Happy Birthday to Jenny and ME!

Published September 29, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 55

Episodes watched:  48

Today’s Episode:  Doctor’s Daughter

Writer: Stephen Greenhorn

Yup.. Its my birthday, and also one of my favorite episodes of Doctor WHO!!!


tumblr_mswrwzWJWE1r8rm05o9_r1_250 The reason being is that Georgia Moffat who plays Jenny, the 10th Doctor’s Daughter is in real life the actual daughter of the 5th Doctor, Peter Davidson! Tenant and Father in Law Now, lets make that connection even more INSANE, shall we? Well soon after this episode, David and Georgia began dating, and lo.. got HITCHED! Yup 10 is married to his Daughter! David and georgia ONE MORE STEP!!! They had a daughter together! Her name is Olive! tumblr_lovcl94NMf1qimo8bo1_r1_500 Now… I love that Donna does a good job at keeping the Doctor calm and level headed in regards to helping him deal with the idea that he has a daughter. doc daughter The best exchange in this entire episode is this one.

The Doctor: Call me old fashioned, but if you really wanted peace couldn’t you just stop fighting?

Lieutenant Cobb: Only when we have the Source. It will give us the power to erase every stinking Hath off the face of this planet.

The Doctor: Hang on, a second ago it was peace in our time and now you’re talking about genocide!

Lieutenant Cobb: For us, that means the same thing!

The Doctor: Then you need to get yourself a better dictionary. When you do, look up genocide. You’ll see a little picture of me there and the caption’ll read ‘over my dead body!’


I also love the fact that it was Moffat (SHAKES FIST!)  whom said.. hey.. KEEP JENNY ALIVE! So, whom knows what he is planning with that.. that man whom keeps everything up his sleeve! He has never said anything about bringing her back yet, we shall never know what exactly happens to her. It would be nice for some conclusion with that character.

Oh well.. tomorrow we meet another great literary character… Agatha Christie!


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