Published October 5, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 49

Episodes watched:  54

Today’s Episode:  Stolen Earth

Writer: Russell T. Davies

I love this two parter Season Finale. RTD decides to gather EVERYONE that the Doctor has traveled with or met in his tenure. This includes characters from the spinoffs he created, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures! Yup, Rose, Martha, Donna, Jack, Mickey, Jackie, Harriet Jones and Sarah Jane Smith are all on the set, well not in this one but the next one.

It begins where we left off at the end of Turn Left, with the Doctor basically telling Donna that the blonde she met, is Rose! Then when they get back into the Tardis, BAM! The earth disappears!

We then head to New York to meet up with Martha, who is in “New York”! She can’t get a hold of the Doctor using her phone, and then we switch to Torchwood in Cardiff to see Jack and Ianto, and Gwen, then off to Ealing to hang out with Sarah Jane Smith, as they all realize that the Earth has moved and they can’t contact the Doctor. Then we are given a clue as to whom as done this with the message.. “EXTERIMNATE!” which has everyone shaking in their boots.

Meanwhile, The Doctor takes Donna to visit the Shadow Proclamation where he gets in by using this code..

guns up


judoon speaks


doc speaks 1


doc speaks 2
guns down



mo ho

Its so funny at the end, because it sounds like he called Donna his ho!

Then he finds out about the 24 missing planets. With thanks to Donna, they add Pyroville, Adipose 3, and then the Doctor remembers on Midnight discussing the LOST MOON OF POOSH! Wham! The planets form a generator. However they have no idea what for nor where the planets are located. Then Donna remembers the bees are missing!  The Doctor says.. oh yeah some are aliens! The “T” Something trail! Let’s follow it! The Shadow Proclamation lady was like YAY! You’ll lead us into BATTLE! The Doctor is all like.. hmmm.. let me get you a key.. when really he just takes off. No one takes the TARDIS FROM HIM!

Back on Earth the Daleks are killing Humans! Martha heads back home to England using project indigo! Rose shows up! She ends up hanging out with Donna’s mum and Grandpa, just as HARRIET JONES gets ahold of everyone using the subwave network! YAY!

Martha and Jack already know each other, but no one has met Sarah Jane Smith, and lo Jack tries to flirt with no luck. They discuss trying to figure out how to contact the Doctor. The decide to open the subwave network using the phone number of the phone that Martha left on the Tardis. Thus it exposes the network to the Daleks, and they come for her… BYE HARRIET! I’ll see you soon on Downton Abbey!

The Doctor and Martha finally break through.. and find them as the planets were just a second out of sync in the Medusa Cascasde. The Doctor said he had been there when he was young, about 90.

The Daleks then interrupt the network, and lo.. DAVROS! The Doctor and Donna, then just cut him off and head to Earth. Rose then phones a friend and WHOOOSSSSSHHHHHH she is off to see him!

doc sees rose

tennant on seeing rose






ten runs toward rose

tennant on ten wanting rose






run 2

tennant on flat out running










NO!!!! DALEKS!!! Luckily Jack arrived at the right moment to exterminate him! Sadly the Doctor is regenerating.. NOOO!!!!


Really? Oy.

Here is part ONE of Tennant’s video diary for these episodes.. I love how Barrowman gushes over Davros!!


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