Daleks Create Frankensteins

Published September 14, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 70

Episodes watched:  33

Today’s Episode: Evolution of the Daleks

Writer: Helen Raynor

Part Duex of bulletpoints!

1.) The 4 Daleks survived the Void by doing an emergency temporal shift. They are the Cult of Skaro.. so yeah. Just go along with it.

2.) Only Caan survives this episode, and we WILL see him again.

3.) The one major plot hole I have with this whole episode is how does gamma rays from the sun turn into lighting?

4.) How did the Doctor survive the Gamma Ray/Lighting Blast? Never explained.

5.) Daleks should know better than to commit genocide in front of the Doctor.

6.) I’m happy that the Doctor finally takes Martha home after this episode so she CAN CHANGE CLOTHES!

Arg… I’m ready to move on, one more terrible episode to go!


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