Murders most foul…

Published September 30, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 54

Episodes watched:  49

Today’s Episode:  Unicorn and the Wasp

Writer: Gareth Roberts

I did enjoy the writing on this episode, especially how much the Doctor has wanted to meet Agatha, and lo he does!


The other fun thing about this episode is that you can relate each character, other than the Doctor and Donna to CLUE!

  • Clemency Eddison resembles Mrs Peacock
  • Robina Redmond resembles Miss Scarlet
  • Colonel Hugh Curshiby resembles Colonel Mustard
  • Professor Gerald Peach resembles Professor Plum
  • Miss Chandrakala resembles Miss White
  • Reverend Arnold Golightly resembles Reverend Green

Also note that Lady Eddison, is also CASSANDRA!!! Yup bitchy trampoline!! I didn’t realize that until this evening! Awesomesauce!!

There were so many good lines.. but the poisoning was the best part..

DOCTOR: No. Something’s inhibiting my enzymes. ARGH! (in agony) I’ve been poisoned!

DONNA: What do we do? What do we do?!

She crouches beside the Doctor, trying to find a way to help, while Agatha smells his drink.

AGATHA: Bitter almonds! It’s cyanide! Sparkling cyanide!

The Doctor runs out of the room, stumbling. Donna and Agatha follow him.

They burst into the kitchen. The Doctor staggers to Davenport and grabs him.

DOCTOR: Ginger beer!

DAVENPORT: (offended) I beg your pardon?

DOCTOR: I need ginger beer!

He struggles to the kitchen shelf, sweeping off stuff while he searches for ginger beer.

MRS HART: The gentleman’s gone mad!

The Doctor founds the bottle and drinks of it, then pours the rest on his head.

AGATHA: I’m an expert in poisons, Doctor. There’s no cure! It’s fatal!

He spits out the rest of the drink.

DOCTOR: Not for me! I can stimulate the inhibited enzymes into reversal… Protein! I need protein!

He leans on the worktop, panting in agony, while Donna and Agatha search the kitchen supplies.

DONNA: Walnuts?

DOCTOR: Brilliant!

She hands him a jar of walnuts and he gobbles it down. Mouth full, he can only gesture to Donna, shaking his hand up and down.

DONNA: I can’t understand you! How many words?

He shows up one finger.

DONNA: One! One word!

He keeps shaking his hand while Donna is guessing what he means.

DONNA: Shake, milk shake, milk? Milk? No, not milk? Hm, shake shake shake… Cocktail shaker! What do you want, a Harvey Wallbanger?

He finally manages to swallow the walnuts.

DOCTOR: Harvey Wallbanger?!

DONNA: Well, I don’t know!

DOCTOR: How is Harvey Wallbanger one word?!

AGATHA: What do you need, Doctor?!

DOCTOR: Salt, I was miming salt! Salt! I need something salty!

DONNA: What about this?

She shows him a brown bag.

DOCTOR:What is it?

DONNA: Salt!

DOCTOR: That’s too salty!

Oh, that’s too salty!

Agatha hands him a jar.

AGATHA: What about this?!

He opens the jar and gobbles the contents.

DONNA: What’s that?

AGATHA: Anchovies!

The Doctor gestures again.

camptown races

DONNA: What is it? What else? It’s a song? Mammy? Um, I don’t know, Camptown Races?

DOCTOR: Camptown Races?

DONNA: All right then, Towering Inferno!

DOCTOR: It’s a shock! Look! Shock! I need a shock!

DONNA: Right then. Big shock, coming up!


She grabs him and kisses him. She lets him go, and the Doctor breathes out a cloud of grey smoke. Donna, Agatha and the kitchen staff stare at him, shocked.

DOCTOR: Detox! (he wipes his mouth) I must do that more often!

Donna gives him a nasty look.

DOCTOR:I mean, the, the detox.

AGATHA: (in disbelief) Doctor, you are impossible! Who are you?

I love that kiss because its SO OUT OF CHARACTER for Donna… they are blokes, nothing more. That’s why its so shocking for him for her to do that.

Then when they get down to solving the murders.. I was laughing so hard at Donna… as she was doing exactly what everyone at home was doing.. munching on popcorn whilst watching the drama. Good Olde Donna.  I especially loved her earlier reference to season one, when she mentions that Agatha and Murder are similar to Dickens and Christmas ghosts. Shame the Doctor didn’t correct her there.

Till Tomorrow.. we meet a pivotal character in Moffat’s ‘verse!



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