Published September 24, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 60

Episodes watched:  43

Today’s Episode:  Partners in Crime

Writer:  Russell T. Davies

I love, LoVe, LOVE this episode. Donna’s back in the hot seat! She’s my favorite companion by far. The most independent woman who knows exactly what she wants even though she’s not exactly sure she knows what she is doing.

The best moments take place before Donna and the Doctor meet up.. especially how they just MISS each other so many times like a Dalek shooting at the Doctor.  The best moment of course is this one..

partners in crime desk scene

We also begin learning about the series arc, although it’s not quite apparent, the Matron does mention that the adipose breeding planet has gone missing!

I also ADORE Wilf. RTD did a genius job by bringing back Bernard Cribbins, who played the newspaper guy in Voyage of the Damned. You knew you recognized him from somewhere didn’t you?! Well the man who played Donna’s father in Runaway Bride sadly got cancer and passed on just as they were beginning to film this episode, so RTD just changed it to Donna’s grandpa, and lo… it works! Brilliantly I would say so.

The scene where Donna meets up with the Doctor is just awesome, as Catherine did it with zero prep on the miming. Luckily for my superior lipreading skills, I can easily determine that the Doctor is saying.. “WHAT THE HELL!” here!

Partners in Crime


Also this happened behind the scenes… when he caught the sonic.. too funny!

I’m so happy to see Donna as back up… she’s just my favorite companion. She’s not looking for anything sexual at all, just a mate, which is EXACTLY what the Doctor needs after so much loss. I’m so ready for Season 4…. Bring it ON!


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