Everybody Lives Part Duex

Published October 2, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 52

Episodes watched:  51

Today’s Episode:  Forest of the Dead

Writer: Stephen Moffat

First off, this is the halfway point in the countdown! 51 episdoes to go!

Now back to this episode, I swear I cannot watch this episode without crying. It’s a swan song to a character at this point we hardly know all, but knows us and the Doctor. This whole episode is amazingly well executed, and its great that RTD allowed this episode to happen without much explanation, as we are aware at this point that Moffat is taking over the Doctor in the following season.

So many clues to the future are put into this two-parter, especially in River’s speech to Anita..

In the Library, River, Anita and Mr Lux are in another huge room, River is examining shadows with her sonic.

RIVER: You know… it’s funny, I keep wishing the Doctor was here.

ANITA: The Doctor is here, isn’t he? He’s coming back, right?

RIVER: You know when you see a photograph of someone you know, but it’s from years before you knew them? It’s like they’re not quite… finished, they’re not done yet. Well… yes, the Doctor’s here. He came when I called, just like he always does. But not my Doctor. Now my Doctor… I’ve seen whole armies turn and run away. And he’d just swagger off back to his TARDIS and open the doors with a snap of his fingers. The Doctor… in the TARDIS… next stop: everywhere.

The Doctor appears suddenly.

DOCTOR: Spoilers! Nobody can open a TARDIS by snapping their fingers. It doesn’t work like that.

RIVER: It does for the Doctor.

DOCTOR: I am the Doctor.

RIVER:Yeah. Some day.

I adore Ten’s expression when she whispers in his ear… he’s just beyond shellshocked at what she just told him..

what did you just tell me

Moffat also does another wonderful play on words, it was quite funny when the Doctor figured out Saved vs. Safe.. and its so beautiful how he has River in her voice over echo back toward The Doctor Dances with the lovely line of “Everybody Lives”.

There is no getting out of crying at the end, even though you just met River Song, and you have no choice but to feel the heartache of Ten when he stares at her wondering who she is after she “dies”.

sad 10


Till tomorrow.. where we have another episode that will make you hide behind the sofa and create pools of wee!



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