Scooby Doo Gang hits the Library

Published October 1, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 53

Episodes watched:  50

Today’s Episode:  Silence in the Library

Writer: Stephen Moffat

I adore the opening banter between Donna and the Doctor in this episode, because in a way she kinda fortells the plot when she says.. “Travelling with you is just one big spoiler!” DONNA SAYS IT FIRST!

Yup this is the episode we meet the amazing River Song! *SPOILERS!* The first time I ever saw this I totally was a bit befuddled by her, and it was only later I realized she mentioned the Crash of the Byzantium when she was digging though her diary.


This is Moffat’s 3rdish outing with who… he has made us scared of gas masks in the first season, and clockwork droids in season two.. and now in season four he makes us afraid of shadows. He does an utterly amazing job introducing this monster to us…

.DOCTOR: OK, we’ve got a live one! That’s not darkness down those tunnels, this is not a shadow. It’s a swarm. A man-eating swarm.

He throws a chicken leg from the lunch box into the shadows. But by the time it reaches the ground, there’s only the bone left of it.

DOCTOR: The piranhas of the air, the Vashta Nerada. Literally “the shadows that melt the flesh”. Most planets have them, but usually in small clusters. I’ve never seen an infestation on this scale, or this aggressive.

DONNA: What d’you mean, most planets? Not Earth?

DOCTOR: Mmmm, Earth, and a billion other worlds. Where there’s meat, there’s Vashta Nerada. You can see them sometimes, if you look. The dust in sunbeams.

DONNA: If they were on Earth, we’d know.

DOCTOR: Nah, normally they live on road kill. But sometimes people go missing. Not everyone comes back out of the dark.

RIVER: Every shadow?

DOCTOR: No. But any shadow.

RIVER: So what do we do?

DOCTOR:Daleks – aim for the eyestalk. Sontarans – back of the neck. Vashta Nerada… Run! Just run.

Then we are left not too long afterwards with the lovely cliff hanger of Donna is saved in the computer, and everyone else running for their lives!



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