Arthur Dent Saves the World!

Published August 26, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 89

Episodes watched:  14

Today’s Episode: Christmas Invasion

Writer:  Russell T. Davies

So, I thought New Doctor, new appearance for this blog! Welcome to season two! Season one was awesome, but we didn’t have a ton of background information on each episode, which is the opposite of the Tennant Era. Tennant LOVES the Doctor, and decided to document the process, thus leaving us with a ton of video diaries, showing us behind the scenes.

We are very much aware that Tennant wanted to be the Doctor when he was a kid, as his favorite Doctors were Tom Baker and Peter Davidson. He managed to get a role in Scream of the Shalka, a non-cannon 9th Doctor cartoon, simply because he was recording a radio play in the next booth, and found out what they where recording, and begged for a role.

Now, how did RTD cast Tennant as the Doctor? Apparently, Eccleston was only signed on for one season, and RTD invited David to come over to his house and watch a rough cut of Rose with him and Julie, the other producer. After showing the cut to David, they explained their problem of needing another Doctor, and asked David if he would do it. RTD had already worked with Tennant before on Casanova, (Its up on Netflix in the U.S. streaming with captions if you care to watch it.. oh la la!) so both had already worked together before, and knew what was expected of each other. How did David accept the role? There are two different versions of the story, the first is Julie’s which had David discussing.. “what would his costume be?” right after being asked, and the other is Tennant basically saying he mulled it over for a week or two before saying “Yes” to the role. Who knows which one is the right one.. everyone has been a bit vague on it.

Now with that background info in place.. shall we dive in?

We see the Tardis crash landing on the estate, as we assume that Rose asked the Doctor to take her home. We have no idea, really, as they were going to Barcelona at the end of Parting of the Ways..

Tardis Crashing

Jackie and Mickey hear it and we see Ten stagger out of the Taris in Nine’s clothes..

10 in 9 Clothes

He wishes them a Merry Christmas before fainting. Rose steps out and explains that that’s the Doctor… and Jackie’s all like.. “Doctor Who?”… before the opening credits roll.

So, the three of them manage to get him into Jackie’s flat, and Rose changes him into some men’s pajamas. Jackie managed to get a stethoscope, and Rose checks his hearts. She hand to explain to Jackie that he has two of them, and there is no way they can take him to the hospital. Time Lord and all.. not good.. we all know what happened to 8! So then Mickey and Rose go shopping and these plastic Santas begin shooting at them. Rose realizes they are after the Doctor, so they escape and grab a cab back to Jackie’s flat. Upon their arrival Rose explains to Jackie what has been happening, and they need to get out of there ASAP with the Doctor. Rose then spies a new Christmas Tree. Jackie thought that Rose had it delivered, and Rose was like.. “No”, when suddenly it springs to life and begins spinning at high speeds throwing off the ornaments at them. Mickey vainly tries to fight it off with a chair.. whilst Rose tries to get the Doctor away, and Jackie and Mickey run into the room. They try to toss a wardrobe in front of the door.. alas it also smashed that!

Christmasn tree

Rose then grabs the Sonic out of the Doctor’s pocket.. and says.. “Help Me!” and the Doctor just leans up and zaps the tree with the Sonic! He then mentions something like remote control,  and they all go outside and see the Santas with a remote, and the Doctor sonics them to tell the gang, they are Pilot Fish, before nearly fainting.. he explains he needs something, and that something is coming.

Whilst all of this is happening.. the Guinevere One Satellite is landing on Mars, however we soon discover that it isn’t Mars. We meet up with the lovely Harriet Jones again, as she is now the Prime Minister after “World War III”, and we soon learn it’s the Sycorax that are invading. Mickey uses his website info that he got from the Doctor.. and manages to patch into what Harriet is seeing… as the Sycorax use blood control to send all the people with A+ blood up to the roof ready to JUMP!

Harriet Jones

Using this info, Rose decides to move the Doctor to the Tardis especially after she sees the spaceship enter the atmosphere, as she deems it the safest place on Earth away from possible missiles.

Sycorax ship

The Sycorax ask who’s speaking for the Planet, and Harriet Jones steps in and volunteers, as luckily at the at point they have developed a program to translate what the Sycorax are saying.  Then a group of 4 are beamed up to the Sycorxian ship, Star Trek style; Harriet Jones, the translator, the military guy and the science guy. The Leader kills the science guy and the military guy using his electro-whip before explaining to Harriet, she has a choice, give up the planet which means ½ will be sold into slavery, or let 1/3 die due to the blood control, and we see a big red button that will kill the 1/3.

