Television is Bad Mmmkay?

Published September 2, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 82

Episodes watched:  21

Today’s Episode: Idiots Lantern

Writer: Mark Gatiss

Omg, only once have I managed to get through this episode without falling asleep, and that was the first time I watched it. Ever since..I have fallen asleep toward the end. I wake up just when they are celebrating the coronation and the Doctor gives the kid the Vespa. Perhaps the Wire is real? Or it’s just that Gatiss’s writing bores me to sleep?

The wire

Interestingly enough, my friend that lives across the pond tells me how revered Gatiss is over there as a celebrity. I’m totally befuddled by this, I mean I love his writing on Sherlock, but of all the Episodes he has written for Who, this is his second worst in my opinion of the 6 or so he has written.

The Good: The opening scene with the Grandma declaring Television rots your brain, talk about foreshadowing! The scene where the Doctor and Rose are off to see Elvis play in NYC, but realize, they are in the wrong country only after he nearly mopeds into a double decker bus. The costumes where awesome in this episode as I really loved Billie’s dress, shades and shoes! I must give major props to the hair department for giving Ten a classic 50s style rather than the stickity up one that he normally sports. Well, after New Earth that kind has become his to-go-to hairstyle.

David epic hair


The Bad:  I did not like the bulling that was going on with the Doctor and Rose vs. the Father,although it did have a nice “oooohhh burn” feeling at the end, it’s not nice to play with someone’s feelings. Also the use of tongue again, must the Doctor LICK EVERYTHING?

licking again


The Ugly: The Wire..god.. Gatiss you could have done better!!!


Till tomorrow.. where we can have more fun with a better episode!


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