doctor quickly goes into the open booth and unlocks Wilf’s side. Wilf runs out and red light floods the Doctor’s booth. It hurts a lot. The Doctor curls up into a ball. Then the power shuts down. After a few moments, the Doctor gets up.)

WILF: What? Hello.


WILF: Still with us?

DOCTOR: The system’s dead. I absorbed it all. Whole thing’s kaput. Oh. Now it opens, yeah.

(The Doctor comes out of the booth.)

WILF: Well, there we are, then. Safe and sound. Mind you, you’re in hell of a state. You’ve got some battle scars there.

(The Doctor rubs his face and the cuts vanish.)

WILF: But they’ve. Your face. How did you do that?

DOCTOR: It’s started.

(Wilf hugs the Doctor.)


He takes Wilf back home, and says this is NOT the last time they will see each other.

The Doctor then decides to pay a visit to each of his former companions..

1.)  Mickey and Martha apparently get married, and he saves their lives by hitting a Soltaran in that one place on the back of their noggin.

2.)  He saves Clyde’s life.. and waves goodbye to Sarah Jane again.

3.)  Then he shows up at some bar in the future, and has the barkeep hand Jack a note, letting him know that the guy next to him.. his name is Alonzo. Yup.. the Midshipman from the Titanic! Then yet again waves goodbye.

4.)  Remember that diary he wrote in Human Nature/Family of Blood? Well the woman’s granddaughter published it. He meets her and has her sign the book.

5.)  He goes to Donna’s wedding, but just speaks with Wilf and Sylvia, and gives them a lottery ticket.. and when Donna gets it, she says its Triple Rollover… who knows!

6.)  Since this episode occurs on New Year’s its only appropriate that he says goodbye to Rose before she met him.. New Year’s 2005… as Rose  was aired that spring.

Then he sees and Ood, and they sing to him to give him the strength he needs to get back into the Tardis, and he launches it off away from the Earth has he has held on for so long.. thus the radiation and the regeneration energy explodes out from him..

Don't want to go.

Thus.. we say goodbye to 10.

Tennant didn’t want to leave, but it seemed appropriate, as RTD and Julie, the other executive producer was also leaving. Changing of the guard it seems! So I give you a few youtube videos..

David Tennant’s final words..

David Tennant being funny…

And Finally the BEST VIDEO EVER…. THE 500 MILES !!!

Till tomorrow.. we get a hint about 11th Doctor and what he might be like..

P.S. Am I the only one that finds it interesting that David Tennant named his son Wilfred? After the Character that “killed” his doctor?


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