Why Hullo Donna!

Published September 9, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 75

Episodes watched:  28

Today’s Episode: Runaway Bride

Writer: Russell T. Davies

I never heard of Catherine Tate until I got into Doctor Who. Yup I’m not a big fan of the ‘merican version of the Office… although they do a better job with it than the UK version. Anyway.. I wasn’t a big Donna fan the first go around with the Doctor.. however after several re-watches, I realize she’s brilliant (The Doctor’s words… not mine so much) and a great friend to the Doctor and a total breath of fresh air after dealing with so much romance.

Anyway.. I’m getting a wee bit ahead of myself here.. as the Doctor hasn’t met Martha yet. So poor Donna being snatched out of her wedding while walking up the aisle, and was tossed into the Tardis, thus leaving the Doctor totally flabbergasted with a trillion “WHAT?” coming out of his mouth.

Such a great episode watching him figure it out, and dealing with the banter and the insults.. (QUIT BLEEPING ME!)

runaway bride

An when Donna states the obvious

robot santa

However even when dealing with Donna, he’s still dealing with the sudden loss of Rose.

runway bride, rose

However I love the chemistry that Tate and Tennant have.. even after they both left Who they decided to do an awesome version of Much Ado About Nothing for the RSC. Here is one of Tennant’s video diaries of him interviewing her.. and she mentions she’s gunning for a spin off!

Another cool thing is that the money that the Doctor manages to make fly out of the machine? Its on display at the British Museum! You can print out a fake one if you want..

bank note


Finally, this episode began this meme… “places David Tennant shouldn’t be”


Sorry for the delay in getting this blog updated.. life has been crazy and I’ve been a wee bit distracted these days… also a computer problem or two has put me a wee behind.


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