Copycat on Steroids

Published October 3, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 51

Episodes watched:  52

Today’s Episode:  Midnight

Writer: Russell T. Davies

I love the opening  banter between Donna and the Doctor, that sets up the ENTIRE episode

DONNA is lounging poolside as a waiter brings her a telephone. DONNA picks up the receiver.

DONNA: I said no.


The DOCTOR is at a pay phone.

DOCTOR: A sapphire waterfall-it’s a waterfall made of sapphires.


DONNA smiles indulgently.

DOCTOR: (on phone) This enormous jewel the size of a glacier…


DOCTOR: Reaches the Cliffs of Oblivion and then shatters into sapphires at the edge. They fall 100,000 feet into a crystal ravine.


DONNA: I bet you say that to all the girls.


The passengers walk past the DOCTOR as they begin to board.

DOCTOR: Oh, come on, they’re boarding now. It’s no fun if I see it on my own. Four hours. That’s all it’ll take.

DONNA: (on phone) No, that’s four hours there and four hours back. That’s like a school trip.


DONNA: I’d rather go sunbathing.

DOCTOR: (on phone) You be careful. That’s X-tonic sunlight.

DONNA: Oh, I’m safe. It says in the brochure this glass is 15 feet thick.

DOCTOR: (on phone) All right, I give up.


DOCTOR: I’ll be back for dinner. We’ll try that anti-gravity restaurant-with bibs.

DONNA: (on phone) That’s a date.


DONNA: Well, not a date. Oh, you know what I mean. Oh, get off.


DOCTOR: See you later.

DONNA: (on phone) Oi!


DONNA: And you be careful. All right?
DOCTOR: (on phone) Nah!


DOCTOR: Taking a big space truck with a bunch of strangers across a diamond planet called Midnight-what could possibly go wrong? (hangs up phone)



What makes this exchange even better this this huge prop error…

donna phone

I mean look at the phone.. its not plugged into anything! We should all blame BBC’s cheapo prop department.

Now this episode is largely Doctor centric as the next episode is Donna centric. Since RTD couldn’t give them both an episode off, he decided to give them one episode off at a time.

Now we begin to meet the peeps that the Doctor will be with on this journey, a Professor, his assistant, A family with a teenager, and one lovely lady traveling alone.

Of the people there the most recognizable is the Teen, Jethro.. as it is none other than..  Colin Morgan from Merlin!

So, the journey begins with so much entertainment that the Doctor decides to short circuit it all using his sonic and lo.. everyone has to get to know each other! WHAT FUN!

We find out that Jethro hates his parents, Sky is traveling alone, the professor and Dee Dee have been on this trip one too many times, studying the planet, and the hostess is more than obliging of letting everyone hang out.

One important thing to note.. Dee Dee does mention.. the LOST MOON OF POOSH! Another missing planet!

Then wham. They stop. Or as Jethro puts it best..

colin morgan

Then the fun begins! The Doc find out what’s going on, then he pretty much lies to everyone to keep them calm.  Then come the Knocks, and before we know it, the front cabin has been ripped out, the mechanic and driver are dead, and Sky has been possessed.

The Doctor begins to test Sky as she begins to play Copycat.

Midnight Gif

He figures out whatever is in her is learning by repeating everything anyone is saying. However the other passengers begin to question him and his knowledge, however, he can’t say who exactly he is or where he’s from so he has no choice but to use this simple line as to why he knows so much…

Midnight Clever

Then it gets creepier and if you haven’t seen it.. go watch it. If you forgot what happens next, go re-watch it!!!

Till Tomorrow for Donna’s next adventure.. and we learn what Earth would be like if Donna didn’t meet the Doctor..


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