Never look away from an Angel made from stone

Published September 19, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 65

Episodes watched:  38

Today’s Episode: Blink

Writer: Steven Moffat

It’s a beautiful crisp fall day, leaves turning, that chill in the air, totally sets the mood for this episode. Blink is widely considered to be the best episode of NuWho with good reason, the aura of mystery surrounding the star of the episode, Sally Sparrow. The Doctor, and Martha are barely in it. With good reason, as this is Tennant’s episode break like last season’s craptastic episode, Love and Monsters. However, this episode is exactly the opposite that one as the editing and writing are top notch in Blink.

We meet Sally on a fall evening as she is exploring this old mansion, where the Doctor leaves her a message in 1969, as he’s stuck there without the Tardis due to a creature known as the Weeping Angels.. he manages to send this message to Sally in quite an ingenious way..

don't blink

Which also includes this awesome line that Neil DeGrasse Tyson has said is true, (If you have no idea whom I just mentioned.. he’s a friend of BILL NYE!)


So if you are new to Who.. just watch this episode.. as I don’t care to give away to much as the suspense is just amazing.. as this episode sealed Moffat’s fate as showrunner for Doctor Who, as well as adding Angel Statues to the list of things that Whovians are afraid of.

Blink factoid


Note: “Life is short and you are hot” pick up line does work on Whovian girls.. as long as you begin with the “Everybody Lives” passcode.


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