So that’s 11?

Published October 7, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 47

Episodes watched:  56

Today’s Episode:  The Next Doctor

Writer: Russell T. Davies

Now we are on the Tennant Specials! These 4 episodes, (really 5) were spaced out beginning Christmas 2008, and ending New Year’s Day 2010.

Now this episode was filmed before Journey’s End, thus really making this into Season 4. However just after they wrapped Season 4… David Tennant made this announcement…


Mind you this was way before Matt Smith was cast, thus making people believe for a bit that David Morrsey was going to be the Next Doctor!


I’m not a big fan of this episode, as it lost its fun as soon as the Doctor figured out that this guy is not a future him.

happy tennant

So enjoy this great knock knock joke instead.

knock knock


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