Amy Pond’s Test Run

Published August 30, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 85

Episodes watched:  18

Today’s Episode: The Girl In the Fireplace

Writer:  Steven Moffat

Note whom the writer of this episode is.. always note whom the writer of each episode is in Who, and from that we can kinda derive their style of writing they tend to do. Girl in the Fireplace is widely deemed to be the BEST episode of Season 2, due to the writing, and the feels. However, look who the writer is again, and I’m sure if you are a reader of this blog, you have watched all of NuWho to see the parells of certain things that happen within this episode with Madame Du Pompadour also happen to the first companion of Eleven.. a Miss Amelia Pond. I will point most of them out except for the very last one..  as I am aware of one or two of my friends whom have not yet seen Season 7, and thus.. I will point it out when we get to that episode in future, as Season 7 comes out on DVD on September 24th.

Anywho.. Mickey, The Doctor and Rose end up on a spaceship in the 51st century.  No crew, no lifesigns on board, but yet the warp engines are running at the top speed, yet they are not moving and they smell something cooking? They do some investigation and find a fireplace, from the 18th century France.  The Doctor looks into the fireplace and sees this darling little girl named Renette, who is just 7 years old. (Amy Pond ALERT! She met the Doctor at 7!) He then has a this discussion with Mickey pretty much calling it a “magic door” that we can see France on the other side.

So then he manages to find a button on the fireplace, and it spins around to her side, and for the Doctor, it has been just mere minutes, but for her, months!  He then talks to her and realizes that the ticking he’s hearing is not the clock on the mantel, because it is broken, but a monster under her bed! The monster then gets out from under the bed, once it realizes it has been discovered..

clockwork droid child

Then the Doctor manages to get the monster to chase after him, and he got his knife stuck in the mantel. Therefore the Doctor just had to push a button, and lo the monster and the Doctor spin back into the 51st century!  He then grabs a fire extinguisher and quickly sprays the monster with it, and then removes the mask… a clockwork droid!

Girl in the fireplace

He then declares the droid beautiful before it wakes up and uses a short range teleport to get away. The Doctor heads back to the fireplace, and tells Rose and Mickey not to wander off.. hahahahahahahaha.. they both grab fire extinguishers and explore!

Lo, the Doctor doesn’t see a little girl on the other side again but a lovely lady. After her mother calls out to her he realizes that she is the little girl Renette, and she calls him her imaginary friend (AMY POND!! *face palm*) and congratulates him on his persistence throught her life.  She then out of the blue as she has to go… SNOGS THE DOCTOR (AMY POND ALERT, as Eleven acted the exact same way about being kissed)


I searched for a gif, as this kiss is EPIC, but sadly.. couldn’t find one. Oh well.

So then someone yells for Madame Poisson, and he realizes as she runs off and servant enters the room looking for her..

DOCTOR: No… no, no, no, no, no way, Reinette Poisson?! (runs right up to the manservant, as though interrogating him but not letting him get a word in)Later Madame Etoiles? Later still mistress of Louis the Fifteenth, uncrowned Queen of France? (runs back towards the fireplace)Actress, artist, musician, dancer, courtesan? Fantastic gardener!(laughs)

SERVANT: Who the hell are you?!

The Doctor reaches for the fireplace and finds the trigger back to the ship.


Snog Reaction

Silly Doctor. He then realizes that Mickey and Rose have wandered off…

Rose and Mickey are walking around the ship and they realize that the cameras are made with real eyes, and they see a heart worked into the wiring!

The Doctor then meets a Horse on the ship.. realizing that he must have come through a door, and he then goes through it to see Madame and an actress that played Gweniere in the recent TV adaptation of Merlin discussing how to snag the King of France!

courtyard omg gwen!

Renette senses the Doctor is nearby… but he ducks out of the way so she can’t see him.

However this deleted scene happened at this point..×4

So the horse becomes a companion!

He then meets up with Rose and Mickey, and the Doctor has them meet the horse..

horse vs france

They are all looking out what looks to be a reverse mirror and the Doctor realizes they are all time windows on her life.  We see Renette panic when she sees a droid, and the Doctor runs through the window with the extinguisher, and passes it back to Mickey, while the interrogation begins, when he finds out that the clockwork droids are the droids used to repair the ship. The droids used the crew to repair it.. but they are missing one part and they deem Renette to be the final piece. The droid then leaves when Renette sends him away.. so the Doctor has Mickey and Rose go after it. He then just decides to plunge into her mind using a Vulcan Mind Meld..

Lonely Angel

However things go a bit odd when he discovers that she has the ability to look into his mind as well, thus calling him a lonely angel and insinuates that she KNOWS HIS REAL NAME! She invites him to go dance.. so he does, very reluctantly.

In the meantime Rose and Mickey are kidnapped by the droids and strapped to a table. The Droids are about to cut into Rose when the Doctor bursts in and gives off this awesome rant..

French party

Banana Daquari



Thus ending when he says that what’s in is glass isn’t vino but oil… and pours it on a droid. Then he manages to switch a lever and all of them shut down.  However he can’t close the magic doors due to one of the droids is still in France. At that very moment, the one on the other side found the right window, and lo.. they all run teleport off to France.

The Doctor, Mikey and Rose end up finding the window too.. after Rose has a nice chat with Renette letting her know she has 5 years to wait… however the Droids block the window, so the Doctor has no choice but to do this to rescue Renette!

Doctor Saves the Day!

However this traps him 3,000+ years in the past. The Doctor told the droids they have no chance of getting back to their ship, thus they shut themselves down.

He then contemplates the slow path now… whilst drinking WINE! Nine hates wine, so does Eleven, so apparently Ten likes it?

However.. Renette has a surprise for him, she still has the fireplace. Lo, he gets back to Mickey and Rose.. whom have been waiting 5 hours for him. He then goes back for Renette, for her to travel with them, but sadly she has passed away. The King gives the Doctor a letter.. and he heads back to the Tardis all sad. They do not find out why the droids were after Renette.. but we see this picture that the Tardis was blocking..

picture on ship

Thus that was Moffat’s second who outing. See the connections? Yup.. MOFFAT!!!!

Now one BIG note.. Sophia Miles was DATING Tennant while this episode was being filmed, they dated from 2005 to 2007! He broke up with her, largely due to the fact that she was out in LA, and he was still in England. David loves the blondes!

Enjoy the Script to Screen.. behind the scenes!

Till tomorrow when we meet another classic monster…


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