Timelord => Human

Published September 17, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 67

Episodes watched:  36

Today’s Episode: Human Nature

Writer: Paul Cornell

Ah, we finally reach what is widely considered to be the best two parter of Tennant’s tenure as the Doctor. This episode revoles around what happened to make him become human, and Nurse Redfern pretty much throwing herself at the Doctor. The story is ripped directly from a 7th Doctor novelization, “Human Nature”  in which the plot is kinda the same according to the Tardis Data core.. but Cornell does a wonderful job, just like he did back with Father’s Day… showing what it’s like for a Time Lord to become human.

Sadly, he treats Martha like dirt, as he’s falling for Joan, and Martha has no clue what to do. I do also feel bad for Ten, as his Time Lord side hates guns, yet he’s approving of a child learning how to shoot machine guns? This episode just boggles my mind a bit. I did love the bit when John Smith mentions his parents, as When speaking to Joan while they are walking along the countryside he names his parents as Sydney and Verity. This is clearly a reference to Sydney Newman, the original creator of Doctor Who, and Verity Lambert, the first producer.

I adore the Journal of Impossible things.. especially this picture of Rose.. as he deep down really really misses her.


Its funny how he just dismisses this whole idea of him being an adventurer, yet Martha know it to be true. She does do a good job convincing him at the beginning that he’s human.. and we even wonder about the two hearts issue until Joan is like… one heart! It’s sad though, when they kiss, and we all know deep down just like Martha, as Nine once said, “It will never work, she’s human he’s an alien!”.

As the family gets closer and closer.. Martha does a horrible job by slapping the Doctor to let him know that the journal is real and that he’s really the Doctor. We are left with a great cliffhanger of John Smith choosing between Joan and Martha!

And I leave you with the unedited instructions that the Doctor leaves for Martha.. the funniest thing is that he leaves instructions for her to not let him eat a pear, and lo we cut back to him EATING A PEAR!



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