Back in the Tardis, the Doctor is lying on the floor of the console room while Mickey is drinking some tea, and Rose bangs on the console while they wait for Jackie to come back with more food. The Sycorax, scaning for non-earth technology, discovers the Tardis only after Rose bangs on the console. They beam up the Tardis not realizing Rose and Mickey are inside. So Rose goes outside the Tardis looking for Jackie, and she is shocked that she is on the Sycorxian ship. Mickey soon follows, and accidently spills his tea next to the Doctor, and the tea goes down through the grating in the floor.  Harriet sees her and Rose quickly explains that the Doctor can’t save them. The Leader then demands that she speaks for the planet.. and she comes up with these pretty creative lines based on her travels..

ROSEI, um… I address the Sycorax according to… article fifteen of the Shadow Proclamation. I command you to leave this world with all the authority of the Slitheen Parliament of Raxacoricofallapatorius, and um… the Gelth Confederacy…

The Sycorax Leader begins to stride towards her.

ROSE: A — as uh… sanctioned… by the Mighty Jagrafess… and… Oh, the Daleks! Now, leave this planet in peace! In peace…

There is a few seconds of stunned silence, and then all the Sycorax burst out laughing. The Sycorax Leader begins to speak again.

Then the Leader pretty much decides to kill her, when suddenly he begins to speak English. Harriet and Rose point it out to him, and Rose makes the connection back to the Doctor and looks at the Tardis to see..



Then Ten gives this big huge AWESOME speech about how he doesn’t know who he is yet…

Don't Know Tennant

He asks Rose if he looks ok, needs to know if he is ginger, realizes that he’s rude by accusing Rose about giving up on him. He then begins this tirade again about not knowing whom he is.. and then notices the button, figures out that its blood control and PUSHES IT! He then goes on about how blood control is voodoo, and no one dies.

The Leader is not fazed, and says he’ll come back with the Armada. Then the Doctor goes on to mention this about humans..

Lion King

Then he realizes he has no choice but to challenge the Leader to a SWORDFIGHT!

It begins inside the ship, and then the Doctor moves it outside,  for more room to fight. The Leader then manages to knock the Doctor down on the ground toward the edge of the ship, and then chops off his sword wielding hand… Darth Vader style. The Leader then backs off declaring victory… when the Doctor realizes.. that’s he’s within the first 15 hours of his regeneration, thus allowing for this to happen

New Hand

The Leader looks at him and says.. “Witchcraft!” the Doctor just looks at him and says “Timelord”.

Rose then throws him another sword to continue the fight, with the Doctor’s new fighting hand.. and the Doctor wins it by knocking down the Leader and demanding that they leave ASAP.  Rose gives the Doctor back his bathrobe, whilst he mentions..

Christmas Invasion Arthur Dent

Nothing is more awesome than a Hitchhiker’s reference in Who! So, then the Leader gets up and charges at the Doctor, whom just discovers a Clementine (or a Satsuma as they call it in the UK apparently) and throws it at a button, which then opens a gap, thus the Leader falls to his death whist Ten mentions that he’s a one chance man.

Everyone is beamed back to earth along with the Tardis, and they have a mini victory dance party in the street!!!

group hug

Whist Harriet makes the decision to shoot down the ship as it was leaving. The Doctor became really, really upset with her for doing so.. and declared that he could bring her down with just 6 words… and does so, just talking with the guy that was the “translator” on the ship.

better 6 words

The rest of the gang head back to Jackie’s flat for Christmas Dinner whilst the Doctor heads to his wardrobe. This is the first time we have seen a room in NuWho besides the console room!

Tardis Wardrobe

One outfit he does consider.. is one that Tennant wore whilst he was in Casanova! The room is just littered with references to Classic Who.. the most noticeable is Tom Baker’s scarf.  The Doctor then decides on his brown suite with blue pinstripes and another long brown jacket.

Yup that's it

He then joins everyone for dinner, and has a great time just talking and laughing with everyone! We see then the demise of Harriet Jones on the telly as predicted, and Jackie then gets a call about snow outside! Turns out that is just ash from the spaceship. The Doctor and Rose then decide to keep traveling together, even after the Doctor changed.. as now she has to learn how to deal with this guy!

I leave you with two awesome tidbits that I discovered in my research.. one is this.. a scene I had not seen before, that was cut from the AWESOME speech on the ship. It does explain why he doesn’t use the word “Fantastic” like Nine did. The other is this video.. Tennant is such a FANBOY that he watched this episode with his parents on Christmas! (Sorry, Its not captioned.)

Till tomorrow… where we meet up again with an olde foe!

behind the scenes christmas invasion


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