RTD Gets The Gang Together Part II

Published October 6, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 48

Episodes watched:  55

Today’s Episode:  Journey’s End

Writer: Russell T. Davies

This is the Official FINAL episode of Season 4! We were left with a cliffhanger, as 10 just decided to put all of his spare regeneration energy into his spare hand. Handy hand eh? The Doctor is still at 10! Martha goes to Germany, Torchwood gets timelocked and thus Ianto and Gwen are stuck underground, Jackie and Mikey kill the Dalek that was about to kill Sarah Jane! All neatly resolved.

Then the Daleks kidnap the Tardis with Rose, Donna, Jack and the Doctor inside, and transports it to the Crucible, aka the BIG Dalek ship.  The Doctor asks Rose what she had been up to.. so she offers up this explanation that makes the Doctor very happy..

Journey's End Rose

Sarah Jane, Mikey, and Jackie see the Tardis get stolen so they get themselves arrested to get onboard the Crucible too. Martha then meets some lady and speaks some German to get into this underground base to use this key she has, and is just hanging out there.

The Daleks demand the Doctor to leave the Tardis, so he Jack, and Rose get out of the Tardis. Donna gets attracted to the hand, and suddenly the Tardis doors slam shut and the Daleks toss the Tardis into the engine. OH NO!!!!!

However since Donna touched the Handy Spare Hand.. it turned into a….

Naked Ten

Timelord/Human biological metacrisis. Donna was just like.. OMG YOU’RE NAKED!!! So the metacrisis replies…

oh yes

Thus the Tardis was saved! However no one else is aware of this other than Donna and the crisis.. aka 10.5!

Ten is furious, and Jack shoots at the Daleks! Of course the Daleks then “kill” Jack. 10 and Rose are then escorted down to the “vault” to hang with Davros and Dalek Caan. Jack then escapes!

The Daleks then activate what is called the “Reality Bomb” which is a bomb using the 27 planet’s energy to turn atoms into nothingness, thus destroying all reality, and the Daleks will be the only living thing in existence!

At this point everyone realizes what is happening so the threats begin pouring in. Martha goes first with her Key thing… that has a bunch of warheads pointed to the Earth’s core, thus destroying the earth. Then Mikey, Jack, Jackie and Sarah Jane pipe in about their “Warp Star” that can destroy the crucible.

Warp star

However Davros gains the upper hand by teleporting everyone into the Vault! Drat! So the “Children of Time” assembled!  The Daleks then waste no time resting the countdown of the bomb!

Then out of the blue… we hear the familiar Tardis WOOOOSSSSSSHHHHHHH!!! Its 10.5! With some gun he made to kill Davros! Davros is too fast and shocks him! Then out comes Donna! She gets the gun but has no idea what to do! Then Davros shocks her!

The countdown clock on the reality bomb continues to tick down.. 3,2,1.. and STOP!  WHAT???

It’s the DoctorDonna! She stopped the bomb! Davros gave her a little kick in the synapse to get the Timelord part working! She and 10 and 10.5 then decide to stop the Daleks by having them spin… and then they begin sending the planets home… well all of them except one… because Davros wouldn’t let them get away with it!

So what is that last planet? Why the earth of course?! So the Doctor runs to the Tardis to get the mainframe working again, while 10.5 is working on maintaining earth’s atmosphereic shell. Dalek Caan, then mentions to 10.5 that the Daleks will still be dangerous if they just leave them there. So 10.5 kills all the Daleks!

The Doctor is uber pissed at 10.5 and orders everyone on to the Tardis. They then work with Torchwood, by using the rift as a tow rope, and Mr. Smith (Sarah Jane’s computer) as the anchor, and then everyone on the Tardis then works as pilots to tow the earth home. Just look how happy he and Rose are when they realize they met Gwen’s “ancestor”!

journey's end smiling

That whole scene there is just heartwarming, seeing the Doctor smile and be so happy, hanging out with all his friends! What is also fun is that everyone ships Rose and the Doctor… everyone is happy to see them back together!

Then of course he has to take them home. Sarah Jane goes first since she has her son, then Jack and Martha leave with Mikey in tow.

Then the Doctor lands in the saddest place for Rose ever, back to her parallel universe. She is really not happy to be there, as she worked so hard to get back to her Doctor.

The Doctor then explains that 10.5 is staying with her, as he is human and has only one heart, but has all the Doctor’s memories.. ect.. ect..   then this ever important deleted scene occurs..

Then Rose asks them both the question… “What was the end to the sentence that you were going to stay to me before?”  and lo.. only 10.5 could answer..

da kiss

Thus ends the saga of Rose Tyler, as she is then left behind again.

So, Donna and the Doctor in the Tardis? Sadly no. The timelord part of her brain overwhelms her and he has no choice but to erase all memories of their adventures.  So he takes her home, and explains to Wilf and Sylvia her mum, that she can’t remember anything or she’ll die.

Thus he leaves them.. and Wilf gives him this amazing send off…

WILF: Oh, Doctor… What about you now? Who’ve you got? I mean, all those friends of yours…

DOCTOR: They’ve all got someone else. Still, that’s fine. I’m fine.

But he looks everything but fine as he stands in the pouring rain.

WILF: I’ll watch out for you, sir.

DOCTOR: (with emphasis) You can’t ever tell her!

WILF: No, no, no. But every night, Doctor, when it gets dark, and the stars come out, I’ll look up… on her behalf. I’ll look up at the sky, and think of you.

DOCTOR: Thank you.

Sad Tennant

So sad, seeing him alone again. All I want to do is pull him into a big bear hug!

Alas.. behind the scenes this episode was a ton of fun.. it might cheer you up after seeing how sad the Doctor is now.

Oh and look! Tennant is totally FANBOYING!!!

tennant fanboying... photoboming


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