Hi Twelve??!!!

Published September 25, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 59

Episodes watched:  44

Today’s Episode:  Fires of Pompeii

Writer:  James Moran

I’ve always thought this to be a very intresting episode, in the simple fact that we see a Soothsayer, whom must be an ancient ancestor of one Ameilia Pond, as well as the 12th Doctor all in one episode. As you can see the chameleon circuit doesn’t work with him, thus is why he bought the Tardis.


The funny thing about this episode is that it takes place in Pompeii, however when the Doctor and Donna first land, he says its Rome. They are actually filming in Rome, and saying its Pompeii.



I’ve always loved the banter between the  Doctor and Donna, when she’s peeved at him..


Or when she’s so happy to be with him!

Water Pistol

Then again he always seems to realize that he needs someone to stop him… and saves the day.


The funny part of this episode also lies with the soothsayers as they tell Doctor and Donna predictions of their futures… Lucius tells the Doctor “She is returning.” He tells Donna, “There is something on your back.” The daughter says the Doctor’s real name is hidden and “burns in Cascade of Medusa herself.” Hmmmm… funny eh?

Also second missing planet mentioned! Our list thus far:

-Adipose Breeding Planet

– Pyroville

Here is my favorite picture of David Tennant… just hanging out on the set… Rome is HOT!




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