The Choices We Make…

Published October 4, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 50

Episodes watched:  53

Today’s Episode:  Turn Left

Writer: Russell T. Davies

I adore this episode.. I know I say that nearly every day but the first time I watched this episode I didn’t think much of it. It wasn’t until subsequent viewing, I realized exactly how deep this episode really is.

You see, it’s all about the tiny little choices we make in our lives that lead up to the big decisions. This is Donna’s episode, so it deals with this one tiny decision that she made, and because of that she never did meet the Doctor and stop him when he was draining the Thames, as he didn’t make it out in time during Runaway Bride, the first episode we see Donna in.

Since the Doctor is dead, we then look at the other things that he saved, the Hospital, Martha’s first adventure, she dies on the Moon. We don’t have the last of the time lords since the Doctor never did go to Utopia, nor the Lazarus Project created. Thus the next earth shattering adventure is the Titanic crashing into London.  Due to all that radiation from the ship, the Adipose decide to de-fatten America rather than England, thus preventing them from helping the Brits. Then the ATMOS system came into play, and thus there goes the Torchwood team, Ianto and Gwen dying, whilst Jack gets kidnapped to save the Earth.

We learn all this because Rose keeps popping up during the entire episode, and talking with Donna, because she knows that universe has gone wrong, especially  due to the bug on Donna’s back, that is creating the new universe around Donna.

Such a great episode with tons of writing, a good close ending to Season 4, as it seemed to be much of a re-cap of what Donna has been up to on her time on the Tardis.

Then to end with those two awesome words… BAD WOLF!!!!


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