Planet Of Full of Nope

Published September 3, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 81

Episodes watched:  22

Today’s Episode: The Impossible Planet

Writer: Matt Jones

I love this two parter.. as we really see a lot of Ten and Rose.. their relationship evolve a bit during these Episodes!

The TARDIS materialises. However, the landing is not smooth – she groans and wheezes as if finding it difficult. The Doctor and Rose step outside the doors, looking up at the TARDIS. 

DOCTOR: I dunno what’s wrong with her, she’s sort of… queasy. Indigestion, like she didn’t wanna land.

ROSE: (seriously) Oh, if you think there’s gonna be trouble, we could always get back inside and go somewhere else…

Yeah right

That whole conversation describes their relationship so well… both willing to explore.. even if the poor Tardis isn’t too happy about it.

They explore and realize they are on a planet, within a some type of habitation, as the Doctor explains that these are kits that explorers set up on pretty inhospitable places.  They come across this crazy stuff that the Tardis won’t translate.. yup that old!

hell. whoops

They they meet the OOD! This is the first time we have seen OOD! Then we meet the gang.. whom are shocked to see “people”! We soon find out why..  that planet is orbiting under a black hole, thus shouldn’t even exist.

black hole



Yup.. they realize they are on the planet called “Krop Tor” aka “The Bitter Pill” aka “NOPE THIS SHOULDN’T EXIST”

The Doctor launches into this big speech once he realizes why these people are here.. simply because it was calling out to them:

DOCTOR: (still grinning at them all fondly) So, when it comes right down to it, why did you come here? Why did you do that? Why? I’ll tell you why. Because it was THERE. Brilliant. Excuse me, ah, Zach, wasn’t it?

ZACH: That’s me.

DOCTOR: Just stand there, ‘cos I’m gonna hug you. Is that all right?

ZACH:I s’pose so.

DOCTOR:(edging towards him)Here we go. Coming in.

He throws his arms around Zach and clutches him, beaming. 


Then the Doctor realizes that the Tardis is gone.. as there was an “earthquake” just after they met the Ood! This sets off a lovely conversation that makes him realize… he and Rose are stuck on the slow path.. and that he’s in the future, and he can’t get Rose home to her mum.  AWKWARD!

However “He is Awake” seems to be the theme for the next few minutes, as everything goes haywire about something awakening… and Sootie (one of the known crew members)  dying.. then suddenly the drill they were using to find the power source that kept the planet from being flung into the black hole stops.

The science officer and the Doctor go into the hole.. but he says bye to Rose before heading down..

kiss gif



So they go down into the hole.. and see another hole open… Whist up top they are dealing crazy OOD and a possible demon within a dude in the crew!

Kinda like this.. (click on the button to see… tee hee!!!)

Dancing Ood

To Be Continued..



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