Who knew CO2 Converters could be bad?

Published September 27, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 57

Episodes watched:  46

Today’s Episode:  The Sontaran Stratagem

Writer:  Helen Rayner

Ah, the first TWO parter of this season. It ain’t half bad. I love the fact that Donna drives the Tardis, while they get a phone call… and its Martha! Then bam, Martha and Donna become BFF simply because they love helping the Doctor, and both have had that point where they moved on away from him.

I do think it’s great that they included UNIT again, although they changed the name, per demand from the United Nations when the show got re-booted in 2005, that they shouldn’t mention that it’s a part of the UN, now its United Intelligence Taskforce.

Also they brought the Doctor in, since Martha now works for UNIT, so she has access to the Doctor, and they were quite unsure of what to do with the ATMOS systems, so they called in an expert..


Lo, They realized that the cars could be weapons, so the Doctor wanted to meet the guy that invented them. On the way to the car…the best exchange of this entire episode occurred..

Donna: Doctor.

Doctor: Oh Just in time! Come on. Come on. We’re going to the country. Fresh air and geniuses what more could you ask?

Donna: I’m not coming with you, I’ve been thinking. Sorry. I’m going home.

Doctor: Really?

Donna: I’ve got to.

Doctor: Well… if that’s what you want, I mean it’s a bit soon. I had so many places I wanted to take you… The 15th Broken Moon of The Medusa cascade, The Lightning Skies of the Cotter Palluni’s World, Diamond Coral Reefs of Kataa Flo Ko. Thank You. Thank you Donna Noble, YOU’ve saved my life in so many ways. You’re… You’re just popping out for a visit that’s what you mean?

Donna: YOU DUMBO. (she hits the Doctor on the arm)

Doctor: and then you’re coming back?

Donna: Do you know what you are? A Great. BIG Outer-Space DUNCE.

Doctor: Yeah.

Sadly Martha gets hauled off and becomes FAKEMartha whilst this is happening.

Funny thing is that the Doctor, does meet up with Luke Rattigan, and lo discovers the Soltarons (little purple men) and right off insults them and their stragety. Luckily he does manage to escape by doing this..

Da hit

Thus he and his UNIT friend yet again narrowly escapes death by a car that has ATMOS, that the little purple men are trying to control to kill him again. They then meet up with Donna, and once the Doctor realizes that he knows Wilf from the newspaper stand!  YAY FRIENDS!

Sadly at this point we are getting set up for the cliffhanger as the purple dudes have decided to release a ton of poison gas into the atmosphere and Wilf is stuck into a car with the gas!

Till tomorrow.. where the best reference to Season ONE takes place.


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