Hey.. Daleks and PIG MEN in NEW YORK! What a Great IDEA! *FACE PALM*

Published September 13, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 71

Episodes watched:  32

Today’s Episode: Daleks in Manhattan

Writer: Helen Raynor

Ok.. crappy two parter.. thus BULLET POINTS!! Interesting factoids..

1.)    LOOK! WE FINALLY GOT A WOMAN WRITER! About time. She’s the first woman to ever write a Dalek episode!

2.)    WTF was she thinking about creating those “pig men”? COME ON!!!

3.)    Andrew Garfield is in this! Yup… before he became famous and a big spider.. his ‘Merican southern accent is horrible. Thank god he must have gotten a dialect coach after this episode because I just wanted to smack the back of his head whenever he spoke.

4.)    Martha STILL HASN’T changed her clothes since her brother’s birthday party back in Smith and Jones! DOCTOR, YOU HAVE A WARDROBE YOU NITWIT! You make her go trapeezing through the stink of Shakespeare’s time, and again in the gas of New New Earth and now the sewers of NYC in 1930? Shame on you.

5.)    You can buy that shirt that Martha wears, its up on ebay if you like it and live in the UK!

6.)    They didn’t travel to NYC for this episode.. well the main characters didn’t. Not until Angels take Manhattan..

7.)    Daleks were only USED because of the whole copyright thingy.. ONCE A SEASON they are required to use them… it sucks though… because you know no matter what there will be a Dalek episode.


I just wanna wack whomever thought that these episodes were a GOOD idea… the worst episodes in season three.. three in a row.. before we get to the awesome episodes of the season!!


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