Who Knew Body Snatchers Can Be Sassy?

Published August 27, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 88

Episodes watched:  15

Today’s Episode: New Earth

Writer:  Russell T. Davies

So, the Doctor and Rose Tyler are off on adventures again! After a quick “bye” to Jackie and Mickey… off they go!

(Hopefully one day I’ll find the Gif I wanted to insert here. I can’t seem to find it anywhere.. it just shows David flying the Tardis for the first time and is happy to see Rose! VERY HAPPY!)

So they land on New Earth outside New York. Well it’s the 15th since the original. The Doctor mentions how the Earth expanded.. and Rose interjects.. “Our First Date!” and the Doctor recalls the chips they ate. Anyway.. they are laying down on the apple grass just looking at the city.. when a little bug pops out of nowhere, spying on them. Its being controlled by Chip Da Clone, who works for… CASSANDRA!

New New Earth

So the Doctor mentions the hospital over yonder and that he got a message on his psychic paper about Ward 26. This is the FIRST use of the psychic paper in this way!

So Rose and the Doctor head toward the hospital, and he of course mentions that it needs a little shop. Rose notices the nuns that are nurses are also..


The Doctor interjects by saying.. hey you look all pink and yellow!

So then he goes to the elevator and manages to get in one, sadly before Rose could stop gaping, and she takes another one. The Doctor mentions..

watch out for the disconfectant

Thus, they are split up.

The Doctor manages to get to Ward 26, but notices how patients are recovering from illnesses way ahead of modern medicine. He then figures out whom sent him the message, the Face of Boe! Sadly he’s sleeping and the Doctor hangs out with his nurse, Novice Hume.

Rose on the other hand ends up in the basement and is greeted by Chip whom leads her to Cassandra. The banter between these two.. lordy I love Cassandra.. such biting wit! We learn that Cassandra’s eyes were salvaged, along with her brain and now she’s talking out of her backside!

So then Rose tries to leave.. when Chip activates the psychograft, allowing Cassandra to move her conscious into Rose’s body! Her reaction when she looks in the mirror..


I learned after this episode thanks to Urban Dictionary.. a Chav means “Council Housed And Violent” which translates to American as White Trash.. which Rose AIN”T CASSANDRA!

After much talking with Chip, they realized that Cassandra has no physical form anymore, since her brain is dead, and no more backside for Chip to moisturize. She then realizes that the Doctor is there, and that his face changed… and rants about finding out whom his plastic surgeon is. He then calls Rose, and tells her to get up to the Ward already.. Cassandra has no idea how to talk like Rose and fakes it. The Doctor doesn’t notice, as he’s happy to see Boe! So she manages to slip some perfume.. well  you can see where..

cassandra and perfume

She then meets up with the Doctor! The Doctor shows off what he’s seen with the advanced medicines, and Cassandra/Rose agrees with him about it. Suddenly out of nowhere this happens..

Beginning of kiss

Kiss Gif


Yes, that kiss is so epic.. that it required two gif’s to show it off.. as the doctor says afterwards.. “Still got it!”

They both go over the computer and figure out what medicines they are using. Cassandra/Rose mentions intensive care, and they don’t see it on the map. However with just enough sonicing.. the Doctor makes the computer slide down and.. BOOM DOOR. Novice Hume notices them going in, and follows them.

They investigate and see thousands of cells with “flesh”, that I shall call “Sick Zombies” that are soaking up all the illnesses from the patients somehow. Luckily the air is Sterile, but the Doctor says not to touch them.. or you’ll die! Novice Hume then comes out and explain they have no real existence, and that they exist to absorb illnesses.

The Doctor then gets all timelordy with Hume, demanding to know what happened to Rose, knowing that she is not herself. Hume denies everything.. and Cassandra/Rose fesses up on whom she really is. Out comes the perfume and..


Hume Runs off to fetch the matron, whilst Cassandra/Rose puts the Doctor into one of the free cells and announces he has 10 minutes to live. Chip then arrives as reinforcements, and Cassandra/Rose and the Matron exchange barbs, since Cassandra/Rose is bilking them for money for more surgeries! As a last resort, she has no choice but to open all the cells and let the Sick Zombies out. One of the Cat Nurses manages to put the hospital under quarantine. The Doctor then escapes with Cassandra/Rose down back toward the lair that Cassandra has, accidentally getting separated from Chip on the way. He sees the psychograft and demands that Cassandra gets out of Rose’s body. Rose and Cassandra/Doctor have these great lines.. with a few gif’s for emphasis..

CASSANDRA/THE DOCTOR: Goodness me, I’m a man. Yum. So many parts! And hardly used…

Cassandra/the Doctor wiggles around crazily.

CASSANDRA/THE DOCTOR: Ah.. ah! Two hearts! Oh, baby, I’m beating out a samba!

Samba Gif


Get out of him.

CASSANDRA/THE DOCTOR:(running a hand down his body) Ooh, he’s slim. And a little bit foxy.

New Earth Foxy

He raises his eyebrows at Rose.

CASSANDRA/THE DOCTOR: You’ve thought so too. I’ve been inside your head…

Rose looks sheepish because it’s true.
CASSANDRA/THE DOCTOR: (coming closer teasingly) You’ve been looking… you like it.

Suddenly.. Sick Zombies are breaking down the door! So they then decide to go up his ladder.. tons of awesome banter on this ladder scene.. as Cassandra goes back and forth between Rose and the Doctor..and this happens at one point..

cassandra on stairs

So then Cassandra gets into the head of one of the Sick Zombies… before getting back into Rose. Cassandra/Rose then is quite sad, not sure what to do for a moment, having seen how those people feel.

The Doctor then breaks into a hospital ward that contains the remaining survivors. Realizing that to help those poor Sick Zombies, he has to cure them. So they gather up all the medicine, and using the disinfector in the elevator.. using the Doctor as an incubator.

Lo EVERYONE gets cured! Even a Zombie that looks like Lindsay Lohan!

Then we meet the Face of Boe, whom the Doctor has heard had a message for him. Boe was like.. TOO SOON Doctor! We shall meet again! SPOILERS!

Also those poor cat nurses get a arrested, and those Cured Zombies are now classified as Humans. New New Humans.

So what happens to Cassandra? Well Chip offers to be Cassandra’s host, even though he is dying, and she realizes it’s time for her to die. The Doctor offers one final request, and she takes him up on it, and goes to this party we see at the beginning, the last time she was told she was beautiful ironically enough by herself inside of Chip.

Phew.. that was an awesome episode. We see the demise of Cassandra.. whom I think is awesome with her witty banter, and it was great seeing Tennant and Billie tackle the same character, as Cassandra bounced back and forth between bodies. Such awesome acting on their part, must have taken a ton of rehearsals to get the cues right.

I leave you with the video of behind the scenes where they did the disinfectant in the elevator! Too funny watching the water/powder/water/dryer happen.. tee hee!


Till tomorrow.. We shall meet the Queen! Whoooooo!



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