Love Hermits

Published September 20, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 64

Episodes watched:  39

Today’s Episode: Utopia

Writer: Russell T. Davies

Jack Harkness.. how I have missed thee. No really.. its been to flipping long! I hate how the Tardis deals with Jack.. going all the way to the end of time to shake him off. Silly girl, you even gave Martha a fright, which Jack makes up for it by flirting with her..


Now once they arrive on this silly planet.. John Barrowman explains how the running around on set goes..

running on utopia

They arrive in the Silo, meet the Professor, and try to get a clue about Utopia, as the Professor is astonished that they have no clue about, thus the Doctor’s response is quite smart in fact..


They manage to get the rocket going to UTOPIA during which Jack and the Doc have a VERY LONG conversation about what Jack is. Meanwhile Martha figures out the Professor is a Time Lord, and is not a friendly one.

Thus the Tardis is stolen by the Professor, Martha, Jack and the Doctor are stranded at the end of the Universe. Not good… not good at all.

At least Jack tries to take off his clothes..



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